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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Dtac have various packages, but all are limited data, then go very slow, but if they relieve you of more baht you can have another wodge of data. Their maximum, according to the kiosk at both swampy and big c is 20gb. I'll locate an AIS store and make enquiries. Thanks
  2. Apologies.... probably posted int he wrong section... but I need to pick your brains again... I'm here for 4 weeks. Just rented a condo on pattaya tai. So far so good, except.... The wifi is shit. Currently downloading at 3.7gb, and it seems to keep dying. Now, I'd like to watch the cricket world cup, without having to resort to going to a bar to do so. I have a dtac phone, with 5gb of internet, but when that runs out it's going to be dead slow. They say when my 5gb runs out I can put more on, obviously at extra cost, but not unlimited as I'd like. I'm happy to use my phone as a hotspot, if the package will cope. Any ideas?
  3. I looked at one 18 months or so ago.... The issue I had was not that it was 35sq m, but that they tried to cram 4 separate rooms into that space. Yes, you could walk down both sides of the bed....just. There were windows in the bedroom, but not the bathroom, or, more importantly for me, the sitting room. The latter relied on borrowed light from the bedroom and kitchen, and if you smuggled a cat in you certainly wouldn't be able to swing it. The kitchen was small, you'd struggle to get two people in it, and the balcony, off the kitchen, had space for the air con compressor and maybe one chair. Imo it would have been better as a studio, but they wouldnt have sold for as much.
  4. What? Me?! The boss man who was playing those decorative drainage channels on the beach did say that there were going to be new drains put in beach road, but didn't mention klang.... if that's what you mean...
  5. I have friends who are boat owners. Everytime they leave the boat (on a swinging mooring some 3/4 mile from land) they have a physical written checklist, they one reads whilst the other does the activity, and then they wap and one reads whilst the other checks it has actually been done. All stems from the third occasion they got back to the car, having packed the dinghy away, only to find the car keys were still on the boat, and after they'd left the battery turned on with a cabin light on, and couldn't start the engine on their next trip...
  6. Apparently the lion air captain tried to shut down the automated nose dive system... https://amp.businessinsider.com/lion-air-737-max-pilots-unaware-of-3-key-steps-to-avert-crash-report-2019-3
  7. Fully agree with you. Personally, I think it should be standard, but as it appears that Boeing self certified the system as being safe, why shouldn't they charge another 80k$ for a warning light?!!! I believe the warning is being installed as part of the "upgrade" to the software. Again.... only what I have read.... but imo the whole episode reeks of "we need a new plane quickly to defeat those Airbus people", and corners were cut... Would you want to be on one of the early flights when they resume flying, even with the new software? I wouldn't...
  8. I read somewhere that there was an optional extra that neither lion air or Ethiopian airways took, at 80,000$, when purchasing the aircraft.... a light that warned the pilot that the two sensors were providing different readings, presumably allowing them to make a decision as to what to do.
  9. Muggins here also went to immigration yesterday, but for a 30 day extension to a tourist visa. Due to a technical cockup on my part (I forgot a pen, so found a 7-11 to buy one), I arrived at 1135. It was almost deserted. I joined a queue of 2, fell in love with the lady at the "reception" counter, and overheard her telling those in front to come back at 1pm. Then i read the sign about last appointments issued at 1130.... Asked the lady if I had the correct papers, and for a form, and left. At 1435 I saw the love of my life again, who checked my paperwork, asked for my phone number, for the form not for personal reasons unfortunately (oops, white lie, I said i don't have a phone as I don't know my number),, and issued me with a ticket. I was the next in line, another lady checked my paperwork, again asked for my phone number, but wasn't concerned I didn't have one, took my money and passed my passport down the line. I was out, with a months extension by 1452. I might have a series of issues that will involve returning to ask the "receptionist" some detailed questions, and to offer my new found phone number...
  10. Assuming immigration is happy with Thai bank statements showing 65000k plus coming in each month, how many months statements would be needed? 3, same as the 800k? Or more? Anyone any ideas, or is it still a "who knows"?
  11. I often saw stunners eating at the food stalls under the avenue who had obviously been training before eating. Got chatting to a couple who worked gogo, but alas, that was as far as my success went with them! I did offer them a shower at my condo on soi 15....
  12. Don't you start! Apart from the obvious, er, entertainment options, I visit as I feel "safe" there. In this case, "safe" means the infastructure is there for expat....healthcare, transport systems, food, etc all easily available. That, and over the years I have met some good people (from loads of different parts of the world) there, who I enjoy spending time with, means that I can still have a good time relatively cheaply, even for prolonged stays. Like someone above, I don't feel the need to barfine, or even go out, every night.
  13. I took a group of receptionists from the old per to oishi many years ago. When they told me where imwas taking them i was convinced they were taking me to a place called "oh shit"...
  14. I used meow, think it was 600 each way, but may have been 800....it was 8 months ago and the memory for minor details like that isnt what it was!
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