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  1. I was offered a KLM flight, lhr-bkk via Amsterdam, on the KLM website, with a 40 minute stopover on the outbound flight. As I had never been to schiphol before, and feared getting lost, I declined and took an earlier lhr-ams flight. I do wonder if I'd have made that connection, or if there'd have been an escort meeting me off the first flight and dragging me at a quick March to the next departure gate...
  2. I know London is not Sweden, but I applied for, and got, a METV from London back in Sept. Applying online was a pain, often because of my own misunderstanding of their website. From memory I had to upload the previous 6 month bank statements showing 5k gbp balance each month (mine didnt, only 800gbp for 3 months, then 15k gbp for 3 months), proof of accomodation (agoda booking for the first week, cancelled after printing and scanning), copy of ticket (my departure date was 5.5 months after arrival), copy of my passport, copy of proof that I was resident in the country I was applying from (same copy of passport attached again), and a passport type picture. I dont recall having to supply any evidence of employment or retirement. Presumably your embassy is different. Visa was applied for online, payment made online, then receipt printed out, and this and passport sent to London. Returned 4 days later with Visa attached. Not sure if this is any help to the op, but might help someone, sometime...
  3. The delivery to me via grab a couple of weeks ago was extremely efficient. Max's Menu is in addition to their full menu, and is, I think, only available until early evening and not on ?sunday?. It is advertised via laminated cards that are easily missed on each table, not given to you with the full menu.... at least, they were last Tuesday!
  4. Ploy? As in, cashier at le pub? Unfortunately she is now a dancer at, I believe, Sapphire....
  5. Oops! I was there as the boys in white beat the All Blacks....
  6. My earliest memory was about 2004 or 5. I dont remember much, apart from staying at areca lodge, and my first barfine.... I think it was called Spicey gogo , the girl had a tattoo of a genie coming out from her belly button, and everytime she came she appeared to doze off very briefly, which she did often. No idea what her name was...
  7. I used to do that at Pattaya Bay Resort in its early days, when the side at the back overlooked that wooded scrub land....
  8. You're correct....May have been Oman when they offered a limo service, but I know i was, at 48 miles, only just in the limit on one occasion. Agree about not using them to get to pattaya!
  9. I think its 50 miles, but you can pay for extra miles on top of those 50. Not sure of the extra mileage costs. It's something I use in the UK when flying to Los, and as a return taxi is £150 for me, I take it into account when looking at fares. Means that Emirates are more competitively priced! It's also good to know when returning that there will be a nice big merc waiting for you... not a dodgy taxi that you booked months (in my case) early, who might or might not remember...
  10. My gp gave me some Temazapan once, as I understand it its diazepam with a sleeping pill added. It worked , but boy did I suffer for the next few days.... something about it's half life... Then of course there was the time when i had one too many g+ts before taking one, and just felt hyper active all flight....
  11. Sure does. I wanted to extend a hotel stay, and actually stood infront of an embarrassed receptionist (actually a long time friend) booking it online as reception could not match the online price. We still laugh about that.
  12. I'm not a great fruit and veg eater, but definitely less sugar in food. Dont drink alcohol, but unfortunately consume more sugar in canned drinks than at home. But yes, walk lots more (no car here to just hop into!) and always go home lighter than when I arrive.
  13. I've got a mate in the us who is flying eva on the 29th -forget where from in the us- and he has already been offered a refund by eva...
  14. Completely agree. However, there has got to be a point where no more lowering of your spending habits can happen. Having looked at some 3,500b rooms along soi buckhou that I wouldnt put my enemies dog in, let alone a human being, if things got that dire financially I can see why people choose to try to fly. Yes, for me theres a long way to go before I hit that stage, and hopefully it'll never come, but...
  15. I'm in the middle of a month trip. Fortunately I changed a load of sterling at the start of my trip, at, from memory, 39.8ish. My first longer trip was at 45 or so. Before that I was a 2 week millionaire for many years... and long for 60plus again!!! These days, what's changed? Gone are the barfines and short times from gogos. Hello thaifriendly. Short times are now afternoons, not evenings, and mainly with regulars who I know "deliver", although now the gf takes care of those needs. (Gf (a relatively new development for me!) works, often from 10am until 11pm, so I am free during the day and early evening) Gone are big spending nights out in gogos. I might visit gogos say 3 times a week, but it's one or two, for a solitary drink, not 4 or 5 for several. Gone are the schweppes manoa, or coke light at 140b in some places. Instead I, as a relative non-drinker, buy a draft beer at half the price, and it sits untouched infront of me. If I'm with drinking friends, they have it. Gone are multiple lady drinks. Tequila is banned. Occasional ladydrinks if a girl is good company, and I'm getting my moneys worth. Tips are now just the lose change, unless there are 10b coins involved. Gone is taking laundry to the little lady in her shop. I now use her 30b machine twice a week... no, I dont iron it, so maybe I look a bit scruffier...!! Gone are the daily back or foot massages. Now twice a week, and 20b tip, not 100. My regular massage girl has an aussie bf and understands exchange rates, and is just grateful for the custom as things are slow. Gone are the afternoon Starbucks with friends. Cheaper (and better) coffee to be had elsewhere. Gone is eating out daily. Even catering for one person, I can eat cheaply in the condo, although the menu is a bit similar from day to day. Yes, I do still eat out, but its thai cart food, rather than top, or even middle end stuff. Gone is the 24hour aircon. If I'm alone, its windows open and fans on. Fortunately I get a sea breeze, can open doors at both ends of the condo, and have flyscreens. Yes, I use aircon to sleep, but at 26, not 24 degrees. Gone are the baht bus rides for short distances (I've never used motorbike taxis). I walk, with obvious health benefits. Gone are the 19b ice cream sundaes from Burger King at the end of walks. Sounds like I am a real cheap Charlie. 2 years ago I stayed in town for 5 months, and was averaging 90k b a month for everything, about 2k sterling. Ive still got 2k sterling, but need to cut 10k baht from my budget. Its doable, but is it as enjoyable? What's the next thing to go? I'm looking at cheaper accommodation for next winters trip. Currently paying 16k for a nice 1 bed seaview condo. I know I can get a studio without a sea view for half that, but.... Tipping point? Not sure, but if it hits 35 I'll be seriously thinking about it... but I said that about 40...!!!
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