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  1. Sure does. I wanted to extend a hotel stay, and actually stood infront of an embarrassed receptionist (actually a long time friend) booking it online as reception could not match the online price. We still laugh about that.
  2. I'm not a great fruit and veg eater, but definitely less sugar in food. Dont drink alcohol, but unfortunately consume more sugar in canned drinks than at home. But yes, walk lots more (no car here to just hop into!) and always go home lighter than when I arrive.
  3. I've got a mate in the us who is flying eva on the 29th -forget where from in the us- and he has already been offered a refund by eva...
  4. Completely agree. However, there has got to be a point where no more lowering of your spending habits can happen. Having looked at some 3,500b rooms along soi buckhou that I wouldnt put my enemies dog in, let alone a human being, if things got that dire financially I can see why people choose to try to fly. Yes, for me theres a long way to go before I hit that stage, and hopefully it'll never come, but...
  5. I'm in the middle of a month trip. Fortunately I changed a load of sterling at the start of my trip, at, from memory, 39.8ish. My first longer trip was at 45 or so. Before that I was a 2 week millionaire for many years... and long for 60plus again!!! These days, what's changed? Gone are the barfines and short times from gogos. Hello thaifriendly. Short times are now afternoons, not evenings, and mainly with regulars who I know "deliver", although now the gf takes care of those needs. (Gf (a relatively new development for me!) works, often from 10am until 11pm, so I am free during the day and early evening) Gone are big spending nights out in gogos. I might visit gogos say 3 times a week, but it's one or two, for a solitary drink, not 4 or 5 for several. Gone are the schweppes manoa, or coke light at 140b in some places. Instead I, as a relative non-drinker, buy a draft beer at half the price, and it sits untouched infront of me. If I'm with drinking friends, they have it. Gone are multiple lady drinks. Tequila is banned. Occasional ladydrinks if a girl is good company, and I'm getting my moneys worth. Tips are now just the lose change, unless there are 10b coins involved. Gone is taking laundry to the little lady in her shop. I now use her 30b machine twice a week... no, I dont iron it, so maybe I look a bit scruffier...!! Gone are the daily back or foot massages. Now twice a week, and 20b tip, not 100. My regular massage girl has an aussie bf and understands exchange rates, and is just grateful for the custom as things are slow. Gone are the afternoon Starbucks with friends. Cheaper (and better) coffee to be had elsewhere. Gone is eating out daily. Even catering for one person, I can eat cheaply in the condo, although the menu is a bit similar from day to day. Yes, I do still eat out, but its thai cart food, rather than top, or even middle end stuff. Gone is the 24hour aircon. If I'm alone, its windows open and fans on. Fortunately I get a sea breeze, can open doors at both ends of the condo, and have flyscreens. Yes, I use aircon to sleep, but at 26, not 24 degrees. Gone are the baht bus rides for short distances (I've never used motorbike taxis). I walk, with obvious health benefits. Gone are the 19b ice cream sundaes from Burger King at the end of walks. Sounds like I am a real cheap Charlie. 2 years ago I stayed in town for 5 months, and was averaging 90k b a month for everything, about 2k sterling. Ive still got 2k sterling, but need to cut 10k baht from my budget. Its doable, but is it as enjoyable? What's the next thing to go? I'm looking at cheaper accommodation for next winters trip. Currently paying 16k for a nice 1 bed seaview condo. I know I can get a studio without a sea view for half that, but.... Tipping point? Not sure, but if it hits 35 I'll be seriously thinking about it... but I said that about 40...!!!
  6. Update, fresh from the AIS shop, although the numbers may be slightly wrong as I've lost the leaflet.... duh! Most data... 33gb, at 10mbps, then throttled, 1100b 33gb data, 4mps, 699b? 20gb data, 4mps, 599b They do not do an unlimited anymore on a one month program, but do if you sign up for a year. Just to add to the dilemma, the condo internet has been steady at 8mps all morning. I suppose everyone else is asleep!!
  7. Dtac have various packages, but all are limited data, then go very slow, but if they relieve you of more baht you can have another wodge of data. Their maximum, according to the kiosk at both swampy and big c is 20gb. I'll locate an AIS store and make enquiries. Thanks
  8. Apologies.... probably posted int he wrong section... but I need to pick your brains again... I'm here for 4 weeks. Just rented a condo on pattaya tai. So far so good, except.... The wifi is shit. Currently downloading at 3.7gb, and it seems to keep dying. Now, I'd like to watch the cricket world cup, without having to resort to going to a bar to do so. I have a dtac phone, with 5gb of internet, but when that runs out it's going to be dead slow. They say when my 5gb runs out I can put more on, obviously at extra cost, but not unlimited as I'd like. I'm happy to use my phone as a hotspot, if the package will cope. Any ideas?
  9. I looked at one 18 months or so ago.... The issue I had was not that it was 35sq m, but that they tried to cram 4 separate rooms into that space. Yes, you could walk down both sides of the bed....just. There were windows in the bedroom, but not the bathroom, or, more importantly for me, the sitting room. The latter relied on borrowed light from the bedroom and kitchen, and if you smuggled a cat in you certainly wouldn't be able to swing it. The kitchen was small, you'd struggle to get two people in it, and the balcony, off the kitchen, had space for the air con compressor and maybe one chair. Imo it would have been better as a studio, but they wouldnt have sold for as much.
  10. What? Me?! The boss man who was playing those decorative drainage channels on the beach did say that there were going to be new drains put in beach road, but didn't mention klang.... if that's what you mean...
  11. I have friends who are boat owners. Everytime they leave the boat (on a swinging mooring some 3/4 mile from land) they have a physical written checklist, they one reads whilst the other does the activity, and then they wap and one reads whilst the other checks it has actually been done. All stems from the third occasion they got back to the car, having packed the dinghy away, only to find the car keys were still on the boat, and after they'd left the battery turned on with a cabin light on, and couldn't start the engine on their next trip...
  12. Apparently the lion air captain tried to shut down the automated nose dive system... https://amp.businessinsider.com/lion-air-737-max-pilots-unaware-of-3-key-steps-to-avert-crash-report-2019-3
  13. Fully agree with you. Personally, I think it should be standard, but as it appears that Boeing self certified the system as being safe, why shouldn't they charge another 80k$ for a warning light?!!! I believe the warning is being installed as part of the "upgrade" to the software. Again.... only what I have read.... but imo the whole episode reeks of "we need a new plane quickly to defeat those Airbus people", and corners were cut... Would you want to be on one of the early flights when they resume flying, even with the new software? I wouldn't...
  14. I read somewhere that there was an optional extra that neither lion air or Ethiopian airways took, at 80,000$, when purchasing the aircraft.... a light that warned the pilot that the two sensors were providing different readings, presumably allowing them to make a decision as to what to do.
  15. Muggins here also went to immigration yesterday, but for a 30 day extension to a tourist visa. Due to a technical cockup on my part (I forgot a pen, so found a 7-11 to buy one), I arrived at 1135. It was almost deserted. I joined a queue of 2, fell in love with the lady at the "reception" counter, and overheard her telling those in front to come back at 1pm. Then i read the sign about last appointments issued at 1130.... Asked the lady if I had the correct papers, and for a form, and left. At 1435 I saw the love of my life again, who checked my paperwork, asked for my phone number, for the form not for personal reasons unfortunately (oops, white lie, I said i don't have a phone as I don't know my number),, and issued me with a ticket. I was the next in line, another lady checked my paperwork, again asked for my phone number, but wasn't concerned I didn't have one, took my money and passed my passport down the line. I was out, with a months extension by 1452. I might have a series of issues that will involve returning to ask the "receptionist" some detailed questions, and to offer my new found phone number...
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