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  1. You just want a fucking argument dont ya Mr pedant? Theres enough info out there if youre too fucking stupid to see it thats your problem
  2. Please please please point out where I said it was 100% Guaranteed? also many travel restrictions are actually being removed from 21st May, and any remaining restrictions which will probably be few will be removed as from 26 June
  3. Our problem is the father in law at 90+ is now suffering severe dementia and started crapping himself and in the bed etc. My wife is the only one in the family with any guts to do anything so shes got to get over there as soon as possible but isnt happy about spending 2 weeks in confinement.
  4. One Thai website said that Prayut et al were discussing changing the confinement for new arrivals down to 2 days. so Im hoping
  5. What planet are you living on? or dont ypu bother reading newspapers or watching the news. YOUR POST IS THE FAKE NEWS HERE
  6. All travel restrictions from the UK to end in Mid June. Now its up to Mr Prayut
  7. The Dreamliner has had a lot of problems since startup. One related to the unqualified workers who now build it and the others to Batteries. Boeing solution to the exploding battery problem was simply to build the box around them with thicker material to confine the explosion and fire. The other MOST serious problem (for me) is the FAA allowing Boeing to 'Self Certify' their own build quality. The Al Jazeera documentary on this and other matters recealed even more problems.
  8. I'm not sure who the link flight is with but I did notice that on one of the prices is stated "flight is operated by "Cityhopper" In April they are offering flights from Southampton to Bangkok return for £385 but I doubt we'll get out there that early On a side note have you heard anything about the runway extension planning permissions??
  9. Just seen KLM are now offering Bangkok flights from Southampton, some nasty change times in AMS but some good ones too. For LHR when I add up car parking, overnight hotels, petrol and the sodding about from Long Stay 2 to the airport? Southampton is looking more attractive as I can get a cheap train to the Terminal.
  10. And with all the problems Boeing have been having? would you be happy travelling on a Dreamliner? I'd go on an older 777 but not a Dreamliner. or the new 777X Then again knowing BA they'll probably do their usual of cancelling BKK flights. In the last 10 years theyve done it to me 3 times. Twice got an easy refund but the third had to issue County Court action and they paid up PDQ
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