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  1. I have stayed at March several times and will stay there for 3 nights on my next visit. It is a good hotel. The rooms are nice. Bed and pillows are soft. Swimming pool isn't big.
  2. I am guessing you will have to pay the difference in fare.
  3. I checked the cost of my up coming thai airways flight from LHR in July and the price is £1350 for a return ticket. I paid £520 for same flight.
  4. You would be best using a booking site like agoda and input the dates you want to see if there is availability.
  5. I hope so, because I will be flying on it in July ?
  6. Thai will be flying their brand new B777-300 on TG911 from Heathrow when it comes into service in the next month or 2.
  7. I hope you wasn't driving a convertible.
  8. So check left and right. Then double check and then triple check.
  9. Yep that was something I was thinking about. I am lucky to see one bike on the roads in the UK and that is normally a 500cc blasting 100 mph down the motorway. My plan is do drive mostly at daytime and avoid driving at night.
  10. Thanks for the tips. The quality of the roads sound like my local roads, so they shouldn't be a problem. I will be renting the car from budget thailand as I will be collecting it at the airport. When I did my research there seems to be a lot of rental companies in udon thani both international and local companies.
  11. All you need is to have your wits about you and constantly check the mirrors and look left. My journeys when in udon thani will most likely be travelling on the highway and the odd dash around udon city. Another thing will have to get use to is driving an automatic car. I have never driven one and I assume its a lot simpler to drive. Just have to get use to neutral, park, drive and reverse.
  12. So if I am on the roundabout, I would have to give way to someone that wants to join on it? I watched a video on YouTube and the "Youtuber" did say that when on a motorway you have to look out to left and if a car or truck via into your lane from the left and hits you. You are to blame.
  13. Thanks for the tip. I think it would be nice to drive long distances like pattaya to udon and make several stops on the way. If I had longer time there it would certainly be something that would do.
  14. I will be taking out extra insurance and also hiring additional extras like a dash cam. I have visited that place in ban chiang several years ago. It was a interesting place.
  15. On my next trip to Thailand in July. I am going to visit Udon Thani for 1 week. I have made a car hire reservation for the week. I have never drove a car in Thailand. The only advantage that I have is the UK and Thailand drive on the same side of the road. My question is, is there any rules that I need to know while driving in Thailand. One thing I frequently see is drivers turning left while the lights are on red. Any other hints and tips that can be shared will be a appreciated
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