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  1. Most cost them more to convert scottish notes. They have the same value in the rest of the uk but I think there not backed by the bank of england as scottish banks issue there own notes. Subject to them holding multiply £1 million notes at the BOE.
  2. I think the only thing that will devalue the baht is a trade deal between the usa and china. In news reports a lot of thai officials are blaming the trade spat between the USA and China as the reason for low exports and lower GDP figures. And other reports say Thailand is one of the winners from the trade spat due to companies moving there operations their. My personal view the latter doesnt make sence to me as lower exports and high baht ties in with there GDP. We would see higher export numbers if companies relocated their.
  3. Not much impact on the baht by the BOT lowering there interest rate.
  4. Thailand lowers its interest rate and the £ deprecates against the baht. If it was the other way round the £ would sink to the bottom.
  5. Good win over the Aussies 😁 now back to BBC news 😫
  6. Big vote today in parliament. I think most people just want it over and done with. My own opinion was to just leave. But I guess northern Ireland is a unique place and some sort of special arrangement had to be thought of.
  7. I think hotel selection caters to a lot of Indians. I would avoid at all costs.
  8. Should be over 39 on Saturday. Current google rate is 39.42
  9. The pound is moving at the right time for me. Am hoping for 40+ by my next trip to thailand in December. But am not banking it.
  10. Worse than that. Fred flintstone style
  11. Just wouldn't be worth it. Unless you book BA return from MAN via LHR. But who wants to do that.
  12. The only flights are from BA. It just wouldn't be worth it or pay the BA premium to get to LHR. You could get the train i suppose. But that isn't straight forward, well not for someone who lives in the north west. There are to many variables to consider just to fly from LHR. An alternative is possibly to use AF and KLM premium economy. But am not sure what seat and space you get with them.
  13. I have never been. Just walked past it. Seems they have homemade equipment. Hence the name.
  14. Eva dont fly from manchester nor is there any feeder flight to LHR for eva.
  15. The flintstones gym. It's on the road that goes up to big buddha hill
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