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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I do ask them not to give me torn notes as I have had issues changing them in the past. I was thinking today about the amount of times I have been to thailand (27) and the about of cash I have changed over that time. There most of been at least 1 note that as been marked over the years. Strange how there rejecting them now.
  2. Went to that exchange place. They wouldn't accept the 50s with the ink on the queens face. Even tired kasakorn back booth they wouldn't accept them either. I will take them back home with me and it will less money spent in thailand.
  3. I did ask why they wouldn't take them. They said they not give money to bank. There is a notice at the TT booths that's show they dont accept UK notes with marker pen marks. The noted I had, had pen Mark's on them.
  4. The second I got to TT the rate for the £ dropped from 39 to 38.85 😫 Just a note of warning when exchanging notes. Yesterday I tired to change 2 £50 notes at 6 exchange booths along soi buakao. None of them would accept them due to 1 note having a pen mark on the queens face and the other note having a pen mark on the white bit on the right side of the night. It's getting that bad now that they dont even want our money.
  5. Shame really I do like flying on them, will be flying emirates A380 on Tuesday. But suppose the new A350 and B787 are more fuel efficient then the A380. Still waiting to fly the A350.
  6. Yesterdays opinion polls suggested there wouldn't be a hung parliament and sent the £ over $1.30. Am guessing if the conservatives win next week it will push the £ even higher. Just in time for trip on the 17th 😁
  7. There is a free drop off and pick up point at MAN that involves a 10 minute bus journey to the terminals. I am thinking of booking a train myself but the cost of a taxi to and from the train station plus the added journey time isn't worth the £20 saving.
  8. I have seen some connection flights to Brussels, Vienna, Copenhagen and one more European airport from MAN that forward you onto a thai flight. The flights seem to be a more expensive and the return flights leave BKK after midnight and land after 10am. So not the best of times.
  9. Am surprised both thai and eva do not have a feeder flight into LHR from MAN.
  10. I hope it's TRUE. But i won't believe it until I see it. As last year there was a direct quote from Thai airways that they would start flights to Manchester, Hamburg and Madrid this year. None of which materialized.
  11. Most cost them more to convert scottish notes. They have the same value in the rest of the uk but I think there not backed by the bank of england as scottish banks issue there own notes. Subject to them holding multiply £1 million notes at the BOE.
  12. I think the only thing that will devalue the baht is a trade deal between the usa and china. In news reports a lot of thai officials are blaming the trade spat between the USA and China as the reason for low exports and lower GDP figures. And other reports say Thailand is one of the winners from the trade spat due to companies moving there operations their. My personal view the latter doesnt make sence to me as lower exports and high baht ties in with there GDP. We would see higher export numbers if companies relocated their.
  13. Not much impact on the baht by the BOT lowering there interest rate.
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