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  1. Worse than that. Fred flintstone style
  2. Just wouldn't be worth it. Unless you book BA return from MAN via LHR. But who wants to do that.
  3. The only flights are from BA. It just wouldn't be worth it or pay the BA premium to get to LHR. You could get the train i suppose. But that isn't straight forward, well not for someone who lives in the north west. There are to many variables to consider just to fly from LHR. An alternative is possibly to use AF and KLM premium economy. But am not sure what seat and space you get with them.
  4. I have never been. Just walked past it. Seems they have homemade equipment. Hence the name.
  5. Eva dont fly from manchester nor is there any feeder flight to LHR for eva.
  6. The flintstones gym. It's on the road that goes up to big buddha hill
  7. Avoid Qatar's B787 at all costs. Especially in economy.
  8. Most probably due to the $ moving. But these days any type of news seems to send the £ nose diving. It really doesn't make sense.
  9. It shot up due to augusts GDP growing 0.3% and probably making us not going into recession when they release the next 3 months period data.
  10. I agree. I fly economy and they offer the best legroom. Every inch counts (just ask a girl 😜) when your 6'3.
  11. I voted to leave. On the voting paper it didn't say remain and leave with a deal. Just leave. So if there is a second referendum and leave win. Do we have a third vote.
  12. It would be great if we was a nation of exporters. The low £ would make our goods cheaper.
  13. Markets were spooked by johnstone potentially announcing a general election. He didn't. So expect the up and down volatility to continue. Am betting GBP going up tomorrow.
  14. The prices will probably reflect the higher rent costs on beach rd compared to 2nd rd. Thai logic......
  15. Its amazing how these full service airlines now charge for baggage. And in general there product is below that of the 3 MEA. You could now call KLM, AF and BA as LCC as they all charge for baggage same as the major European LCC do. Plus some must charge for seat selection.
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