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  1. Usually airlines like Emirates will have a code share with a local airline like Bangkok Air, were the ticket will get you from beginning to end destination without having to check in again.
  2. I agree avoiding that dredded AVOD box is very important. But the problem with Qatar's B777-8 was not just the pitch of the seat, its also the width. It ranges from 16.89 inches to 17.28 inches. I must of sat in the 16.89 inch seat. I can still feel the passengers elbow that sat next to me digging into the side of my body.
  3. I have noticed when searching December flights from MAN that qatar seem to be using the 777 on the DOH-MAN. From reviews I have read the 787-9 as the same economy pitch and width as the 787-8.
  4. I might consider using Qatar again if they change the aircraft to the A380. I have been on self imposed ban on using Qatar due to the bad experience of having to sit on their 787-8 for 7 hours on the MAN-DOH/DOH-MAN legs.
  5. There was a few people saying that the insurance had to be bought from a Thai company. Am also guessing that is not the case. I am not surprised that the thais are insisting on the medical insurance. As pre covid they was complaining about the amount of money owed to the hospitals from tourists. I think the insurance requirement will be here to stay.
  6. As you said there is a requirement for $50000 insurance. But it doesn't mention that it as to cover covid 19. I know each travel insurance policy is different but if you fall ill it should cover you in most circumstances unless it is certain pre existing medical conditions.
  7. I think it is the overall flight length. He is reducing the internal tax. So the long haul travelers have to pay for it. BTW who gets a internal flight in the UK? Unless your travelling to NI.
  8. I have read somewhere that thailand plan to fully reopen in January. Whether they do or not will decide on several factors and the main one will be how the winter flu season in europe/North America impact on the covid 19 virus.
  9. Also some third party websites charge more than others for adding baggage. Lastminute.com seem to charge double than what the airlines charge.
  10. It's standard gauge so will be okay. I am not sure what they will do when the tracks heat up. In the uk it grinds the railways to a stop.
  11. So you would be "Livin on a prayer" when walking on it.
  12. Sounds like this as gone way off topic from the original post. Which was about British Airways cancelling their LHR-BKK route.
  13. Celebrating new years eve with friends at cherry bar.
  14. My experience with cancelled flights and flight time changes over 4 hours, I get offered a full refund even with a non refundable ticket.
  15. Not at all. I was hoping on Xmas 2021 but even that will be 50/50.
  16. British Airways will suspend their London Heathrow to Bangkok service during the summer 2021 season. They will also axe a number of other routes some will be more permanent than just S21. BBC News - BA drops 15 long-haul routes including Seoul and Seychelles https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-55348474
  17. Thanks for the photos. I can't wait for when the team parade the trophy around Liverpool.
  18. They make bookings on behalf of the travel supplier. Hence travel agent. So end of.....
  19. You called them a comparison site. There not. Comparison sites does what it says on the tin. Compares all different sites prices.
  20. There not. They are online travel agents that book direct with the airlines.
  21. I have never heard of them. I tend to book with either the airline itself or companies like opodo or ebookers. Your right to do your homework. I guess now there will be people out there trying to con people out of money. On another note if you book with a CC you will be protected and once they give you the airlines booking reference number. Contact the airline and check they have your booking.
  22. Quantitative easing was the main reason the £ dropped post 2008 banking crisis. The BOE as printed £100 billion recently to help stabilise the uk economy. More QE is the reason the £ as dropped. Thailand doesnt need to print money, they can borrow it from the markets. As they dont need the same level of bailout like the UK. In my opinion the £ will not recover in the short and medium term. It will be 20+ years if we see 50 baht to £1.
  23. I think I read in the same article that the passenger reported feeling ill before they travelled but didn't think it was covid-19. Of course they didn't think it was covid-19 as they wouldn't of been allowed to board the flight.
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