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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. £ dipping back to pre virus levels. Obviously will not affect tourists but will have a big impact on British expats.
  2. You should check with your thai CCC they might have similar rules. Then again as your flight been cancelled?
  3. I am not sure how you paid for your flight. But if you booked in the uk using a CC you should get a refund from your CCC.
  4. All I seem to do is read articles lately. I read an interesting one on Bloomberg last week about Thailand's property developer's. A few of the major developers are struggling to raise money. They only managed to sell half the the corporate bonds they offered. From memory they sold them in baht and most investors want then in dollars. The knock on effect from the failed bond selling is that they have to go to the banks and pay higher interest payments. I am by no means an expert in corporate finance or the property development but I would be very worried if I had but down a payment for a property that as not been completed.
  5. Etihad previously operated 2 daily flights from MAN to AUH.
  6. I did read an article that said Emirates and etihad can fly to some destinations. But they cant have passengers transit through there hubs.
  7. Not surprising at all. They dont want anyone there who can get there that had trips booked for the songkran period.
  8. I am also sure anyone that is planning on buying property will do there due diligence on the place and find out the price of units that are currently on the market.
  9. Not surprising as emirates as announced the same policy.
  10. According to sky news emirates will cancel all flights from Wednesday.
  11. Also if you cancel a flight the airline should give you the tax back that applied to your ticket. Often the tax makes up half the price of the ticket.
  12. It's a very tough time for airlines. At least Emirates is bank rolled by the Dubai ruling family. So it should survive
  13. The topic started before the mass worldwide outbreak of covid-19. The point of the topic was to highlight a airline that cut flights to Thailand due to less demand on that route. A new topic should be started in reference to airlines cancelling flights to thailand due to covid-19.
  14. Middle east is cheaper and probably better quality product. But as someone said it is easier to buy them in bkk as any left over baht can be used. I have also noticed when I have bought them in AUH the staff at the check out warn that you can only take one back to the uk. Let's hope they dont pass that electronic information to the UK boarder force.
  15. The price in January at bangkok airport for 400 L&Bs (Lambert and butler) was 1400 baht or around that price. But beware you can only bring 1 carton of 200 back to the uk. The cigs was for my father (late xmas gift) he did say that they wasnt as good at the uk or the middle eastern equivalent.
  16. Last time I was in doha 2 years ago think the cigs were £15 for 200 carton.
  17. Yep and let's not forget there is a lot more chinese travelling abroad these days compared to when SARS broke out.
  18. Could be. But in the past they had 4 daily flights to BKK and reduced it to 3. They scrapped the mid morning flight. Middle eastern travelers to thailand is down almost 5% in 2019 to thailand. European travellers is up 0.6% but russian and eastern European countries account for the increase in that. UK travellers were up surprisingly.
  19. Seems Etihad airways are reducing the number of flights to both Bangkok and Phuket from Abu Dhabi. Bangkok is going to 2 daily from 3 daily and phuket is going from 1 daily to 4 weekly. Abu Dhabi – Bangkok 03MAY20 – 24JUN20 Reduce from 3 to 2 daily, EY406/405 cancelled (Except 31MAY20 – 06JUN20, EY402/401). Abu Dhabi – Phuket 05MAY20 – 25JUN20 Reduce from 7 weekly to 4 weekly (Day x246; Except variations for the week of 31MAY20). I have flown with etihad to Thailand on a number of occasions. The first time being 2008 and the last 2018. In my opinion they were great to begin with but over time they have reduced there level of service onboard. Pherphas its maintenance season for there aircraft or low bookings to thailand in general that as caused the reduction in flights.
  20. That Starbucks isn't that bad. But believe it or not I prefer the espresso ice coffee that they make in 7 eleven. Possibly a third of the price than Starbucks.
  21. I visit the malls in pattaya mainly to eat at a restaurant or to watch a movie. In general all the malls have the same franchised restaurants and play the same movies. So I mainly visit the one mall which is central festival due to it being the closest mall to the hotel I tend to stay at. In all my visits to central festival I have only bought 1 shirt from the Calvin Klein store.
  22. Make sure there are no pen marks on them. They will not accept them neither will other exchange places.
  23. I do ask them not to give me torn notes as I have had issues changing them in the past. I was thinking today about the amount of times I have been to thailand (27) and the about of cash I have changed over that time. There most of been at least 1 note that as been marked over the years. Strange how there rejecting them now.
  24. Went to that exchange place. They wouldn't accept the 50s with the ink on the queens face. Even tired kasakorn back booth they wouldn't accept them either. I will take them back home with me and it will less money spent in thailand.
  25. I did ask why they wouldn't take them. They said they not give money to bank. There is a notice at the TT booths that's show they dont accept UK notes with marker pen marks. The noted I had, had pen Mark's on them.
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