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  1. Thanks for the photos. I can't wait for when the team parade the trophy around Liverpool.
  2. They make bookings on behalf of the travel supplier. Hence travel agent. So end of.....
  3. You called them a comparison site. There not. Comparison sites does what it says on the tin. Compares all different sites prices.
  4. There not. They are online travel agents that book direct with the airlines.
  5. I have never heard of them. I tend to book with either the airline itself or companies like opodo or ebookers. Your right to do your homework. I guess now there will be people out there trying to con people out of money. On another note if you book with a CC you will be protected and once they give you the airlines booking reference number. Contact the airline and check they have your booking.
  6. Quantitative easing was the main reason the £ dropped post 2008 banking crisis. The BOE as printed £100 billion recently to help stabilise the uk economy. More QE is the reason the £ as dropped. Thailand doesnt need to print money, they can borrow it from the markets. As they dont need the same level of bailout like the UK. In my opinion the £ will not recover in the short and medium term. It will be 20+ years if we see 50 baht to £1.
  7. I think I read in the same article that the passenger reported feeling ill before they travelled but didn't think it was covid-19. Of course they didn't think it was covid-19 as they wouldn't of been allowed to board the flight.
  8. There wouldn't be any flights for them to connect to. I read last week that New Zealand allowed some travellers from the uk to enter New Zealand (Ironically one of them brought covid-19 with them) as there is no direct flight from the uk to New Zealand. The aircraft would have had to stop somewhere to refuel.
  9. There is a ban on international commercial flights. So you wouldn't get anywhere near immigration.
  10. I do agree with you that etihad wont be allowed to fail.
  11. Except for the fare difference is there any other cost for changing flights?
  12. Sounds like there desperate for money and they have been struggling for years. You take a risk by buying vouchers because if the airplane went bankrupt or went into administration then those vouchers would be void.
  13. Should this not be in the hotel and accommodation questions section?
  14. In the past when I have taken a van from bkk to pattaya it went along the sukhumvit road route and made a stop outside the robinsons department store in si racha. It might be worth your while asking the agents near the stop points what can goes that direction.
  15. £ dipping back to pre virus levels. Obviously will not affect tourists but will have a big impact on British expats.
  16. You should check with your thai CCC they might have similar rules. Then again as your flight been cancelled?
  17. I am not sure how you paid for your flight. But if you booked in the uk using a CC you should get a refund from your CCC.
  18. All I seem to do is read articles lately. I read an interesting one on Bloomberg last week about Thailand's property developer's. A few of the major developers are struggling to raise money. They only managed to sell half the the corporate bonds they offered. From memory they sold them in baht and most investors want then in dollars. The knock on effect from the failed bond selling is that they have to go to the banks and pay higher interest payments. I am by no means an expert in corporate finance or the property development but I would be very worried if I had but down a payment for a property that as not been completed.
  19. Etihad previously operated 2 daily flights from MAN to AUH.
  20. I did read an article that said Emirates and etihad can fly to some destinations. But they cant have passengers transit through there hubs.
  21. Not surprising at all. They dont want anyone there who can get there that had trips booked for the songkran period.
  22. I am also sure anyone that is planning on buying property will do there due diligence on the place and find out the price of units that are currently on the market.
  23. Not surprising as emirates as announced the same policy.
  24. According to sky news emirates will cancel all flights from Wednesday.
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