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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. As from 30JUN20 the old 777-200ER will be replaced with B787-9 Dreamliner.
  2. Am i missing something but what has Air Asia and Thailand trip report got to do with the OP and Thai Airways ? Very confused ???
  3. During summer 2020 Thai Airways have filed schedule LHR-BKK from 29 March 2020 TG910/911 as 777-300ER to replace A380.
  4. Expect Emirates on certain routes (ie) London-Dubai to fly the A380 for at least the next 20 years.
  5. In my recent booking with Qatar Airways i avoided the Dreamliner and have a combination of A350/A340/A380 aircraft on the route MAN/DOH/BKK.
  6. To keep on topic and to keep comparing apples with apples 95% of all airlines operating the Dreamliner have a seat width of 17'' in economy and that also includes TUI !
  7. So which airline operates the dreamliner on the UK/Thailand route direct with a seat pitch of 33inch and width greater than 17'' in economy ?
  8. Well if somebody offered me a free holiday in Thailand with TUI (ex Thomson) i would think about it for one second and then say YESssssssss! Long haul with a TUI Dreamliner 787 in economy is actually better than a 5 star airline like Qatar who also operate the Dreamliner !
  9. See Helios Crash with B737-300 www.quora.com/What-happened-to-Helios-Flight-522-the-ghost-plane
  10. I would be very careful booking with Jet Airways. It's all over the net about their financial troubles - Google is your friend !
  11. And tenders have been sent to baggage handlers / cargo agents / cleaners etc - So hopefully expect news of a commencement for a direct service starting 2019.
  12. Going East ex Manchester you also have :- Turkish Airlines Jet Airways Ethiopian Airlines Oman Air Should be interesting to see what happens over the next 12/24 months especially if Thai Airways start a direct service to BKK.
  13. From RoutesOnline :- Doha-Manchester eff 22nd May19 increase from 18 to 21 weekly, 787-8 operating. Lets wait and see what aircraft Qatar eventually decide to use on this route.
  14. From 1st Dec 18 Emirates will introduce 2 class A380 (615 passengers) on flights EK021/022 daily to Dubai. This replaces 3 class A380.
  15. As from 22nd May 2019 the three daily flights to be 787-8 ??
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