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  1. We were oblivious to this until a fellow customer mentioned it in a Gogo (my friend uses one). Took it with a pinch of salt but then the walking Street pussy show touts would warn that the police would confiscate it if heading their way. Being a non smoker I had no idea.
  2. TransferWise payment went through ok... moment of panic when the ATMs weren't accepting my pin though. Luckily I landed early afternoon so was able to visit kasikorn branch. It was here they reminded me the pin is now 6 digits and I changed it last trip. Doh!
  3. I was forced to bring a wad of cash last trip. Stayed in a small resort with no kasikorn branch and my ATM card had expired. I've had money skimmed from a hotel safe and money taken from my bag by the maid...so I'm extra cautious now. I had a friend who'd avoid being pickpocketed by keeping money in his sock on a night out. I remember one girl wasn't impressed by this for reasons that should be obvious (and it isn't because it made the cash smell!)
  4. Must say i don't like the idea of sending a bank transfer to a company i haven't used before. I'd normally avoid this if if wasn't for all the recommendations. Think i'll pay with credit card as it's only £1.50 extra. Just in case i've done something silly and i'm paying on a spoof website
  5. Looking to make a transfer to Kasikorn. Have used HSBC in the past as it's only £4 international transfer fee. I did notice they were giving me an exchange rate of 42.90 baht to the GBP. This notice still appears even when i changed the currency to be sent in GBP (thus, i assume, giving me the exchange rate offered by Kasikorn 43.70). Can i assume that if i send in GBP i will get the Kasikorn rate? Not sure why HSBC is still listing it's own exchange rate? Anyway, i see Transferwise offers a rate of 44.73 (transfer fee £5.32). Any reason why i shouldn't use them? Are the transfer times just as quick? I think Kasikorn has a receiving fee of 500 baht either way? I'm only transferring £700 as i already have money in Kasikorn account left from last trip.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I will stick to queuing. Is it worth arranging a taxi to Pattaya in Bangkok or to just flag one down? In the past I've asked to hotel front desk and they get the bell boy or security to flag one down and get a price. Less likely to be offered a silly price than me standing on the kerb with suitcase sweating in the midday sun.
  7. Are there instances where a condo owner has to sell to a Thai to maintain the 51% Thai owned ratio?
  8. Heading into Bangkok after arriving at Suvarnabhumi. Reading that a few ppl head upstairs and jump in a taxi who has just dropped off. Never done it myself. Good way to beat the queue or am I likely to be loudly whistled at by someone in authority?
  9. Flew with Oman to BKK a few years back. New plane with good entertainment system. Pleasantly surprised and would use them again.
  10. I think you're right. Getting in to BKK early afternoon is the sensible idea. No dashing around like those early evening arrivals when you are racing against the clock to get out for the night. Late April is my prefered choice. No escaping the heat at this time of year. Last trip (Nov) was bad enough. I left my aircon and woke up with a blocked nose and sorethroat. Should have used the fan setting. Can't say i've ever used pills to knock myself out for the journey. I'm the sort of person who only used paracetamoI as a last resort. I rely on a couple of beers in the airport and some red wine in flight. Yeah, the early start is looking pretty unattractive. Fuck getting up in the middle of the night when there are other options. Drink meet sounds interesting. Haven't done one yet after many visits. Always been on a bit of a mission running around town. Yes, dont like losing most of the night getting across town and not having time to unpack properly. Even worse if the police close nana plaza at 1am! I haven't barfined for the last few trips. Overuse of porn must have messed up my natural urges Short trip this time. 10 days. Can't afford to miss any nights!
  11. It may be that there really isn't much difference, but sometimes it's interesting to mull over the finer details when planning a visit. So has anyone noticed a difference between the beginning and end of April? To visit before songkran or after? Mainly thinking about girls numbers and the nightlife vibe. The second question is flight times. Looking at Emirates they often have 3 flights a day. All had 1-3 hrs layover so can' split them much there. The first few nights would be in BKK (so no taxi st8 to Pattaya). Option 1. Depart London 10am... arrive BKK 7am. Pros...can get to Bkk hotel and sleep and be fresh for the nighttime. Cons...getting to Heathrow for 10am means a bloody early start (even though i'm in the SE) Option 2. Depart London 2.30pm...arrive BKK 12 noon. Pros...Good time to get to Heathrow. Can still sleep in bkk before heading out. Cons...Easy to fall into groggy zone. You get a few hrs sleep in bkk but it's not enough. Alarm wakes you up and you feel completely fucked. Force yourself up and feel worse for having gone to bed. Alternatively ride it out till night time and find yourself falling asleep in your beer at 10pm. Option 3. Depart London 21.45pm...arrive bkk 18.55. Pros...No rushing to get to Heathrow airport. Get up and do last minute things. Night flight means i can doze (even though i never sleep properly on planes). Cons....it's a rush to get out for the night. Realistically looking at 9pm at the earliest without baggage delays or particularly bad traffic. Without any decent sleep those Singha beers can knock you sideways. Feel a bit spaced out (actually this can give a nice heady surreal effect!) Does anyone have a favourite time to leave home country or arrive in Thailand?
  12. Saw hotel prices change when I opened a seperate window with Agoda earlier. I wondered whether these price increases may panic browsers into booking early? A nice trick if they are that devious.
  13. Unfortunately i will have a suitcase with me so no avoiding checked luggage. Looking at todays arrivals (thanks for the link Jacko) it seems there is a flight from Ubon 1 hour after the Phuket arrival...then one from Nanning (but i'm guessing the Chinese will have their own transport laid on?). Interesting to note that the only international flights are coming in from China (3) and Malaysia (1). For today anyway. Overall as a point of departure Phuket wins with 4 flights, then Chiang Mai with 3 and Udon Thani with 2. Hat Yai and Samui both have 1 flight coming in.
  14. Just made a booking with Air Asia that includes the minibus transfer from Utapao to Pattaya. Added cost was about 250 baht which is i believe standard for a minibus. They have put a layover of 2hrs which i guess covers them to fill it up. Not sure how fussy they are with filling it up completely vs waiting around for a long time? Anyone had experience of this journey?
  15. Shame that courtyard is gone. Nice little oasis tucked away from the hustle of Soi 11.
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