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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Mid ,like you i could throw money on the thimble drinks back then. Gabor would not be happy. Tell the mamasan at Heavens Above "i can do a bin of 5k or 10k then cut me off". Now retired here the strong baht is not an issue but no more thimble drinks., .I still get laid. but Not a 20 y/o stunner from a ggb Living here has its advantages To your question i agree . The tourist' know Pattaya is still a bargain. 5000k for a wet and willing girl, so what. Let me know when you are in town
  2. Any one wants to play a pussy par 3 at Asia hotel ? The bright side is we can play proper pussy at Kinaree after a quick 9,
  3. Mid , Raiders were always a favorite of mine. yea , surprised any one remembers these guys Dave and Mike. and Jim. It was all about sportsmanship and commitment to a city. Cal was the last one, . . Do you remember Dempsey's rain delay show? Im looking at the Senators next year
  4. American , we dont care about soccer. . We watch Football and Baseball . My home team the Baltimore Orioles sucks. . But i still support them and want to be at the field next summer.The BBq and hot dogs dont get any better. I was very happy when my daughter played Lacrosse instead of soccer . I was pulling for the Thai girls to upset. my team. Even though im an American. Sorry the score was so lopsided. But hell , those girls can hit a golf ball.
  5. This has been a total bitch for me since i use the 65000 a month option for renewals. I have used Transferwise and quite good but no guarantee it will show as an ITT. Going to the States in September so i will just get another O-A from Washington. Good for 2 years. I understand why some guys are looking to Vietnam. But this is my home. i'll deal with it the best i can.
  6. I stay at he Majestic every month to visit friends in Bangkok. Several trips ago i had the misfortune of being across the hall from this group. They propped open the doors of several rooms and had a loud conversation and party late in the hallway.
  7. Many years ago i looked at Nirun and except for those prison outer doors liked it. The girl i was with at the time did not, " I am not with you to live Thai". She Left me , married an American and is one of the 8 people living in Nebraska. I remember Larry posting he ordered delivery food and the guy said ok i know where you are, where the dealers live. Maybe true but you dont shit where you live. I would be happy to pay a months rent for what i spend a few nights on pussy. . A nice mix of Thai and Falang. I doubt you need to look over your shoulder at 0200.
  8. I used to flag a departure taxi but now another fan of Nam's . Returning from the the Phillipines last week i forgot to book a driver. Got in the taxi, towel over the meter. "Pattaya 1700 baht" Told her in Thai, Stop Here!. I hope Nam's can continue the excellent service provided.
  9. Sure Jacko, sorry i'm not the best at the link thing. Go to Forums, the discussion on the crash. A lot of info on the Max from pilots.
  10. I have always had an interest in aviation. I was a pilot when younger though unfortunately not very good or i would have taken that career path. For those interested , a suggested link https://www.airlinepilotcentral.com/ Surprised it is open as they are quite candid. Not sure what to say about the Max at this time. Paris Air show Anyone?
  11. Sorry, not sure how this works but before i switched to a postpaid plan, i would hand a Thai Girl my phone at the Beer Garden and she would put in some numbers and extend my validity for up to one year. If i top up i only got 1 month. If you stop at a DTAC office they could explain or extend your phone for a year.
  12. I heard that and about the shadows. But i could. not see that. I have never had binocular vision and thus no depth perception. I was a pretty good student pilot until a night landing and was going to slam the plane from 20 feet. The IP knew the problem and told me to look out the side window to get my bearings. Ok with all that fluff just wanted to bury that an agency can make this problem go away. I did not want to say it to loudly.
  13. Also recommend Tic Toc, passed the depth perception test only by blind luck. Asked what will happen in 2 years when i get that license and i cannot pass it." It will be ok."
  14. Thanks Evil , very much appreciated , a better alternative to the pies at the Soi 6 Corner bar. Though they are good. Andy i know a bit OT. I remember you , Flo and i sat with Larry , a bit long ago. You guys went to Phuket while i was going to Bali. So we never spent time together, I hope not the same in August. .I am going to a wedding late August . Hope you are coming early August
  15. I live in Thailand and primarily eat Indian. Zaika is the best but some issues . i like the Thalii at Everest. If anyone can point me to a good Indian Restaurant , much appreciated . I know about Karma and it is good but prefer spicy.
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