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  1. I felt similar my last stay 3 weeks ago, there were renovations finishing,still cans and stuff in the hall. Also saw a note on my desk that the lift would be down. Luckily that was for about a week prior.Possibly the time frame your friend stayed? No elevator is a no go for my knees. That leaves out Irovers, The Mansion and a nice hotel just as you enter from Soi Diana.But all these places are under 900 baht so are not Areca quality. A bit funny that when I stayed at the then new LK Residence it was falling down with cheap fixtures. That has been resolved over the years. When I built the
  2. This was the danger of Bigd and his rough trade. Anyone who joins and follows this forum knows you can trust advice here. Not with him, if you were new you might book Skyslops to your peril.
  3. Sad he is gone but this is funny. Someone noted the exposed wiring in the bathroom. He touted the food which turned out was pizza delivery. I come down from Hootersville monthly. The Pasadena lodge and the Zip hotel on Diana are good 800/night. Every one knows about the Areca so is typically booked even 2 months in advance. My May trip im treating myself to a one bedroom at the LK Residence but at 2500/night not ideal for long stay. Air bnb can be useful for a long stay at the Base. But be cautious as less than 30 days are not legal. Some properties ignore this but when i lived at Northpoin
  4. The neighborhood kids had a great day. The Soi Dogs stayed at home and the Chickens that wander around thought “Fuck this the bugs can come to me today “.
  5. Well if your new to the game here I would have sympathy. but you venture out with earplugs and safety glasses? Maybe best to run the ladyboy circuit and join me for a drink at the Corner bar.
  6. I posted last year one of the best ways to see is get off the BB at 6/1 at the beach make your way past the LB's and get a seat in the middle of the Corner Bar. The boys are poised for war but you and your iphone can stay dry unless you cant resist and venture out on Soi 6. I was surprised the difference here upcountry. I saw a guy on a motorcycle approach my family and thought , you poor bastard. But no he slowed and allowed a small splash of water on his back. No mistake though, while a tad more respectful and aware of what Songkran means I've seen guys atop water tanker trucks with can
  7. A tad OT but even for my domestic flight, aisle only. I go forward immediately when allowed on landing. If rarely spoken to I say I'll be on my motorcycle back to the village before you unload that queerly large bag from the over head bin.
  8. This is so concerning for the young. I use to laugh at Greta but now not so sure. I get a yearly Chest CT because of a significant tobacco use previously. But that type of CA is treatable or at least buys me 3 more years on Soi 6, I'm 70 y/o so fine. What will happen to young people with this pollution is tragic .Because like seatbelts and airbags the car companies objected to this harm can be prevented.
  9. I don't smile so much anymore, I smiled at that. Thanks MM, and a tip of the hat to Martin another MM. The Energy of the girls no Issan Shuffle. I think about Martin because if not for him I would not have the life I have.
  10. I had no idea, I didn't remember him in that. cheated and looked it up.
  11. Silence of the Lambs..... Hello Clarise
  12. As BB as shown ,look for that sign if your bike is 5 y/o, there is one on Tai but I'm sure many others . in and out quickly. I have also sent my lady to Mitiyon and they deal with everything. Now upcountry I find my 160cc lacking. I love the Bike Porn thread and am thinking a new CBR.
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