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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Vpn another brilliant post. I was a young boy in a semi rural area. Safe handling of firearms was absolute. My son , Eagle scout and engineer, was well schooled in safety in the scouts. The ridiculous state programs teach nothing useful. sorry i know ot
  2. Vp i loved that. Before i changed careers, more pussy in hospitals than in an office. I was an accountant. My mentor explained we make 3 sets of books. One for the bank showing we are doing well, one for the IRS showing we are losing money and one for the owners showing the real story. Not a public company so possible back then.
  3. Wish i saw this earlier . Really wanted a burger and was staying at the Hyatt , saw Arnos but just went next door to the Mexican place. Will be back to Bangkok in 2 weeks and will try to get there.
  4. Jacko , many Thais are pissed . We would still be in Remand
  5. Jim the rude and crude have always been the most funny an accurate, they spoke the truth. Our Richard Pryor and the UK's Benny Hill. MM said Alice had moved to Bangkok.
  6. As an American i had to google Chubby Brown. "My Carona"
  7. A lovely video. I was looking for a new place to sail and came across PT. I stayed, Who the fuck is Alice?
  8. Now i know the crawl is next week , i will be in Bangkok Thanks to the poster for saving me the triip.
  9. Jacko, 90 day report also extended.? Meet you finally tonight at Cherry? We are having dinner in the alley if they allow us to split a meal . I eat very little but the TGF of course can eat the whole cow.
  10. very good to know i thought i would have to go on july 30
  11. Yes thanks, i visit the same places and should go back before the tourist return. Was at Crazy House and a stunning young lady came off the stage, i thought damn those lucky young guys but she came to me. A very good night LT 2000. Seldom could get a seat at Baccara. Is that angry old guy still at the door? The Rembrant hotel looks good, Consider Jasmine on 23. The rates were to high last year with the Japanese golf crowd but now 300 baht more than Rembrandt and a stumble away from Cowboy. Thanks again for posting,enjoyed your effort. Many i think are tiring of the covid post'
  12. Nkped. it is good to keep your post alive . We need to know about options i Know Martin and Kev Liked BPH, i dont. i may very well be wrong.There is an American insurance company ad. We know a thing or to because we have seen a thing or to. I undderstand you were happy with the Doctor, You have should have been in the OR whith in a hour not days i know a thing or to because iv seen a thing or two
  13. Glad you did well, thanks for the post. My GF had significant vision loss in her 20"s Took her to Phaythai Siracha. Total disaster. After waiting and the usual basic exam we were told eye doctor not here ,i did call before.. Not a fan BPH and your experience while good for you has me staying with Bumrungrad
  14. Thanks, I'm married to ANA Business/first because of points and miles but my son and brother live in Phoenix, delayed this years trip. I found a flight in Sept to BKK for $672 all in. Routing is acceptable and seat selection is available, also prem economy for about 1K.
  15. Happy that your friend is doing well. But why have a heart attack with present abilities to survey.? Gary posted that Skygods last words were a complaint of shoulder pain, an Aneurysm,? heart blockage?. There are things that come from no where that will bite you. Find it early, late doesn't matter , your toast. But some things known and fixed will keep you on Soi 6 another decade. Stress test, CT scan for calcium, CTA, Angiogram. A friend from Bangkok called me last year, "Bill im having CP what do you think? I think your an ass hole, to call me, call your cardiologist. He had a hx of stents. In the angio suite within the hour, all good.
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