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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Thanks, I tried to activate this but couldnt. No problem i will stop by a branch.
  2. Absolutely , took a GF to get her bike repaired , 1800 baht. I should have hung back and let her deal with it , probably 300 baht. Went to the Grand Palace with two girls . My price 500 baht ,they were free but it was a very hot day and i got a free bottle of water . I asked for water for the girls, denied. They told me to continue on and an got water. I have disappointed the police at the usual venues since i have a license, tax and insurance. To their credit a couple gave me a thumbs up and had a nice conversation. Teelack is dead on , i have a lawyer friend that i hope i never have to use but the first line of defense is your TG. I remember arriving at the then Marriott. The TGF is half /out in of the BBus. arguing . "He is Farang" I said babe its onlly 5 baht. Had to put her on my shoulder and drag her home. Did Roland ever get his 5 Baht back?
  3. Phil a Terrific video and reminder to get off our barstools. I had good times on Ko Larn a bbq and a bucket of beers on the beach . The girls would buy chicken, duck shrimp and prepare it . I stopped going because of the hordes. Will be in Issan but on return will be by for info on your Captain and if we can fish. Yes i subscribed
  4. I was in Nana a few days ago. Lovely girl in the pool thing puts her ass in my face. I would have liked her pussy but couldnt reach it. Thought WTF just lick her ass as she wants. It was a good plan.
  5. BD, good to point that out as to not mislead the new fellows coming thinking that is normal pricing. It is not. I have used the same driver from Nams for more than a year. The SUV price to Bangkok City is 1700thb. , i just hand her 2k. .She knows me and my destinations well . Knows im going to be a bit rough on the ride home and puts a pillow for me to sleep. I used Bells bus for years. Little money but with the wait and transfer times it was close to 4 hours. Miss Taen gets me to The American Tavern in 2 hours and return is less than 2 hours. Since my trips are more frequent but shorter. ,I want to arrive tanned, rested and ready.
  6. Rhino your girls are lovely. The one you posted on the Pattaya forum was outstanding. I was in Bangkok last night for a 1 night tear. Spent way to much money. Hotel Majestic Suites is open again 800baht. Lunch was the lamb burger from Le Buchon. Not typical of me but took 2 wonderful girls from Butterflies in Nana. They came out of the shower with hotel robes on smiling and laying side by side. Cost: transport 4,000 baht, Girls were 3k each but could probably could less. Barfines 800 baht. A Beer Garden favorite was 1k. Yes silly money and Pattaya is a bargain. Im going to try posting pictures since that is the life of the forum as we see from Rhino and before Teelack. Please be gentle. My photos will suck at first.
  7. Perhaps an airway issue? I had nasal polyps and had an ENT friend deal with it He said fuck it took me longer i had planned. . Your driver sounds to be an excellent driver. Was on a Bells Bus to Bangkok , the lady announced we would be leaving the motorway because of traffic ahead. They communicate with each other. Well done. I have the usual stories about taxis but a vote for Nams.
  8. The mask thing is relevant but im pissed at the lack of handwashing here. The TGF and I are regulars at the food carts , no handwashing and no refrig or even ice for the raw meat. We have never been sick . I have had food poisoning 2 times . Both at fairly high end restaurants in America. So maybe im bitching at nothing.But watching the bartender make my drink after leaving the bathroom stall is off putting.
  9. Cant heip your question but please update as you continue. I use East Coast Realty and happy with the service. I have considered moving to the dark side or the Hill. I like the par 3 at Asia Hotel so Pratunmak would be good.
  10. Well done Fiend. I thought he was a bit odd. Usually a new guy will post a little on their plans or background. Not just hello. Martin was good at outing these guys. The BM' s usually spot this rather quickly . Thanks for following up so we didn't go 4 pages with him .
  11. Talked with several staff, not much optimism. A waitress i have known for awhile is sticking it out here in Pattaya. We were probably going to be together but ended up with a live in so never did. We are going to get together maybe once a week and ill help her with the rent. Im happy the Thais have done a good job keeping the virus at bay. Would not be happy to back in the states right now.
  12. Jacko, glad i took your advice and did the 90 day before the deadline. But i do wonder what may come next. I moved to Thailand to live in Thailand not Cambodia or Vietnam. I use an agent for the extension from a recommendation on a BM here. I readily meet the requirements but easier to let them deal with it. They do free 90 day reports. My friend, an agent in Bangkok charges 1000 THB. But change can come fast . I remember when there was a kiosk for visa runs at every Soi on Second road. Gone overnight.
  13. Yogi so good of you to try., a true friend. My wishes expressed to my family are to be cremated here and the ashes returned to the Chesapeake. You tried to a wonderful thing for his sister. Commendable. Its best to remember the hierarchy. Mom and dad first., then brothers and sisters, ex husbands, then extended family, then the family dog , fleas on the family dog. And then us farangs Many times not true II am confident in my lady .But wont fuck with the fleas on her dog.
  14. My friend and i I enjoyed wine. Lived in a house in Annapolis and hosted after hours parties from the hospital. Rhones were our favorites. Remember a lovely Nurse tipping the bottle. "Whats the content"? Why did i not marry her. Sake for me now
  15. I was there last week. Pond did say numbers were down. No mention of closing. Had a friend from Bangkok and we both agreed food not that good. But what a great place to enjoy the sea. Keep it simple, pizza.
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