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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Sure Jacko, sorry i'm not the best at the link thing. Go to Forums, the discussion on the crash. A lot of info on the Max from pilots.
  2. I have always had an interest in aviation. I was a pilot when younger though unfortunately not very good or i would have taken that career path. For those interested , a suggested link https://www.airlinepilotcentral.com/ Surprised it is open as they are quite candid. Not sure what to say about the Max at this time. Paris Air show Anyone?
  3. Sorry, not sure how this works but before i switched to a postpaid plan, i would hand a Thai Girl my phone at the Beer Garden and she would put in some numbers and extend my validity for up to one year. If i top up i only got 1 month. If you stop at a DTAC office they could explain or extend your phone for a year.
  4. I heard that and about the shadows. But i could. not see that. I have never had binocular vision and thus no depth perception. I was a pretty good student pilot until a night landing and was going to slam the plane from 20 feet. The IP knew the problem and told me to look out the side window to get my bearings. Ok with all that fluff just wanted to bury that an agency can make this problem go away. I did not want to say it to loudly.
  5. Also recommend Tic Toc, passed the depth perception test only by blind luck. Asked what will happen in 2 years when i get that license and i cannot pass it." It will be ok."
  6. Thanks Evil , very much appreciated , a better alternative to the pies at the Soi 6 Corner bar. Though they are good. Andy i know a bit OT. I remember you , Flo and i sat with Larry , a bit long ago. You guys went to Phuket while i was going to Bali. So we never spent time together, I hope not the same in August. .I am going to a wedding late August . Hope you are coming early August
  7. I live in Thailand and primarily eat Indian. Zaika is the best but some issues . i like the Thalii at Everest. If anyone can point me to a good Indian Restaurant , much appreciated . I know about Karma and it is good but prefer spicy.
  8. Evil, Terrific. Thanks for the review, I have long not understood while there is an Indian restaurant ,still my favorite cuisine, every 100 meters there is almost no Chinese.I am a frequent visitor to the Corner Bar Soi 6. Could you point me to Shaxian? Thanks, Bill
  9. 'Andy , you know i'm a pretty friendly guy. Crazy happy to be living in Thailand and smile spontaneously about it all the time. Ill give the Russian lesson a go. Yujin , this has also been my experience with unhappy people in general. The last reminds me when i was staying on a Greek island for a month on off-off season, no one else staying on the beach. I would go drinking with the owner of the only restaurant on the beach. After many libations we would break out singing "No women no cry. No Ouzo yes cry".
  10. It looks like the boat in Force' 4 picture is where they are getting the sand. My son is a Civil Engineer and said he doesn't know much about these projects (builds bridges) except they don't work. A shame about the water quality. I live on the beach Soi 18 Naklua. Was looking forward to getting some snorkeling equipment. A neighbor said don't bother. He tried it and there were long streaks of petroleum underwater. Even avoiding them he still had the taste of it in his mouth.
  11. My condo has 80 floors divided between 2 towers . Mostly hi-so Russian families with impressive cars. I've been here for over a year and have only met 2 other English speakers. Ivan has not been very friendly , maybe just a language difference. More likely the alley cats i drag in and out on a regular basis. I have not been a good Ambassador of America here.
  12. Jacko i almost did that. Was on a ME OA so could have gotten another year. On the 90 day at Jomtien i talked with an IO . He said your coming in at 2200 and your visa ends 0000. Bad idea , get an extension now. Sorry about the Eva thing. My holidays here were short so smoothly getting here was important. I always fly ANA. A few more $$ but outstanding service . Several years ago some problem and we had to return to Tokyo almost mid flight. We arrived to Narita which was closed that time of night/morning. Greeted by many ANA staff bowing and apologizing for the problem. I'm thinking where did they get these people from at 0300. Had efficient transport to hotel an return to the airport a few hours later. Even kept my same seat.
  13. Just another positive vote for Nams. Had a pickup at BKK, then later at the American Tavern in Bangkok. A very nice Suv even though just the sedan price. Told her i would be with friends and did not care what time we left. So with that vague time and that the Tavern location is not well known, everything was well confirmed and on the agreed time. To the BM who promoted her service , thanks. But i have used the Tims, T's , Gone to the arrivals and grab a drop off, the bad service from the airport taxis with the towel over the meter. The somebodies girlfriend, wife, special brother . Thai Limo which was outstanding for many years. They all fail at some point. I hope Nam can beat this and stay consistent even if she cannot accept a booking rather than farming it out.
  14. Being an American i don't know what many of those things are. But if you want to know where to find them or like items, Villa Market. The only thing i miss from the US is crab cakes. Everything else i can pretty much find or duplicate. I'm back in the states this week and my first stop is to get a crab cake. Not Asian, Callinectes Sapidus.
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