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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Catrina i will be in Pattaya in 2 weeks. Im at Fascino for restocking so will get prices and the possibility of a sell back and post if you haven't an answer by then. Just to add Bolts(taxi) are cheap and plentiful now. I've used them even for going a few blocks when im toast. If the scooter doesn't work out consider a day hire as it sounds he can get around shorter distance on his own.
  2. Per Kilo, had Chesapeake steamed crabs occasionally when i lived on Wongamat. Missing those upcountry
  3. Thanks Force, just moved to the village and had an excruciating experience withdrawing my social security money from BB the lady didn’t want to do it as I needed passport update which could only be in Pattaya!! My TGF prevailed but said we can’t do that again. I’ll have to go Patts in November. I need to find another way. When ACH was essentially useless I switched to DD. Now maybe DD to Schwab and wise to BB. I have a wise card but I’m not really familiar but perhaps a solution
  4. Overwhelmingly i book directly with the Hotel or Airline. No price difference at least from American sites. Yes booking sites work fine most of the time but when they dont i could tell the stories, but you can imagine. Go over to Flyertalk forum to read some of the difficulties. The airline gate agents are delighted you booked with an agency if it goes tits up. Oh , tight ,missed connection, call Expedia or whoever.
  5. If i could piggyback. I have a house in Khon Kaen, moving there next month. The Gf wants to put my name on "the Book" . Told her i didn't care as if she kicks me out ill just go quietly back to Patts. Is there a reason, immigration advantage? that i should pursue this?
  6. Yes thanks firth and Broughton. We know about these things though we didn't live it. And now probably to old and secure to fight back if they emerge again. On his next visit ill take my son to Kanchanaburi. I won't be a tour guide but visiting the Museum and Cemetery ill just let him look and hopefully understand it never ends. Never forget has become a bit trite to the next generation. They will forget but hopefully aware it can happen to them.
  7. Just finished with a TF girl on Diana, looking at my phone to get a Bolt to Naklua but a M/c guy i knew waved, i said sure. Glad i did.
  8. Thanks for the photos. Made the rounds this past weekend and pretty much echo your findings.Drink prices are a bit high, i paid 140 baht for a rum in simple beer bars on Soi Honey and Diana. Bar fined a beer bar girl ,one from Kinks, and used the ST room at TQ twice. Usual prices. Lips,Pandoras and Angels were disappointing but don't take that as a review. We know there could be a completely different vibe in only an hour. Destiny and upstairs at Kinks were our favorites. Taught some girls to play Craps which they really enjoyed though i realized throwing dice with money scattered on the tab
  9. It didn't turn out well, now celebrated on my seawall if at all.
  10. Can confirm this at the Areca. The 2cd girl stayed in the bathroom,waste of 500 baht. I booked a beach road room on Agoda for NYE years ago. It wasn't until i showed up found they charge 500 for the first guest.
  11. AH Teelack i forgot about Marijuana. I smoke and sold in college but now find it noxious. Cigarette smoke is well regulated. Point taken.
  12. Teelack, I'm a former 3 pack a day but not an Evangelist when it comes to smokers next to me. I have to deal with it to catch the bird on the pole and i do. I won't consider spending money in restaurant that allows smoking and wasn't aware they still existed. America went from smoking in hospitals, grocery stores and restaurants to nowhere, not even on the outside grounds and this happened quickly. Though i will agree or perhaps disagree, no matter the aircon or separation if you stay for 2 drinks your clothes reek of smoke. Keep letting them know why you leave Teelack. Im an activist agains
  13. Oh it gets worse. I love strawberries but no luck growing them here. I was searching for a solution and a fellow who had his septic tank pumped asked the driver where the waste goes. Said he goes up north and spreads the raw waste on strawberry farms for fertilizer. More incentive for me to try to raise them in KK when im settled.
  14. My Gf and the agent have been doing it, haven’t been to immigration for years. But with the move upcountry I’ll try the online 90 day report. Do I need to buy a printer?
  15. Being a septic I know my shit and have dipped my stick in some dodgy girls here. Back home I owned a house and the family home had tanks but we also had drainage fields which I didn’t see them install here. Just a large black tank. As I remember it was about 1-2 years between pumping so I’ll give it a year and see what goes. Thanks
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