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  1. Yes , i find that kindness often . mostly in Issan but many times in Pattaya. I think you need to live here or be a frequent, knowledgeable visitor like Teelack. . Just dont be an asshole. I was an asshole the other day when i just was tired of the Indian suit salesman and told him to fk off. I regret that.
  2. Evil now that was dammed funny. Actually a good history lesson of the deities. Gabor was ok in small dosages. Killkenny it is tonight, thanks. We will be there about 8p, Pandoras after that. Buy you a beer or 4 if your about. Im the American with glasses ,my brother is a scary looking fellow, a biker with long hair and tatoos. Cant miss us. Unlikley pair? Thats us.
  3. Evil, As you know from our PM's ,my brother is in town and not on a budget. I appreciate your sugggestions Really likes nice restaurants but we dont want to stray from LKM /Diana As an aside am an getting no takers for my usual 1k. , I give up. Ill do 2k My brother is doing great at Pandoras., i am not Im no Gabor .Ot we onlly have one meal a day. Thinking Robins Nest.?.
  4. Had a similiar problem as nkped but ignored it . Not good. I did the liter bag of saline thing, at my suggestion. Bangkok Pattaya. , way to slow . I said take this off the pump and just bolus. I dont have cardiac issues. Foolishly continued to ignore it and ended up in Bumrrungrad for 7 days. As an aside but somewhat OT. I am getting a new O-A in the Sates next week but need the medical certificate. For years i have read that the clinics are on every Soi and 500 baht . I havn't found one. Any help in pointing me to the right direction would be appreciated. Knortyboy, just saw your post , thanks. Was in Kon Khaen a few years ago talking with i think a Scottish fellow.,maybe Wales. Asked him if he could speak Thai because even though we shared our native language i couldn't understand him
  5. Was in LKM last night. Everywhere busy. Will wander up to tree town next time. Thanks EP. My brother is visiting for 3 weeks , he likes a game of pool , i like bands so nice to try something different from LK and WS. As an aside im parking him at the Pasadena lodge, quoting 500 baht a night for a 3 week stay. No pool but clean rooms , friendly staff. If he wants a pool il try for the 800 baht rooms at the Areca.
  6. Probably have worn this thread but always appreciate reports even if i dont agree. I use Nams probably more than most board members. If they go south i will be the first to report that. Olded, thanks for the report ,vote with your feet. Dont use Nam's. I will continue to use them.
  7. My brother is coming in from the States and i am booking Nams to take us from the Tavern to Pattaya. A bit of an obscure location but Nam's finds me. I dont see where she has raised prices?. I am paying 1700 for an Suv including tolls. I used other services but the last time the fucking guy was playing video games while driving. All of the services declined in safety and value after being touted here, I have not seen that with Nam's But if they are i would like to know about it. .I use them almost every month on my trip from Bangkok . Olded if they are not hitting it i would like to know. But i dont think your post is accurate.
  8. Frosty i was in Catholic School most of my life, St Mary's in Annapolis . Subjected my kids to that torture but a good education. Your post was meant in jest , but nope very true .I knew Katherine Anne . She as still a virgin as long as it didnt go in her pussy,
  9. Force, good pictures ,thanks and i sorry i missed this. Also missed the Buffalo races a few months ago. Is there a website that lists upcoming events? We all know about Loy Kratong and Songkrang . But i would love to attend air shows and other events like this.
  10. Butch it is of course a personal choice . I have flown business class many years now . Before, because of status miles points i rarely paid for it. Now living here i have lost all of that . My trip home in 3 weeks is $3800 usd . My cheap charlie friend is going back to Philly for $600 usd the same week. It is a tough one for me. I dont even do the table cloth service . "Thanks ,i ate in the lounge, a salad and bottle of Sake will be fine." I'm an well in my 60"s and its not a status thing. I need the flat bed. In the US i am happy to fly Southwest. "Sit down shut up we will get you Baltimore in a couple hours ." Will be explaining to the kids i may not return home every year.
  11. If you are coming in during the day then try Bell's Bus, about 12 usd and will take you to your hotel , no motorcycle taxi I always use Nams. No drama .,
  12. Mid ,like you i could throw money on the thimble drinks back then. Gabor would not be happy. Tell the mamasan at Heavens Above "i can do a bin of 5k or 10k then cut me off". Now retired here the strong baht is not an issue but no more thimble drinks., .I still get laid. but Not a 20 y/o stunner from a ggb Living here has its advantages To your question i agree . The tourist' know Pattaya is still a bargain. 5000k for a wet and willing girl, so what. Let me know when you are in town
  13. Any one wants to play a pussy par 3 at Asia hotel ? The bright side is we can play proper pussy at Kinaree after a quick 9,
  14. Mid , Raiders were always a favorite of mine. yea , surprised any one remembers these guys Dave and Mike. and Jim. It was all about sportsmanship and commitment to a city. Cal was the last one, . . Do you remember Dempsey's rain delay show? Im looking at the Senators next year
  15. American , we dont care about soccer. . We watch Football and Baseball . My home team the Baltimore Orioles sucks. . But i still support them and want to be at the field next summer.The BBq and hot dogs dont get any better. I was very happy when my daughter played Lacrosse instead of soccer . I was pulling for the Thai girls to upset. my team. Even though im an American. Sorry the score was so lopsided. But hell , those girls can hit a golf ball.
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