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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I think it was a rare occurrance . Had i gone with the 65,000 month for a Visa, i would have transferred early in the month. If it was not coded FTT i would have time to make another one. I have not heard of this happening again. No longer an issue for me.
  2. nkped, there were 2 reports(Thai Visa) that BBB codedTransferwise deposits as in country transfers. Reason was the funds were routed through Kasikorn then BBB. The felllow explained that didn't work for him,Transferwise said they couldnt help. Had not heard of a problem since then. I also read that Immigratio prefers a neat recurring pension though not required. The direct deposit is solved now that we do that as the guys in the PI have beed doing. I am just waiting for the mail service to start again and will send my SS and OPM forms to Manila. I never plan to leave Thailand so DirectDeposit is best for me.
  3. Gary as odd as it seems, Agents are legal in terms of the letter of the law. Spirit and intention of the law not, but TIT. It did seem BJ had planned to clean things up but we see how that went. I also have adequate Pension and Social Security so i do not want to leave 800,000 sitting in Bangkok Bank when i am happy with my 401k despite recent events. I have followed your posts' and appreciate talking about some of the difficult relationships you endured. It seems with your wife it was worth the wait. I have found a lady who seems very much the one. But i remember your admonishment that it takes awhile for the warts to come out.
  4. Let us know how it goes, i road down that way to replace tires on the bike only 10 km. Enough for me . Not so much the ride as the road construction and having someone on the back.. The hospital said the promotion is good until Friday.
  5. I would like the For Work Package 3,500 baht with add on Cancer screening labs #5 1200 baht. Question is are these prices continuing, i will probably hire a driver for 1/2 day and wait so would an appointment be advisable? Seems other than getting the labs the waiting would be for the ABD USN. Also the CTA is 9700 baht. I should hear from the guy tomorrow
  6. I am waiting on confirmation on the health package price. Having the usual labs, USN and Cta so hoping for a 1/2 day visit. Thought about taking the bike also but to far. Maybe look into the bus.35 baht sounds pretty good but not sure i want to be bounced about. Nams wants 1500 for 5 hours . I have a driver that probably needs the business, just read tallguys post and think my guy would jump at the ride.
  7. Thanks force, sounds like the ticket. I was going for the Thai elite but realized that was the wine talking.
  8. My brother visited last year. Loves German food so Naklua restaurants were going to be a treat. He ordered Nuremburg Sausages with German potato salad. I should steered him to the Brats as i thought the price was a bit low. "Bill, they are fucking hot dogs!" And not very good ones. Redemption came later with 1/2 roast duck, dumplings ,potato and Red Cabbage. 499baht.
  9. No, guilty conscience, thanks Jacko. You well explained the value of the OA. I missed it being good for 2 years. Not sucking up but that visa was an excellent solution. Hassle free for 4 years. The Thai consulate in DC must be wondering why there are no more OA apps anymore. Even if BCBS insurance wants to help they could not fill out the form. Plus the Thais want a rubber stamp on the form . I doubt BCBS has had a rubber stamp since the 1950's . My friend in Bangkok is an agent in Bangkok. I'll let him sort it.
  10. I have an OA., That goes away because of the health insurance. I have excellent health insurance but cant prove it because of the form the Thais want. I have more than 65,000 baht/month income but direct deposit has halted with a change in banking laws in the USA I cant prove it I know about and use transferwise. No guarantee the transfers show as international. So i legally am well qualified but am pushed to an agent or less likely the Thai elite card. My visa cost go from 3000baht a year to 30,000. I know my choice but do not want the hassle of 800,000 in a bank then proving its still there 3 months later. The OA was great if you visited your home country every 2 years. No bank, or extensions needed.
  11. Sin, if you dont mind , where are you staying? I am happy here at at Northpoint but rent 20,000, wifi 1300, electric 2000 for a studio. My visa costs will go from 3000 /year to 30,000 and possible much more. My choice as with the OA I dont have any extension or bank issues.And dont want any.  But with the insurance change that visa goes away so looking to offset. I looked at Pattaya Hill, Star beach on the realty website. Good reviews, Need a good pool as i swim every day. Any thoughts appreciated, Bill.

  12. Makes me want to order from Tequila Reef tonight. Didnt know Frog refers to French, had to look that up. Still not clear why we are Septics.
  13. Arrive at the parking lot. , 2 large tents. Do not go to one on the left. Huge lines ,not moving . On the right there is a line for a visa more than 10 deep. Go around or through them and directly to the 90 day desk no lines. Get a number and every several minutes they come out calling numbers with your passport. In at 9:10, out at 9:20.
  14. Thanks for the update, doing a 90 day this week.,Lazy and didnt try online. Im O A but dont have to deal with it until September
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