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  1. Lucas was a maligned company that sharpened the senses of my otherwise hemp addled generation . We could judge speed by observing the roadway pass along us. Accurately gauge RPM shift points using our ears. Calculate time/distance into fuel burn with the precision of a Pilot. Appreciate the sound of Doves and the flushing of Quail while hitching along a country road having failed to make that calculation. As a young man Ozzy Osbourne worked for Lucas . The Prince of Darkness.
  2. You Know your not the first,but do you really care? Aston Martin Pre-owned.
  3. js, delivery started to get bad even before the tourists' arrived. Had a comically bad time with an order from Robins Hood which has good food. I called the manager and he sent his own staff over within 20 minutes ,tipped the fellow 100 baht. Called another order a couple weeks later and said i'll tip the driver 100 baht if we could skip Grab. The guy was very happy. I had the same arrangement with Chow Soy before they moved to the darkside. New York Pizza is also good as they have their own delivery guys. They message when leaving so you know when they will arrive. Mcdonalds seems to be at
  4. Good to know about the Vella. I'm taking a break from delivery, I'll try the Chicken place since its at the end of our driveway.
  5. It's been going on prior to the holiday. 2 hour wait for chinese a month ago. Why so few Chinese restaurants? 2 weeks ago i had a 3k order with Robins Hood cancelled by Grab. RH called and sent one of the staff over with the order. Getting a bolt from 13/3 last week prices doubled from the usual 80 baht to go anywhere .That day nothing was available except a van.
  6. i bought some sheets at Central, gave them my primary email , terrible mistake. Received a minimum of 4 emails/hour, every hour selling lamps or such. Took 3 months of hitting unsubscribe before they stopped. I now have a secondary email i use initially for companies i don't trust or think may be annoying. it is ginhoi@ , really have to consider whether the company is legit or if i know the organization before i use that one.
  7. I’m sure I’m not correct, maybe misunderstood. My bill was for 7500 baht and after she recalculated with the the card it was 3800. Can’t be right. I’m there tomorrow for a 3 month stock since my girlfriend wants a calendar.
  8. Force did you get their discount card? I am not a fan of these things and been using Fascino for years refusing to get one. The pharmacist suggested it was a good idea for me and just needed my Drivers license. Very significant discount.
  9. My friend did well with his Christmas present on Soi 6 but paid 1500 for the girl and a 500 baht room fee seemed high to me. But maybe i'm out of touch? Others here might know.Agree with Pine tree, these girls have packed on the kilos over the years and i like thin.
  10. Friend from Bangkok down over Christmas. We were crossing 2cd road and he said the crosswalk is over there. I laughed. When i first started riding a motorbike and aware of the reputation i decided just to plod along in the left "slow" lane. This is a very bad idea. The baht buses even though they seem mindful moving back will cause other traffic to stop short. I was going down beach road last week and a guy walk out hidden between cars looking at his phone. It was ok but i had to grab 2 handfuls of brakes. The worst are the drivers flinging open the door. Between the tourist coming back and th
  11. Great post. Good to know about the Symphony though not playing at present. Growing up in Annapolis my parents would take me to free concerts in the evening at the Naval Academy band. It was good fun for a kid as they were held in the Field House so I came home pretty covered in sawdust. Nice memories.
  12. Thanks Blue Flag, hope to see more of your Photos about town. Soi 6 being my favorite for 15 years i was surprised I have only been with one of the pictured girls. The sour looking one from Baby Cool who is most definitely not sour in person. I’ll pay a visit today as you have captured some prospects .
  13. Never thought i needed one but on return from Issan yesterday noticed a fine layer of dust on some surfaces in the condo. Homepro? I have gotten good but also dodgy products from Lazada so would prefer a local source. Issan was fucking terrible. To early for burning season but with everything dried the visible dust had all the family coughing.
  14. Living in Naklua 5 years, frequently take my bike from Dolphin on south. Not once have i seen the smallest delay before you hit Central. Came out of Soi Post Office yesterday intending to get a BB. I was walking faster than the traffic. Got past the Avenue,gave up a got a MB taxi to weave us to the 6. As you say, in time for high season.
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