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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Odense,possibly a Click. Not my first choice as i thought i might like to a commute to Bangkok. But realistically almost all my driving is to Villa and Foodland. The Click has underseat for a cloth bag storage and can hang 2-3 bags on the hook with the flat deck. Traded my 150cc 4 y/o Click today at Mityon ,they gave me 34,000thb. Probably a lot of 125cc for half that price available.
  2. Majestic.is around the corner And a good choice. Pick a room on the front.. I remember the girl in the green dress . The farm, gold would be hers
  3. You should. Yes Thai Limo met me with a sign and then told me to wait "over there" while the driver comes. I like the change. On Monday i arrived from the US. Nams texted to be at door 4, no waiting as security was busy at door 5. I know where door 4 is, have no luggage, a Thai phone and play golf with my driver of 3 years. She knows me. I'm not being pissy and will take my own advice. My son arrives first time in November. I will book Thai Limo. I want them to hold his hand, fastrack and limo to Pattaya. He arrives 0200 and with luck and money i will be asleep next to a luscious girl at
  4. What was the drive time to Kanchanaburi? I've been several times but usually spend 1 night. Son and brother want to go in November but only a day trip. I've seen the tour buses, take the toy train across then shop 10 min for trinkets. Not my wish. I would like to visit the Museum and take the long tail to the caves but maybe to much. Google shows 4 hours o/w but i don't remember that long. How was your trip?
  5. As I always reply. I have tried Toom,Ted,Limo,somebody's brother ,uncle girlfriend. They mostly start great then fizzle. Nams has been safe and consistent for more than 5 years. I'll save $3 on many things but not taxis.
  6. Though Flyer talk has many whining DYKWIA, weeding through it is a useful tool. Many varied topics. My favorite was "women traveling with vibrators." A three hour layover in Narita works well for me. Lunch, top Sake and a shower before heading to BKK. Best price Bkk -Phx return about 3700usd but need to book 4+ months out.
  7. Nothing much to add. I returned yesterday PHX-Bkk about 4, 000, got first seats in Business. Excellent service as usual ANA. They are now pissing me off with 100% waitlisting even 9 months out on a Award ticket. They clear or cancel 7 days out. Since im returning next year for my daughters wedding only solution i can see is to book the award flight and pay $5k for a first class seat on Etihad. Cancel if the Ana clears. But that leaves me with a lot of useless miles.
  8. Soi 6 is a favorite of mine and i often end my stroll at the Queen Vic. Gather enough food take away for 2 days dinner and while waiting have yet another Rum. Bolt meets me at the door.
  9. Interesting first post. Beats how much is a baht bus but i see you live here. I have never seen them but would love fried green with a Maryland Crab Cake. I grew beautiful tomatoes in Annapolis. Here several tries all fail. Im going to bring some Burpee seeds back next month if Thai customs will allow it.
  10. Son is a Civil Engineer visiting in Nov. Told him we may talk a walk down there for his opinion. "No Dad we will not".
  11. You are right. I dont understand the disagreements. Do what the hell you want. I cannot fly economy on the 24 hour trip from D.C. I beg off the fine dining tablecloth and the jellied whatever eel and just ask them to leave the bottle of Sake. You may consider insane, I sleep quite well. We both do fine.
  12. Thanks, i'm going back to the States for 3 weeks in July. Hate to blow 20k for useless insurance valid for 4 months but hopefully my last trip back.
  13. Before i had a live in GF Thai friendly was my mainstay. 1,200-2000 all in. At one time i had 6 regulars. Too many. It takes a bit of work and screening. Was talking with a great lady talking about what we wanted. She replied "a relationship".I started to end the conversation then she wrote "or a customer". She always stayed LT. We were together for almost 2 years before she headed back to the farm.
  14. Rhodie, i assume this was a tourist conversion, not O-A?
  15. Prices in Thailand have always amazed me. I have been coming here for 15 years. I paid the same now for Areca as i did years ago. The pizza hotel on Diana is nice and only 500 baht. My rent has never gone up. I went to a girl's room on Soi 6 above a coffee shop. She pays 2k a month, has air con, shower and cleaning. Baht buses still 10. Taxis are much cheaper though that will change when the tourist return. Bar fines have increased and i dont like to cheat the owners but when they get to 1,000 baht line numbers are often exchanged. Usually the girls suggestion. I wouldn't argue tallguy's p
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