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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. While indeed 2cd hand info my friend , an agent in Bangkok said the health insurance requirement is coming for everyone. I have good insurance but as js has just said is the company going to complete this ridiculous form?. I posted before that i cancelled my December trip to the PI worried i might void my O-A. Also put on hold buying a condo until i see where this goes. Even though he is a good friend and pretty clued in i dont like using agents. I love Thailand . Maybe ill just marry the girl in Roi Et. Need to research that.
  2. Dont go to Ko Larn anymore preferring to send out of town visitors without me . But remember some good times buying raw seafood, duck at the stand and they would bring a small grill and a large bottles of Singh to our chair at the beach JS, what part of Jomtien? I may give it a try.
  3. Thats a good one kped . I was in a taxi and another time a restaurant Spoke Thai and got the blank look. The Thai girl took over and i listened . Hey , i said it the same way you did , why i am not understood. Just the look of pity. I will continue to try.
  4. I have always wanted to learn Thai and am quite fluent at reverse bar girl. That is if a girl is new with no english i'm up to the task Once on Soi Cowboy Mama asked me to sit with a new arrival from Issan as she wasnt getting any customers. She spoke not a single word of english and Mama was worried she was heading back home. We had a good night. But i dont understand anything and cannot read. A girl pissed me off years ago telling me just speak english, i dont understand your Thai. So i keep trying. Threre is a school close to me and i may try again but will start with basic reading. But to your question Butch , does not seem a reason to go advanced unless a hobby.
  5. I wont be joining your staff but like the attitude.. Enjoyed the beach restaurants on Wong Amat but may move to Pratumnack /Jomtien. Name of your new place?
  6. Thanks Baz, timely post for me as i am considering moving from Wongamat to Pratumnak or Ban Suan.in Jomtien
  7. Yujin, good reminder. I am not a vegan but a friend is very allergic to chicken. Got a hamburger that was cooked on the same grill as chicken. Had to go to the hospital and nearly missed our vacation trip
  8. nkped, excellent information, ill give it a try Thanks. Reminds me when i first tried to get a bank account, the manager at the then Big C mall waved his arms , "No Farang" A BM here advised me not to try in a tourist area. Go up Klang and they will open an account for you.
  9. Glad to see this thread is still here. We usually hear only the bad. Like Elche i have seen security or housekeeping staff at "Mom"s cart outside my condo and payed a small amount ,not often. A girl who stays overnight sometimes has to leave early for work . The Taxi guys are not always on Wongamat early. She told me Mom knows Papa and always flags a motorcycle guy for her.
  10. Having Thanksgiving dinner with friends in Bangkok. Will publish here the fee schedule of an agent. But agree with Force, i dont expect the Insurance form to be difficult or expensive. I do worry what happens if agents go away?. When Big Joke came back to Imm he was going to target agents , we see how that went . But remember years ago when there was a Visa run Kiosk and Van on every Soi. All gone overnight. I am in compliance with income and health insurance. But good luck proving it. I prefer not to use an Agent but ready to give up. Moderator Jacko, before we get specific is this a protected or public forum?
  11. i just obtained the O-A in Washington l last month. Thought good for 2 years now the health insurance is required even for reentry. Cancelled my trip to the PI in December . Good that the OP was able to use his BCBS card . I have the same but that is not how the rule reads. With overseas coverage a health insurance form needs to be completed. Will BCBS do this?. I have a friend who is an agent in Bangkok and used to joke i"ll not need your service. I was surprised he was familiar with the Health Insurance requirement as it woudnt normally affect his clients. But he claims it will be a general requirement after Feb. He will obtain one for me but i dont need it until a trip to the PI next Sept. and hopefully stamped in for another year. OT but of similar interest . I want Direct Deposit of my SS. The form requires a bank official signature. The bank refused , i called the main office in Bangkok and they said it was the policy only to sign BB forms. Any suggestions.? Im using transferwise but no Guarantee it will show as an overseas transfer every month.
  12. Rarely Bf anymore but going to LK for Halloween and will BF the lovely Hanna from Pandoras if i can make it past Tung at Billabong. Maybe ask if can take both. As to girls who dont get anywhere i was with a TF girl last couple of nights. 21 y/o, great body , smile ,attitude. Since this was the second time i was with her she was more about talking. She has not had a customer in a week. "I dont Eat". Yea i dont know if i buy that either but maybe. She is perfect but no customer? Luck of the draw i guess . My friend May is 40 y/o no problem getting customers. But this perfect 21 y/o cant find anyone?
  13. Thanks , will give that a try. It will end up costing me more than 1300 baht as i cant resist walking down Soi 6
  14. I dealt with the transfer issues over the last year. Used transfer wise and Schwab. My O-A is good for almost 2 years but eventually will have to show the 65000/month. Now SS will Direct Deposit. to a Thai Bank like the Phillipines has long had. So i i have the form which must be signed by a Bank Official. Today at Central Festival , blank stare. "We cannot". Anyone had luck with a BB branch that understands this.
  15. Yes , i find that kindness often . mostly in Issan but many times in Pattaya. I think you need to live here or be a frequent, knowledgeable visitor like Teelack. . Just dont be an asshole. I was an asshole the other day when i just was tired of the Indian suit salesman and told him to fk off. I regret that.
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