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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Ill turn 70 y/o next year and higher insurance cost so changing to an o is a priority. I just want to go to the PI and later one more trip to the states. I'll look in to this. Currently i pay 12,500 for the extension. No money in the bank and she takes care of the O-A insurance but i dont have a policy. Contrary to common belief the agents can be legal. I talk with friends and a conversation that comes up is if go tits up here where would we go? None of us want to go to the PI or Cambodia.Thailand is our home. So unfortunately immigration is still an active issue.
  2. I gave up on going back to the states but would like to go to Angeles in Feb. If anyone knows a cheap o-a insurance please contact me. As Jacko has said they are poor but needed for travel. I have insurance but the Thais dont accept it. I called Bumrungrad yesterday to schedule a CTA. Quoted 60- 90,000 baht. I said that is a bit high but she said no problem i will call America , they will pay. She already knew my company. If Bumrungrad can figure it out why cant Immigration?. TIT
  3. Good advice all. Best thing is to ask reception for the maid . I paid 400 baht a cleaning. If i wasn't home the staff let her in. They came with 4 people outstanding and honest. Agree dont fuck the help but you know that. I have to many waitress stories. Give a yell when you arrive, the Tavern in Bangkok is a good place to meet like minded Americans and Brits.
  4. Yes force, My ANA flights Nov/dec. cancelled "covid". BS. They didn't want to land Dulles. Dump me with United out of SFO to Dulles on a smaller plane after i pay for business. 1k plus add for each of my tickets if i bite.. After 15 years with ANA i'm with Emerites. Called SWA for a domestic trip cancel. . For a credit no problem, online , for a refund you have to call. Wait time 61 minutes. I was going to cx my Amex since i dont need points or a fee. My son advised Dad keep it, they answer the phone and brought your card in a taxi when you left it in a bar in Stockholm. Customer servic
  5. 2 weeks out now and very happy. After 65 years of having my glasses at exactly the same position on the bedside table i still reach for them in the morning. Told the Dr. i was hoping to have a cataract by this age as insurance would pay. "You have a small cataract" Insurance paid. For the first time i'm able to see my face w/o glasses. Not pretty. Next stop Blepharoplasty. Looking more encouraging for your return if November works.
  6. Failure from the start. First ,we dont need to pay for vaccine we may not need despite the rest of the world pursing them. Can't have private hospitals importing mrna, We would look bad. We will partner with other covid free countries and share tourism. The bubble tourism idea, the Sandbox. Anything but an effective vaccine program except Sinovax . My GF who is pretty clued in said if he could come back there would be vaccine same as America. "You know i am farang and can't talk about it dear. " She spent hours at Jomtien yesterday only to be turned away. I can get off the plane in th
  7. For all their fuck ups this is a nice morning walk . but shade trees are essential at least in intervals.
  8. Nong Nooch did the Landscaping renovation at my condo and a great job on about 5 Rai of gardens. Interesting watching them place fully mature trees with heavy equipment. Very happy to see this as in better days it was a nice walk along the beach from Dolphin to the Beer Garden.
  9. Jacko had a good night prior to my appt staying at the Landmark. Most of the 5 stars are deeply discounted with the Sheraton Grande and Landmark at 1600/1900 night. My friend bought bread, cheese, meats and libations from Villa. Good Pizza can be ordered in. Room service available but at room service prices. Ordered in ice, plates silverware and a table for a 100 baht tip.. Good conversation, great fun. We went over to the Sushi restaurant at Bumrungrad as you can sit a a table. I am with Rhino Tusk and will avoid the FL but my friend knew of an obscure Massage place behind the hospital .The
  10. I bought 2 business tickets BKK-Dulles Thanksgiving and Christmas $2500 each. I will get a free ticket for next year with the miles and have never seen b class that cheap. Then decided screw it i'll stay the month and sit at my favorite bar, just cancel the 2cd ticket. The new ticket is $6000. I would have to pay the difference. So will stay with what i have but hope i dont have to quarantine at all.
  11. Yes i also left St. Louis with a f/u appt.
  12. My friend in Bangkok signed me with Bumrungrad and St Louis. I had my appt with St Louis last month. The contact from Bumrungrad called and said you have an appt at St Louis soon , go there. While at St. Louis there was a wait because the computers connecting to the government were slow. so they are connected., they know multiple appts. Agree though if you are with 4 different hospitals they may not realize it until you get a spot. So still possible to push someone out of the queue. I'll be fully vac with AZ. When i return to US for Thanksgiving and Christmas I'll get the Moderna formulatio
  13. Thanks for posting. Yea im not going delay but as you probably know things are bad here with little vaccine and current lockdown. Did you get Multi or single focus? Also please post your experience on traveling back. I have 2 tickets Nov and Dec but starting to worry i may end up cancelling.
  14. No disagreement from me. My son is an Engineer and needs 3 PE to sign off on project. I expected many more for a plane.The Max is a disgrace to Boeing.
  15. I do agree. I fly long haul and even if it goes tits up i want to be on a Boeing plane. Those pilots who flew into the seawall at SfO because the ILS system was down and they last time they hand flew a plane was a 152 were saved by Boeing engineering.
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