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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I know we are straying here but visited my Thai Girlfriend in Nom Phong, asked where are the Buffalos?. They were every my last visit. no one owned a car or a tractor. Now the Buffalos are gone and everyone owns a Kabota tractor. They family has given up on farming except 50 bags of rice for the extended family. The kids own trucks for transport business.
  2. Many years ago i was pulled aside at US immigration , frequent visits to Thailand.. He called for an officer witness and wanted to see the pictures on my camera. After looking at 50 pictures of the Tiger Zoo and my 40 y/o girlfiend he sent the observer off. I worked for the government and we talked about our investment account. Also talked how many of these slime bags do you catch. , only 1 or 2 in six months. I have never been stopped since. Probably a notation in my profile now.. "If you want boring pictures and conversation , stop this guy".
  3. Many hotels in the LK area. When i'm out on a tear i leave my bike at Pasadena Lodge overnight rather than dragging my love back to Naklua. 600/800 baht a night. but no pool. Near Jibbys across from Billabong. You will get many other suggestions. If you want a pool Areca is a good choice. Go past the front desk to the second desk at Evergreen. Ask the lady for a 800 baht room but it is basic. Normal price is 1600 baht for pool view. The lady will stare at you like she doesn't understand. Stare back and she will give you a key. As to the Motor taxi you dont need 2. You sit behind the driver and the feather weight sits behind you.
  4. Update and thanks to the Board on my "confusion" . Totally different experience today. Arrived 0815, line out the door but moving quickly. Line out the door at room 10 . 23 people ahead of me at the 90 day desk but also moved quickly . Same IO .The people directed to room 10 seemed confused and took time asking questions. I thought wait until they see room 10. Force you nailed it! She was most interested in the TM30. Stapled it in my passport. "You stay same place ' Yes 2 years. The 90 slip comes out of the computer. Out the door 08:50. No fine for my failure to report return from the US last year.
  5. Thanks Guys, not late but due Monday. I think it may be the Tm 30 . I have lived in the condo for 2 years and the Real Estate company filed Tm30 with both leases. Problem is most likely I did not report my return from the US in Sept. So I'll pay the fine and do online report if the site supports Chrome Books. Always appreciate the feedback and advice on this board.
  6. Yea thanks , Yes Jomtien, i dont get it . Have done many 90 days without this. Room 10 was packed out the door so maybe something yet again new. Ill return on Monday with my lease and TM 30. Just wondered if any one else encountered this. Ah Force missed your post , yes i will do this Monday. Most likely the problem. And Rhino ,Mail or online for me now on.
  7. Went to do a 90 day today and was handed a tm 47 which i filled out once when i first moved here but not since. Then the lady at the 90 day desk said to go to room 10 then come back. Room 10 was packed out the door. I did't get a number so it seemed a bit chaotic. A nice fellow in line glanced at my papers and said i probably don't have the right ones. He had a lease agreement. Rather than wait i went home and will return Monday with my lease and TM 30. Ive been here a couple years but this was new to me. Any guidance?
  8. Yes , i was thinking a walk along Jomtien walkway. Just not sure of the walk from Ban Suan or Pratnumak to the beach . I am going to get a driver for a couple hours to explore . Thought about taking my bike but since im not familiar with the area and my head will be on a swivel maybe not. I cannot walk from Northpoint to Pattaya. Cannot get around the rocks at Dusit. Shame, that would be a great walk .
  9. Mango, yes many nice 1 hour walks along the beach to Central Festival. Grab some corn fed US sandwich steak that you cant even get in the US since that grass fed crap is the rage back there . Always enjoy a walk and a swim. If it looks like i have to joust with the Soi Dogs on the way to the beach at Jomtien will just take the bike down.
  10. Thanks again Gary, we have talked before and i can cut my rent in half from Northpoint. Dont go to the beach anyway. Also have a bike to get to Villa Market. Cleaning girls here 500 baht but very good , even change my bed. Most important to me as you say is a well maintained complex especially the pool.
  11. Ill be in Bangkok but the 595 Christmas dinner looks too be an excellent value for someone like myself. Not a big eater so the 1000baht dinners while im sure good, not for me. Really enjoy a Spaghetti Bolognese . Made it every week back home ,took hours. ,But yes spice is key. EP why the disdain for tomato paste?, adds depth. Had the SP Bol on Robins Nest on Diana last night , ok but this looks better. I always mean to take pasta home from the lady next to Jibbys but after stumbling out with the love of my next few hours i forget.
  12. Thanks, very good information. I Prefer DD to Transferwise or Scwab. May need to show 65000/ month next year but an agent looks like a reasonable solution unless they will be required to show insurance. The worth of The O-A was it was only 200usd, effective for 2 years, no need to have any money or prove income in a Thai Bank. But i need to stop crying about that and move on.
  13. Larry again thanks. I have the two required accounts, not that big of a burden. Just knowing i can do its very helpful . The branch on Soi 6 understands Was there 2 days ago , Passport in hand but got sidetracked at the Corner Bar .
  14. Just a drop in the bucket but my Real Estate company whom i am very happy with is familiar with these inhospitable changes. I cancelled a condo purchase . Am moving from Wong Amat to Jomtien saving me 120,000 in rent per year in anticipation of buying a useless insurance policy or using an agent. My net cost will be zero. I love Thailand and have no immediate plans to leave. But i am looking at options.
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