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  1. sailingbill

    Nam's Taxi, Lady Driver

    Just another positive vote for Nams. Had a pickup at BKK, then later at the American Tavern in Bangkok. A very nice Suv even though just the sedan price. Told her i would be with friends and did not care what time we left. So with that vague time and that the Tavern location is not well known, everything was well confirmed and on the agreed time. To the BM who promoted her service , thanks. But i have used the Tims, T's , Gone to the arrivals and grab a drop off, the bad service from the airport taxis with the towel over the meter. The somebodies girlfriend, wife, special brother . Thai Limo which was outstanding for many years. They all fail at some point. I hope Nam can beat this and stay consistent even if she cannot accept a booking rather than farming it out.
  2. sailingbill

    What do you miss from the uk

    Being an American i don't know what many of those things are. But if you want to know where to find them or like items, Villa Market. The only thing i miss from the US is crab cakes. Everything else i can pretty much find or duplicate. I'm back in the states this week and my first stop is to get a crab cake. Not Asian, Callinectes Sapidus.
  3. sailingbill

    The TM30 and Jomtiem.

    Jacko, you remind me of Cheshire Tom, Straight shooter , no bs. When you ask am if i am sure ?I listen A rental not buying. Should i reconsider? Why. What happened to CT? He stopped posting. Never met him and my loss.
  4. sailingbill

    The TM30 and Jomtiem.

    "With all this in mind, my last hotel break was with a lady so I asked her to use her identity card for check in. 'I was never there your honour'. " Atlas, i like this thanks. I have inadvertently started a LT relationship with a girl in Bangkok. My hotel bill was such i decided to get a condo there. I am not leaving Pattaya .Better for her close to work , i can come and go as i want. When i get back from US next month will put the condo in her name not mine. I do so much like girls that go to work in the morning.
  5. sailingbill

    The TM30 and Jomtiem.

    I'll continue with my plan to wander up there. Sorry to hear about your ordeal Jacko. Recently went to Jomtien on a Monday morning thinking "this is a bad idea". But completed the 90 day and an extension in an hour, returned the next day ,picked up the extension and a multi entry in less than an hour .No way to predict. If you fly out of Dulles in DC there is a phone app showing wait times on both the north and south TSA areas
  6. sailingbill

    The TM30 and Jomtiem.

    I made sure the realtor submitted my TM 30 and made copies. After i returned from the US last year i was fined 1600 thb at my 90 day because i did not check in within 24 hours after my return. I will be visiting again this week and returning in 3 weeks. I will stay in Bangkok for about a week when i return. My plan was to report to Jomtien within 24 hours of return to Pattaya and show my hotel reservation. Does anyone know do i still have to do this? My fine is 1 year old so maybe things have changed? My adress has never changed.
  7. sailingbill

    90 day visa

    JS, , this would be my plan if they stop the income option. Have you considered simply the 0-A visa from Washington or others. $200 , a medical and background check. You have nearly 2 years . Thanks Jacko (explained in a separate thread} Being 0500 and back from a bit of drinking i hope this is useful , maybe not.
  8. sailingbill

    New Head of Immigration....

    Jacko, thanks, i got it now .Much appreciated. I'm better off than i thought i was. Edit : Yes i will be obtaining the extension on retirement in Thaiand
  9. sailingbill

    New Head of Immigration....

    Somewhat OT but asking for advice from knowledgeable BM"s. I thought i understood the o-a visa but maybe not. I obtained my first oa in the States last year. It says enter before 8 August 2018. I arrived 25/8/2017. Returned to the US to visit and on return my immigration stamp from Swampy is written "admitted until 28 November 2018". I thought the enter by date on the O-A was the expiration date. I went Jomtien prepared for the extension in August and the officer pointed to the "M" and said i'm to early. I was a bit concerned so i did my 90 day the same day asking that officer if i understood correctly. He said i am ok , no extension now. So in researching the OP it seems that when i return to the US for Thanksgiving holiday 15 November i don't need to renew before leaving I will be permitted stay for another year after returning 27 November 2018. Correct ? or should i just apply for my extension Nov 1 as planned. Sorry, if a bit tedious post but i want to get this immigration stuff right. Over the years i have found the advice here is generally sound ,unlike what i am reading on the British Immigration topic on TV where some of it it just immature and wrong.
  10. sailingbill

    New Head of Immigration....

    Nkped, the ability to make ACH transfers to Bangkok Bank stops on April 1
  11. sailingbill

    New Head of Immigration....

    Atlas, it is more like 20% , not the investment firm but US taxes. Also with the money invested in the stock market , the hit multiplies by lost earnings over time. I have zero money in interest earning account. In off to PCEC , I doubt anything new other than their mail. But if so i will post today post it today.
  12. sailingbill

    New Head of Immigration....

    Crap, i forgot about that. I have to withdraw $30000 to net $25000. $5000 going directly to the IRS and probably an additional small amount to Maryland.
  13. sailingbill

    New Head of Immigration....

    'Hello John, There have been no reports of any requirement for Embassy income letter to be certified by a bank -- also, doesn't make any sense as the banks have nothing to do with it." This is from PCEC. They gather information from expats experiences at Jomtien, so that doesn't mean its not coming. I have never liked the 800,000 baht solution. I have adequate monthly income ,why leave this money in Thailand unable to invest it ? Also why create problems for my kids when i kick? Now if the current plans to end ACH and direct deposits to Bangkok Bank are implemented April 1 I may look at that. For me i downloaded an verification letter from Social Security. It is not signed in script and does not have any official looking stamps so it may not fly.
  14. sailingbill

    Bike Paths & Routes Around Pattaya

    I really enjoyed cycling to work in Baltimore. About 35km. I was angry driver and switching to cycling was a calming change. Thanks for the post, your photos remind me of similar scenery on my largely rails to trails ride. Maybe time to dust off the Cannondale and bring her back after my Thanksgiving trip.
  15. sailingbill

    New Head of Immigration....

    Sure i will ask and post updates .Actually the Thanksgiving visa thing won't work , I'm only back for 1 week.