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  1. First years here the avg live in GF lasted 3 days.The current one is past 3 years now so a larger place in the same building would be nice. Im direct beachfront, large pool. Laundry on site, excellent maint. and security,several Rai of gardens landscaped by Noon Nuch. The abnb people quickly got booted which i was very happy about. There are only 6 condos per floor so i never see my neighbors. Used to read the Post on the balcony overlooking Ko Larn but the girl now tends her farm there. Asked about keeping a couple Bantams for eggs, denied. Rent has not increased for 6 years. Downside is lim
  2. Odense,possibly a Click. Not my first choice as i thought i might like to a commute to Bangkok. But realistically almost all my driving is to Villa and Foodland. The Click has underseat for a cloth bag storage and can hang 2-3 bags on the hook with the flat deck. Traded my 150cc 4 y/o Click today at Mityon ,they gave me 34,000thb. Probably a lot of 125cc for half that price available.
  3. Majestic.is around the corner And a good choice. Pick a room on the front.. I remember the girl in the green dress . The farm, gold would be hers
  4. You should. Yes Thai Limo met me with a sign and then told me to wait "over there" while the driver comes. I like the change. On Monday i arrived from the US. Nams texted to be at door 4, no waiting as security was busy at door 5. I know where door 4 is, have no luggage, a Thai phone and play golf with my driver of 3 years. She knows me. I'm not being pissy and will take my own advice. My son arrives first time in November. I will book Thai Limo. I want them to hold his hand, fastrack and limo to Pattaya. He arrives 0200 and with luck and money i will be asleep next to a luscious girl at
  5. What was the drive time to Kanchanaburi? I've been several times but usually spend 1 night. Son and brother want to go in November but only a day trip. I've seen the tour buses, take the toy train across then shop 10 min for trinkets. Not my wish. I would like to visit the Museum and take the long tail to the caves but maybe to much. Google shows 4 hours o/w but i don't remember that long. How was your trip?
  6. As I always reply. I have tried Toom,Ted,Limo,somebody's brother ,uncle girlfriend. They mostly start great then fizzle. Nams has been safe and consistent for more than 5 years. I'll save $3 on many things but not taxis.
  7. Though Flyer talk has many whining DYKWIA, weeding through it is a useful tool. Many varied topics. My favorite was "women traveling with vibrators." A three hour layover in Narita works well for me. Lunch, top Sake and a shower before heading to BKK. Best price Bkk -Phx return about 3700usd but need to book 4+ months out.
  8. Nothing much to add. I returned yesterday PHX-Bkk about 4, 000, got first seats in Business. Excellent service as usual ANA. They are now pissing me off with 100% waitlisting even 9 months out on a Award ticket. They clear or cancel 7 days out. Since im returning next year for my daughters wedding only solution i can see is to book the award flight and pay $5k for a first class seat on Etihad. Cancel if the Ana clears. But that leaves me with a lot of useless miles.
  9. Soi 6 is a favorite of mine and i often end my stroll at the Queen Vic. Gather enough food take away for 2 days dinner and while waiting have yet another Rum. Bolt meets me at the door.
  10. Interesting first post. Beats how much is a baht bus but i see you live here. I have never seen them but would love fried green with a Maryland Crab Cake. I grew beautiful tomatoes in Annapolis. Here several tries all fail. Im going to bring some Burpee seeds back next month if Thai customs will allow it.
  11. Son is a Civil Engineer visiting in Nov. Told him we may talk a walk down there for his opinion. "No Dad we will not".
  12. You are right. I dont understand the disagreements. Do what the hell you want. I cannot fly economy on the 24 hour trip from D.C. I beg off the fine dining tablecloth and the jellied whatever eel and just ask them to leave the bottle of Sake. You may consider insane, I sleep quite well. We both do fine.
  13. Thanks, i'm going back to the States for 3 weeks in July. Hate to blow 20k for useless insurance valid for 4 months but hopefully my last trip back.
  14. Before i had a live in GF Thai friendly was my mainstay. 1,200-2000 all in. At one time i had 6 regulars. Too many. It takes a bit of work and screening. Was talking with a great lady talking about what we wanted. She replied "a relationship".I started to end the conversation then she wrote "or a customer". She always stayed LT. We were together for almost 2 years before she headed back to the farm.
  15. Rhodie, i assume this was a tourist conversion, not O-A?
  16. Prices in Thailand have always amazed me. I have been coming here for 15 years. I paid the same now for Areca as i did years ago. The pizza hotel on Diana is nice and only 500 baht. My rent has never gone up. I went to a girl's room on Soi 6 above a coffee shop. She pays 2k a month, has air con, shower and cleaning. Baht buses still 10. Taxis are much cheaper though that will change when the tourist return. Bar fines have increased and i dont like to cheat the owners but when they get to 1,000 baht line numbers are often exchanged. Usually the girls suggestion. I wouldn't argue tallguy's p
  17. Just keeping the riff raff out Jacko. The beach security at Centara wouldn't let me in even though i live close by and told them i have lunch at Oasis. Next time your in the neighborhood ill pick you up in my kayak near Dolphin and have lunch at Surf &Turf.
  18. Beautiful tree. The Condo complex where i live has several Rai attended to by Noongnuch Gardens and another company. They remove the dead limbs with long shears. Im sure they can advise the spray though i have not seen them using it. Its Saturday so they are not on site but will have my GF ask them. Broughton , any pictures of the rest of your land?
  19. I don't think so. Agents are legal as to current rules. But rules are not laws and can change overnight. The Visa run guys years ago were fine until Immigration said no more. The only ones who were red stamped were the ones who continued doing runs from Swampy. Even they got one chance to do the paper work themselves, use an agent or get a Thai Elite card. But TIT so have plan B. My plan "e" is to abscond to my GF's farm in Issan and screw my American passport and Th. immigration. Which reminds me i need to put a western toilet up there.
  20. Use an agent. My close friend in Bangkok is an Agent and i can refer you if you like. I don't use him because he is too expensive. Does a lot of hand holding with younger clients. I was at lunch sitting off to the side while he met with a customer. The client asked if he would have access to the 800k loan. I nearly yelled of course not. But if Thailand is your home have a plan B . I remember when there was a Visa run Van and Kiosk on every Soi. Gone overnight. Force replied while i was typing this. Manareet is tops.
  21. Tom, not a bad idea to look up also. had a snake fall out of a tree at the Avenue.
  22. Leaving Villa Market very careful at crossing the side walk to 2cd road. Once at the road all clear left/right. Almost took out an old guy slowly riding his bicycle on the roadway the wrong way. Didnt matter right or wrong way he blended in with the parked cars. I was to focused on the left after checking motorcycles and pedestrians.
  23. Saw a post recently. Guy is making a legal left turn, fully stopped, turn signal on. Kid on a motorbike not looking clips him coming out of the side Soi. Everyone is ok. Insurance agent arrives and pays the kid. The Farang protests why did you pay it was not my fault? It is explained that you have a car, you are a farang and if you were not making a turn the accident would not have happened. For all our criticism of driving here i find the Thais are to polite. They yield when they have the right of way. In America this is a rear ender. I travel the Dolphin roundabout frequently and as Forc
  24. i am my worst enemy as im lazy. Spent 20k last night in Bangkok and didnt get laid. But this accounting does piss me off. I will talk with BB tomorrow since i have the monthly transfer. if no resolution im moving to Schwab. i made my rent for a year investing in Conoco Philips with Schwab. I am not a financial genius. Pussy and Rum takes most of it.
  25. Agree here. If i have been out on a tear the night before i'll take a bolt to Villa even if sober in the AM. They wait, drive me back to the condo and help with the bags.
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