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  1. Failure from the start. First ,we dont need to pay for vaccine we may not need despite the rest of the world pursing them. Can't have private hospitals importing mrna, We would look bad. We will partner with other covid free countries and share tourism. The bubble tourism idea, the Sandbox. Anything but an effective vaccine program except Sinovax . My GF who is pretty clued in said if he could come back there would be vaccine same as America. "You know i am farang and can't talk about it dear. " She spent hours at Jomtien yesterday only to be turned away. I can get off the plane in th
  2. For all their fuck ups this is a nice morning walk . but shade trees are essential at least in intervals.
  3. Nong Nooch did the Landscaping renovation at my condo and a great job on about 5 Rai of gardens. Interesting watching them place fully mature trees with heavy equipment. Very happy to see this as in better days it was a nice walk along the beach from Dolphin to the Beer Garden.
  4. Jacko had a good night prior to my appt staying at the Landmark. Most of the 5 stars are deeply discounted with the Sheraton Grande and Landmark at 1600/1900 night. My friend bought bread, cheese, meats and libations from Villa. Good Pizza can be ordered in. Room service available but at room service prices. Ordered in ice, plates silverware and a table for a 100 baht tip.. Good conversation, great fun. We went over to the Sushi restaurant at Bumrungrad as you can sit a a table. I am with Rhino Tusk and will avoid the FL but my friend knew of an obscure Massage place behind the hospital .The
  5. I bought 2 business tickets BKK-Dulles Thanksgiving and Christmas $2500 each. I will get a free ticket for next year with the miles and have never seen b class that cheap. Then decided screw it i'll stay the month and sit at my favorite bar, just cancel the 2cd ticket. The new ticket is $6000. I would have to pay the difference. So will stay with what i have but hope i dont have to quarantine at all.
  6. My friend in Bangkok signed me with Bumrungrad and St Louis. I had my appt with St Louis last month. The contact from Bumrungrad called and said you have an appt at St Louis soon , go there. While at St. Louis there was a wait because the computers connecting to the government were slow. so they are connected., they know multiple appts. Agree though if you are with 4 different hospitals they may not realize it until you get a spot. So still possible to push someone out of the queue. I'll be fully vac with AZ. When i return to US for Thanksgiving and Christmas I'll get the Moderna formulatio
  7. Thanks for posting. Yea im not going delay but as you probably know things are bad here with little vaccine and current lockdown. Did you get Multi or single focus? Also please post your experience on traveling back. I have 2 tickets Nov and Dec but starting to worry i may end up cancelling.
  8. No disagreement from me. My son is an Engineer and needs 3 PE to sign off on project. I expected many more for a plane.The Max is a disgrace to Boeing.
  9. I do agree. I fly long haul and even if it goes tits up i want to be on a Boeing plane. Those pilots who flew into the seawall at SfO because the ILS system was down and they last time they hand flew a plane was a 152 were saved by Boeing engineering.
  10. On the ongoing saga what will kill Bill first. His crazy GO GO girl on her bike or the lack of the vaccine. I do have an update perhaps helpful. As to the girl, we were behind a Motorcycle Taxi who stopped at the intersection. Now these guys generally know what they are doing so you would think its a good idea to wait and see what he sees. Nope she drives around him and off into the fray. OT i am registered on several sites but seems October with no real plan. I now have a confirmed Appt. at St Louis Hospital with a written slip allowing me to travel. July30. The AZ. I understand there ar
  11. As an update my friend took a copy of my Passport and Bumrungrad ID card and met with an Admin who looked at my records and am in to get the Pfizer on arrival next week. Probably more likely i can swim to Bangkok but hope springs.
  12. Jacko as expected BS. I was offered the Moderna in Oct. Not helpful. He will be at the hospital today 0830 to try for the Astra vaccine this month. I will report back his results today. As i have posted i dont care what vaccine i get as even the Chinese crap will keep you out of the ICU. I am an old dude with a lifelong career in Trauma/ Er Nursing i accept my mortality. It is my choice to drink and ride on my unemployed Go Go girls bike who despite being Thai does not seem to accept we drive on the left side. And dont be behind her because thats on you pal. But these risks are my choices.
  13. As expected the Moderna is not next week , October. My friend will be there at 0900 in the morning so maybe Astra. If i could take the Kittens girls back to Phoenix i would be on tonights flight.
  14. Registered at Samitivej also . A friend, Visa agent ,met with an administrator at an international hospital and they called me . Possibly the Moderna next week . We will see.
  15. Very happy to hear this. I of course follow this thread. My eyesight is crap and i pay 20K-30 K for glasses and have 5 pairs. Im done and when this virus is reduced im getting IOL's at Bumrungrad. I am responding because for the new fellows a good counsel was to have a high limit CC for medical expense. I have excellent insurance but if the hospital doesnt want to deal with it i can go forward. '
  16. Yes, picks me up on her motorbike from Lewiinski's, off to the hotel and she drives me back. Only problem is that while outstanding sexually she is a terrible driver. When I'm on the bike im humming the American Pie song “This will be the day that i die” Not a bad way to go i guess.
  17. Very True. ,the US embassy has effectively said FO. Bumrungrad has the vaccine on their website with detailed info on what to do. Called them and not true, maybe September. I thought screw this ineptness and told my son ill be back next week to Phoenix, book an appointment for me. He said no problem the vaccine is free and everywhere . We can go shooting in the desert and you fly back less than a week. I guess i have not paid attention as the reentry here is very difficult. I'm pissed but better to be here with the unemployed go go girl i'm meeting in the morning than back in Annapolis
  18. I was talking with a friend last night in Bangkok and we are all feeling a bit like hermits. No one is even doing the coffee cup darkened bar thing. American Tavern is closed for the first time. My post was in sarcastic jest and realizing we farang are on our own dependent on what the private hospitals can provide. It was sad to me that Thailand did an excellent job at general and targeted lockdowns and limiting large gatherings. Then complete failure on the vaccine side from the start refusing to lock in preorders , delaying vaccine approval, the silly vacation quarantine, bubble and sandbox
  19. 1) How Can I Register for a Vaccination? a) Mor Phrom V.2 app. At this time it appears it’s only valid for Only Thai people or Expats with a Thai ID number shown on their Pink Card i) Launch the Line App ii) Click the Home button on the bottom line iii) Click the Person+ icon in the upper right iv) Click the QR code icon on the top line v) Scan this barcode: vi) Click the Person+Add icon vii) Go back to Home viii) Click on the Mor Prom line: ix) Scroll down to find: x) Click the green button xi) Scroll down a long, long way and click green button to approve the
  20. Well appreciated nkped ,this is the first concrete information we have seen for farang. I spoke with Gavin last year concerning an administrative problem at PHS and he gave a strong response. I have a contact at Bumrungrad and will email her tomorrow. If she has anything to add i will tack on to this thread.
  21. Thanks nkped. I had done this in the past but with the change in US banking laws i was unable to comply with 65000/month method. Like you i do not want 800k in a Thai bank and would rather write off 600k for a Thai Elite. Now with DD of SSI and OPM pension i will have the 65000 /month on my next extension. Unfortunately with an OA i cannot prove health insurance despite having more than adequate BCBS. Very happy with my current agent who also does my 90 day at no cost. But if the time comes to learn how to change to an O your outline would be helpful.
  22. Talked to my son yesterday. He said he and my brother in law are coming in Oct. I told him son you need to keep up on the details of announcements that we are opening and how quickly they can change. At least call me before buying non refundable tickets. My airline ANA is offering no fee changes on tickets purchased June through Sept. This does not apply to the ticket refund rules.
  23. Sounds like our trip. I am quite the alcoholic but dont drink on a boat. The Captains bars in the BVI were a welcome sight on our return. So 3 liters of cold brewed Ice tea. and the Prime Burger. About a 2 hour slog out to the grounds but the only option . Inshore fishing decimated here a long time ago. Have a hopefully early night on LKM , send the ladies off and meet at Bali Hai 0600. Will try to post a report . I am hoping to get rid of the boating itch. Grew up fishing sailing and crabbing on the Chesapeake. If i cant get my fill here will return next summer to Annapolis. This boat
  24. Another good one ,Thanks. Not a fan of Hooters but the shrimp taco will have me visiting. As you know im a regular at Le Buchon and the Tavern. Hope to see you again. You always seem to find the good venues. My German grandparents were first generation here and taught me about German food. Sauerkraut is indeed an art. The German Brau Haus will be my next visit. Sadly Baltimore lost all of our German restaurants. I'll be looking for the hat.
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