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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Never thought i needed one but on return from Issan yesterday noticed a fine layer of dust on some surfaces in the condo. Homepro? I have gotten good but also dodgy products from Lazada so would prefer a local source. Issan was fucking terrible. To early for burning season but with everything dried the visible dust had all the family coughing.
  2. Living in Naklua 5 years, frequently take my bike from Dolphin on south. Not once have i seen the smallest delay before you hit Central. Came out of Soi Post Office yesterday intending to get a BB. I was walking faster than the traffic. Got past the Avenue,gave up a got a MB taxi to weave us to the 6. As you say, in time for high season.
  3. We love your journal. Please keep your talents posting. I hade the same disappointing experience at TQ. Though one girl let me change her tampon at the irritation of those waiting to use the toilet. Interesting as I never did that before. But not enough to return.
  4. baht didn't care. Lt or st up to her, found another girl. She stayed 2 nights 1k a night. you win and you lose, i dont care .Kinks is great. Appreciate the pictures Force. Traffic has been terrible on second road. Sorry to drift and hope im not sounding like Gabor but last week in Stickman someone posted 3k st 5k as it was definite. This is not true. Called a girlfriend from America last night. Told her i want to sail across the Atlantic. I said your old, your a doctor and have money so you can go. She said maybe. Sorry Jacko, Pwd. I get my coat.
  5. Total bust last night. I guess a serious Buddha day. Not even a Soi 6 girl. A waitress said she would join me at Areca after she got off work. Never showed. Amazing as i really wanted her. Even held up 5 fingers in stupidity and desperation. Hope springs a new tonight.
  6. Sometimes i talk shit to the GF because i'm going to do what i want. However will be taking a taxi to Areca today as i noted your rain forecast. Same when i showed her Jeremy Clarkson's brilliant series on owning a farm. I'm kindred spirit but the GF teases im Green Acres Oliver!! . Public service announcement, Its another no alcohol day. Hopefully my lovely on Soi 6 and i can take a bottle upstairs.
  7. i'm going in the morning to stay 2 nights .The GF said you cannot take your bike in the morning. Take taxi. I told her it would be fine LK is elevated. I just showed her your cam screenshot. Learned she can speak "i told you so" in Thai,English and Lao. Still raining in Naklua, i check the cam before leaving in the morning
  8. Always good but this was a delight. Insightful as usual
  9. Good to see you last week. Thanks for the update. I'll take a stroll down the Soi but disappointed realizing the reference to Climax being open was a prior post. Only game in town i guess remains Thermae. I am always in search of a good burger. Ground my own beef back home.
  10. I have perhaps underplayed the location disadvantage. While i no longer howl at the midnight moon it would be great to walk from the Base Condo to Soi Diana/LKM. Initially i thought no big deal to get dropped off on Naklua Road and walk home but after 9p the Soi Dogs become territorial. Same with dragging shopping bags back. Bolt has been great and hopefully the rates continue low but with tourist returning maybe not. A motorbike while not necessary is a big convenience. I need to find a way to attach a Par 3 carry bag on it.
  11. Hey Odense. Rebuilding the typical Issan abode. My specs/wants are simple. Modern design,farang friendly step in hot shower with western toilet,ceiling fans, air con in our bedroom. comfortable front porch. A corral for a couple cows if i get the nerve. Also want one of those VP178 and Gary Kubota things to tear up some ground and plant tomatoes but the tractor is separate expense. The specifics are that this is shared with Yoko's sister and husband.I spent 400k and they matched 400k. I've known them for years and they are fine people. The family has given upon farming except for 50 bags of
  12. Good Photos Thanks, one of my favorites with the similar El Greco. Both are on Food Panda.
  13. First years here the avg live in GF lasted 3 days.The current one is past 3 years now so a larger place in the same building would be nice. Im direct beachfront, large pool. Laundry on site, excellent maint. and security,several Rai of gardens landscaped by Noon Nuch. The abnb people quickly got booted which i was very happy about. There are only 6 condos per floor so i never see my neighbors. Used to read the Post on the balcony overlooking Ko Larn but the girl now tends her farm there. Asked about keeping a couple Bantams for eggs, denied. Rent has not increased for 6 years. Downside is lim
  14. Odense,possibly a Click. Not my first choice as i thought i might like to a commute to Bangkok. But realistically almost all my driving is to Villa and Foodland. The Click has underseat for a cloth bag storage and can hang 2-3 bags on the hook with the flat deck. Traded my 150cc 4 y/o Click today at Mityon ,they gave me 34,000thb. Probably a lot of 125cc for half that price available.
  15. Majestic.is around the corner And a good choice. Pick a room on the front.. I remember the girl in the green dress . The farm, gold would be hers
  16. You should. Yes Thai Limo met me with a sign and then told me to wait "over there" while the driver comes. I like the change. On Monday i arrived from the US. Nams texted to be at door 4, no waiting as security was busy at door 5. I know where door 4 is, have no luggage, a Thai phone and play golf with my driver of 3 years. She knows me. I'm not being pissy and will take my own advice. My son arrives first time in November. I will book Thai Limo. I want them to hold his hand, fastrack and limo to Pattaya. He arrives 0200 and with luck and money i will be asleep next to a luscious girl at
  17. What was the drive time to Kanchanaburi? I've been several times but usually spend 1 night. Son and brother want to go in November but only a day trip. I've seen the tour buses, take the toy train across then shop 10 min for trinkets. Not my wish. I would like to visit the Museum and take the long tail to the caves but maybe to much. Google shows 4 hours o/w but i don't remember that long. How was your trip?
  18. As I always reply. I have tried Toom,Ted,Limo,somebody's brother ,uncle girlfriend. They mostly start great then fizzle. Nams has been safe and consistent for more than 5 years. I'll save $3 on many things but not taxis.
  19. Though Flyer talk has many whining DYKWIA, weeding through it is a useful tool. Many varied topics. My favorite was "women traveling with vibrators." A three hour layover in Narita works well for me. Lunch, top Sake and a shower before heading to BKK. Best price Bkk -Phx return about 3700usd but need to book 4+ months out.
  20. Nothing much to add. I returned yesterday PHX-Bkk about 4, 000, got first seats in Business. Excellent service as usual ANA. They are now pissing me off with 100% waitlisting even 9 months out on a Award ticket. They clear or cancel 7 days out. Since im returning next year for my daughters wedding only solution i can see is to book the award flight and pay $5k for a first class seat on Etihad. Cancel if the Ana clears. But that leaves me with a lot of useless miles.
  21. Soi 6 is a favorite of mine and i often end my stroll at the Queen Vic. Gather enough food take away for 2 days dinner and while waiting have yet another Rum. Bolt meets me at the door.
  22. Interesting first post. Beats how much is a baht bus but i see you live here. I have never seen them but would love fried green with a Maryland Crab Cake. I grew beautiful tomatoes in Annapolis. Here several tries all fail. Im going to bring some Burpee seeds back next month if Thai customs will allow it.
  23. Son is a Civil Engineer visiting in Nov. Told him we may talk a walk down there for his opinion. "No Dad we will not".
  24. You are right. I dont understand the disagreements. Do what the hell you want. I cannot fly economy on the 24 hour trip from D.C. I beg off the fine dining tablecloth and the jellied whatever eel and just ask them to leave the bottle of Sake. You may consider insane, I sleep quite well. We both do fine.
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