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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. There was an Emirates flight left Bangkok last night for Dubai. Arrived in Bangkok empty and was full on its way to Dubai.
  2. I'm due to leave on Emirates back to the UK on 9-April which obviously won't happen now. I'm retired so don't have to rush back to a job. My visa extension runs out on 9-April and I have no problem staying until Emirates recommence flights. Would anyone have any idea on whether the Thai authorities would waive visa overstay until flights restart?
  3. I got my 30 day extension to my 60 day visa at Jomtiem yesterday. Arrived at 11am and there was a bit of a queue and the normal chaos inside. There is an agent called Graham (Thai) who sits at the wooden table on the left of the building before the entrance. I gave him my passport, TM6 and TM30 from my hotel. He gets the photos and photocopies. He sorted everything out for 2000 baht (plus the 1900) extension fee and I collected my passport 2 hours later. Not cheap but I couldn't be arsed with the normal rigmarole in getting my extension.
  4. Bucketing down at Mountain Shadow golf course. Pattaya remains dry.
  5. Hi Bruno, Not sure what wathsapp is? My email address is larrymac902002@yahoo.co.uk if you send me an email I will reply. I'm still interested in hiring the car.
  6. Looking to rent a car for 3 months (Jan - Mar). Doesn't have to be a newer model. Will only be using it to take me to the local golf courses 3 times a week. Willing to pay 10,000 baht/ month.
  7. If it's still available from 7-Jan-2019 for 3 months i would be interested.
  8. Last year I entered with a branded duty free bag with 2 cartons legally (me and the wife). Once I got through customs and outside I was stopped and asked 6 times by different officers if I had extra cigarettes. This was in a space of 400 meters. Put any cigarettes in your hand luggage and it should be okay.
  9. I think the new multiple entry tourist visas are £100. For me and the wife it would be £200. The 60 day visa is ~ £35 so its a bit of a saving.
  10. Thanks very much guy's for the info. I will send the passports by post to the London Embassy. Done it last year and they were returned in 5 days with 60 day visas intact.
  11. Hi, In 2016 I plan to visit Thailand for 2 months (I will get a 60 day visa from the London Thai Embassy). I will leave Thailand at the end of the 60 days and visit Vietnam for 5 days before returning to Thailand for another 30 days. Is this within the rules? Thanks
  12. The owner is Phil from Northern Ireland and he is a very pleasant guy. Used the bar several times a few months ago and saw no trouble at all.
  13. Pattaya limo were a nightmare for me last month. I reconfirmed my return from Pattaya to BKK airport 2 days prior and the day I was supposed to be picked up. They acknowledged this both by phone and email, then didn't turn up, leaving me desperate that I was going to miss my flight. Had to pay an exorbitant taxi fare as the driver I flagged down knew I was panicking. They have never answered my emails or calls since then and I would never use them again.
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