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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Thanks for the write up Evil. That Italian on Soi Lengkee., looks good. Im there in 2 weeks time, I usually eat Thai food only (and the odd English breakfast, when the hangover is too bad!), I sometimes fancy some pasta, so this place looks ideal! Many thanks.
  2. marleyboy

    The rate on the street.

    I will (hopefully!) be retiring in about 2 years. Im planning, on spending the winters in Thailand. Luckily, I have the use of a house over on the "darkside"....so thats at least spared me the expense of paying for a hotel.! I have no idea, what the exchange rate will be in 2 years time (let alone 2 weeks time!)....Im hoping it gets nearer to 50 again though?! You are right in that its going to be a tough year......maybe a tough few years!
  3. marleyboy

    The rate on the street.

    Phew!!!! Its still (just !) over the 40 mark... Never thought Id be sort of happy to say that!! Hope they sort this Brexit thing out soon! Hopefully that will help sterling!
  4. marleyboy

    The rate on the street.

    One of the "saddest" things I see in Thailand.....are expats, drinking beer, outside small shops (not only 7-11 and family mart etc ......presumably cheap too!) in the morning...I mean at breakfast time....then all day too. I like a drink.but I see lots of expats end up this way.................. With the way the exchange rates are going, I wonder if this will become more common place. ? When In Pattaya, I stay over the darkside....I do of course see the same thing in Pattaya town...a Luckily I dont start drinking until the evening! Then when I do its only at bars... There again..........this drinking cheap beer, outside shops on street pavememnts!, might just be because they are bored....and have nothing better to do?! Whatever it is. I think its sad!
  5. marleyboy

    The rate on the street.

    Im "hoping"! that when this brexit vote gets sorted out....sometime next week...that the pound will at least stabilise! I somehow doubt it though! I will be there in just under 4 weeks......Id best bring more money than usual I guess...........under 40 to the £ would b a right kick in the nuts! Luckily..........the older I get....the less I drink....just as well really!
  6. I was told by a few girls (last month)..oh I not go to Terminal 21 yet...........no nor me I replied! I guess Thai women are the same as women all over the world................. They just love to shop....(with your money!).......and they love to eat! I didnt end up going there..and I wont be going there in February either!
  7. marleyboy

    Airport lounge access - LHR - T2

    Sorry..just saw this I got back from Thailand this morning......going to work tomorrow morning........cant wait! I cant remember if they did draught beer there T.B.H. I was drinking jack and coke!
  8. marleyboy

    Best and worst flight experiences

    Worst Bangladesh Airways (Biman). I flew with these on my first ever trip to Thailand. That would have been about 1983 . I was a "back-packer" then...........I still thought they were crap though! Fast forward another 12 years to 1995.....I again flew with Bangladesh Airways,thinking that they couldnt have been as bad as I remembered? Wrong! They were worse! Still crappy planes (I "think" it was a DC 10 or something!) the passengers?..... most stunk!, lots of kids and babies throwing up everywhere, the food was in-edible...just plain crap! The best? Another time, maybe the late 80s , I booked economy with Phillipine Airways, on check-in at Gatwick, I was "bumped" up to Business......Very enjoyable flight, lots of champagne, great food, beautiful Stewardesses....all for a few hundred quid!
  9. Its the end of the month Im going. Ive been going to Thailand for about 38 years now. Back in the day, I used bucket shops, used exchange and mart to find consolidators, phoned around dozens of travel agents etc etc etc. The last few years, Ive also used the airlines own web-sites, Qatar as well as Thai. It does give me piece of mind , yes, plus the e-ticket is sent out instantly etc etc. I could have flown with somebody like ie. Emirates, for about £200 cheaper, booking through various places. I am quite happy to pay what I think is a decent price. Sure, I may have saved a few quid by booking through somebody else. Its far easier for me, to just book via Thais own web-site.
  10. Well I booked for my January trip, via Thais web-site last night. I paid £623.....Managed to book, one of the best seats too! I normally have an aisle seat, as Im always going for a pee, and like to walk around etc. But in the upstairs economy section on the A380, the window seats have a big "pocket" , by the window, where you can put your gear. Also the seat i booked is a bulk-head seat, so no seas in front....means its easy for me to keep getting in and out of my seat! Of course, it would be even better, if the seat next to me is empty! Its a big Birthday for me in 2020........so I want to "treat" myself and go business class...................Wiill have to wait and see about that though!
  11. Ah OK! Sorry i read it wrong! Im 100% with you saying farangs are prime targets for getting fined!
  12. Gus I just went on Thai web-site..!!!! The fares have gone down!! (well for my trip in January anyway!) Upstairs economy is £623 "normal" economy is £529 Probably be a few quid less if booking with West East or similar too! May well book it tonight.
  13. Ive had 4 seats to myself one time, the other time, I was lucky and had 2 seats...the other 2 times, I didnt have any vacant seats next to mine....but there were a few people with more than one seat! Its slightly less "busy" up there, the toilets dont seem to have as big a queue..plus.I get 75% mileage with them! I realise its more expensive than "normal" economy...but I think its a little better up there..Apparently, they dont have babies up there too....so it seems a bit "quieter".
  14. I meant, the ages! of the Thais driving motor-bikes! Ive seen kids about 9 years old riding them! Im pretty sure, they wont have any! kind of license! As for people holding their babes in arms, with one hand, and using just one hand to control a motor bike...how is that safe! I dont think its cynical! I think its plain madness!
  15. Im also waiting for Thai, to "drop" their fares! , for my trip in January. Im going in 4 weeks time with them.,I booked that in about May..I got a good deal then, when they were having one of their "promotions". I "prefer" , to sit upstairs in economy on the A380, the fare costs more than the usual economy...but i do prefer it . "Hopefully", they will drop their price soon, so I can book the January trip! I also like Eva, but I much prefer the Thai flight times. I have seen B.A. for about £460 direct for January....just dont fancy them though!!