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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Thanks for that. Its the Cardiff office I use as it goes! I "usually", go for 4 weeks, so the free 30 day visa is what I nornally get. Ive gone for 6 weeks or more a few times over the last few years though...sure it was £25 then?! From this winter time..I plan on getting a 60 day visa, then either getting a 30 day extension in Pattaya, or else just flying somewhere nearby..then getting another 30 day visa on arrival? I will be spending about 3 months at a time in Thailand from next Winter...so I figured that would be the easiest way to do it?
  2. "Slightly"! on topic...I just phoned the local Thai Consulate, in the U.K. To book my 60 day visa for later this month...Im "sure"! it used to be £25? I was told today it is now £40? Seem to be more difficult and more expensive to get visas now? Later this year, I will finish work..I then intend to get a 60 day visa , and extend that for another 30 days in Patts....seems like its getting to be a pain to do it now though?!
  3. it would be great for people living "oop North"...but I though Thai was losing millions?
  4. Sounds like a great price! Ive never flown with Lufthansa, heard lots of good things about them though. I fly from Heathrow..so its about 3 hours by trains to get there....Dont drive there as parking is expensive! Seems like a great option for those who live in the north-west.
  5. yes Thai still use 3-3-3 on their 777. I flew it out to Bkk in september, Depending on the time of the year though, thai use the A380 on their mid-day flight out of Heathrow.
  6. In January, I will be getting internet for my house in Pattaya, Any recomendations as to which provider offers the best deal? I live over on the darkside if that makes any difference! Also, what do you guys use for tv? I mean! Do you get I.P.T.V or similar? Any info will be gratefully recevied,. P.M. s are fine too! Thanks in advance!
  7. I also much prefer T.3 to T.2 Alas though! Thai use T.2. so I have to put up with it!
  8. I dont remember exactly how much I was getting for a pound to be honest. I used to spend the winter months of the year, in Koh Samui, usually Lamai beach. Used to get a bungalow on the beach too! Seem to remember paying about a pound a night though. I did actually go to Pattaya for a few days, would have been the late 80s........nothing like it is now of course! Though I thought it was more "touristy"! (remember I was a backpacker in those days!)..than Koh Samui.? I first went to Thailand and Samui in 1982...saw major changes in Samui and Thailand too....Saying that..I did fly once from Bangkok to Samui! Amazing airport it was!
  9. Im there in 3 weeks time....... Really appreciate these updates. Sign of the times...but 37 to the pound ...will make me reasonably happy if I can get that!
  10. When I used to go backpacking around Thailand/Asia back in the 80s...I used to get the cheapest flights...Im pretty sure they were in the 3 to 4 hundred quid b=range back then? So in comparison with today..a lot dearer? I used to get "open return" tickets for up to 4 or 5 months then...but even so , they seemed to be a lot more expensive than they are now?
  11. Sign of the times I guess.........But! If its still 37 baht to the pound,....... when Im there towards the end of September...............................I would be quite happy!
  12. Im retiring in the next 18 months, I plan to spend the U.K. winter months in Thailand, I have the use of a house over on the "darkside"...so no real hotel costs. Im "obviously"! getting older...so dont drink anywhere near what I used to...so thats more money I wont have to spend! As for go-go bars...I prefer beer bars anyway! Sure the pound is going down and down.."hopefully"! it may recover a bit.........sometime anyway! I find its still quite easy..ish to meet girls without going to beer bars etc....food is still reasonably not expensive....so "personally" for me the pound would have to go down to maybe 25-30 to make me even consider going elsewhere..Of course Im lucky...in that I dont have to pay for hotels...I can only sympathise with the guys having to shell out money for hotels on our ever decreasing low exchange rates!! Ive been going to Thailand for almost 40 years now....I can remember getting low 30s to the pound (and my salary was way less then!). Ive never been a "bell ringer", I do (occasionally) buy lady drinks ...(though I prefer to slip them 100 baht ..if they are doing good)...so I guess Ive always been careful with my money...cos Ive worked hard for it! I guess what Im saying is? The exchange rate would have to drop quite a bit more to make me think of going elsewhere....Thailand (and particularly Pattaya) has lots going for it...sure its corrupt etc...but personally for me the pros outweight the cons! So Im planning on going for a fair few years yet!
  13. I will stick with Thai airways. I used to fly Eva for a good few years....I didnt like the flight arrival times coming back to Heathrow though. For me..I prefer Thai...I like the A380......Can usually book a decent..(ish!) seat...the flight times are good for me too. 10 seats across on the 777 isnt good either! I did fly with Qatar a couple of years ago......they were decent..at my age though! I much prefer a direct flight.....which really only gives me Thai, or Eva..or.....B.A......No thanks! (though I was recently thinking about using their "premium economy" whatever its called.....) think I will stick with Thai for the time being though. Eva were quite decent a fair few years ago...cracking lookign flight attendants, and the pot noodle type things were good too!
  14. Jeez!!!!!! Its getting lower and lower!.Where will it end up? "Maybe" if Brexit gets some way "sorted out"....it may climb up a few baht....doubt it though! Luckily im getting older, so dont drink or fuck as much as I used to!!! Also luckily I bought a house over there a few years ago when the exchange was almost double what it is today. Next trip for me is in September..........christ knows how low it will be then!!
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