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  1. Its a lot about "face" of course in Thailand...I mean, most air-lines are losing money...I doubt though, that few are run like Thai Airways! Most are run as proper businesses...Thai Airways certainly doesnt appear to be....... As for a foreigner being put in charge? That would be great to happen, somebody who actually knows how to run a business, how to run an airline, has experience etc...but what would happen to all the "freebies" so many are given? A "properly run airline" (or any business of course!). would streamline the business etc etc...what would happen to all the staff who do naff all? All the free flights etc etc etc..? A huge loss of face involved! That siad, surely? not even those in charge of Thailand, can just keep pumping billions of baht into the mess that is Thai airways?.........or can they!? I was meant to fly with them in September this year...of course, it got cancelled....I e-mailed them asking for a refund etc..a while later, I had an e-mail saying, that the e-mail was "confirmation", that I wanted a refund....they went on to say, they can only be contacted via e-mail, it would take up to six months?! I dont expect to get any money back if Im honest..."luckily"! I booked economy (I was going to treat myself! and go business with Lufthansa)..and used some "miles" with Thai....so I should "only"! lose about £400 ish quid......cest la vie! For what its worth? Thai for me at least...were a good option of flying to Thai from the U.K. They flew direct, and they flew at good times for me...The A380 I liked, the food was O.K. Over the years though, I saw a decline , even in economy which is what I fly!..still their flight times etc suited me....Now Im retired, flight times etc arent so important.....WHEN! I do eventually get back to Thailand, will use another airline..Lufthansa seem to be pretty decent? Ive flown Qatar a few years ago...they were fine...but! the 777s seem to be 10 seats across ?....so less room of course...there are plenty of other airlines to choose from of course. These certainly are "interesting" times! Looking ahead...is anybodys guess as to what will happen!
  2. A few weeks ago...I thought the September trip would be "impossible"!.......However, I am getting a "tiny"! bit more optimistic every day! "Hopefully", the U.K. is finally getting a tad better day by day...covid-wise that is, I mean less deaths etc.......... Who knows! As you say...it is a fair time away yet! What is the "saying"? 24 hours is a long time in politics?!! Who knows! My fingers arms and legs are crossed!
  3. I booked Thai from London Heathrow, for September..It was the mid-day flight.. I booked it early March...originally it was meant to be on an A380...In march though..I had an e-mail from them saying it was a flight change..so would now be a 777.. Im booked to go on September 12..........................very much doubt that will be happening though!!
  4. Hmmn. Looks unlikely I will get a refund for my planned September-December trip this year then!
  5. I certainly "hope!" it will fly...........Im more concerned with any "restrictions", about covid free certificates etc....the 2 weeks quarantine /isolation doesnt bother me that much... Fingers crossed...........but Im not optimistic!
  6. Im booked with Thai for September......cant see me going then....hope so of course!
  7. Many thanks for all the photos.... Keeps us "back at home"! a little more in touch, with whats happening in Thailand in these unusual times.
  8. Well! I have also used them many many times over a number of years. What a shame, also found them great to deal with?
  9. Thanks for that Jacko.. I think I may well get a 60 day visa, then go to the Immigration office in Jomtien, to apply for the 30 day renewal. I will book a hotel for a few days ..about a week or so before the visa expires...then go to the Jomtien office! Im sure, back in the 80s, when I used to spend most of the winters in Thailand...I used to get a double entry 90 day visa...which Im sure just meant you had to leave after 90 days, go to a land crossing (I was in Samui..so I went to Malaysia).... Ah the good old days!
  10. I will be in Thailand for a total of 82 days...so I "assume" the 0-Visa should be fine? I went onto the thai-visa forum...Im not so "worried"! now...it looks like, I can look into the option of a non imm O-visa for 90 days...failing that, get a 60 day visa, then apply for a 30 day extension in Jomtien (I could book an hotel for the time I actually make the application?...........seeing as it may well be "easier" with the T 30 forms etc? or! failing that......just do a days visa run to cambodia!? For whatever reason! I "thought"! that if one was to do a "land crossing"..that only a week or two weeks would be added ..apparently its 30 days........so problem solved! hopefully! Apparently though, only 2 land crossings are permitted each year....which is all Id need.......Ideally though, a trip to the immigration office in Jomtien is the preferred option! A days trip on the minibus to Cambodia, is ? OK! Though a trip to the immigration office is more comfortable!
  11. Many thanks for that. Hmmn! When I got my 60 day visa, from the Cardiff offive in January...they told me the longest visa I could get was 60 days........Ive just looked on their website....it appears you can now get a 90 day one?! I will have to phone them tomorrow!
  12. i was thinking....if its going to be a "pain" to get a 30 day extension...to just get a cheap flight to ..say....Malaysia. Laos, etc..stay there a day or two, then come back and get a 30 day visa on arrival in BKK? A bit of a faff..I know!
  13. I will be staying in a house? Would that make any difference as opposed to a hotel, do you know? As for the forms (TM7 and TM6) I assume they can be had from the immigration office ? I will bring some passport photos with me form the U.K.! The last time I stayed over 60 days was back in the 80s! Back then, it was possible to get a 90 day "double entry", visa from the U.K. Back then, I used to spend the winter in Koh Samui.........to use the visa, I just used to travel down to the Thai/Malaysian border...walk through into Malaysia and then walk back into Thailand! I wish it was still that easy! Thanks very much for the information. Im "sure" Ive read somewhere...its best to get to the immigration office "early" in the morning?
  14. Good afternoon all....... Im going to Pattaya for 80 odd days in September this year. I will get a 60 day visa in the U.K. I understand , you can go to immigration in Jomtien, Soi 5? to get another 30 days extension? My question is! WHEN! can I apply for the 30 day extension? I mean anytime? or after 30 days? 40 days ? etc etc.( I mean of course! after 30 days or 40 days or whatever when Im in Thailand!) Thanks in anticipation.
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