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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. for what its worth bud, met 2 guys last week in Gambia that had been staying there in january. they said no problems. hope that helps
  2. Hi Gentlemen. help please, there is a new hotel opened just off Soi Buakhao called Sleep with Me hotel ( no its not a wind up,,,, you just gotta love the name ) its on the next street down from Adelphi hotel. just wondered if any body stayed there to answer usual question '' is it girly friendly '' Any other info appreciated,
  3. The Old Carlton Hotel on second road seems to have changed hands and is now called The Seashore Resort. ( Second Rd / Soi 5, Seashore.. obvious choice of name ?? ) Anyway, the place was pretty run down under the old owner ( nice old boy ) and i just wondered if anybody knows if the new owners have started any renovations. I like this hotel as it has great poolside rooms but they were definitely in need of refurbishment.. Any news please?
  4. 007 Butch Saddic, Many thanks Gentlemen.. PT taxis it is for me!
  5. love the bit about playing OMG!! PS :love your quote about playing chess with the pigeon!
  6. PT taxi service swampy to patts seems to be a good price , 1300 baht for Toyota Innova ( mid size car cos we are 3 big guys ) just wondered if any of you guys had used them please ? info good or bad please
  7. Not stayed there but there are reviews on trip advisor saying they had a bit of a scam on by moving folks from one hotel to another. I cannot say if the reports are genuine or not, sorry. I am thinking of staying there myself, ( we are going in June ) they look pretty good to be fair, cannot make my mind up between there or Sutus court 1 ????
  8. Ha ha not such a long walk when you got a biz class upgrade eh ??? :=) congrats bud!
  9. many thanks Mod, not doing very well am i ??? at least i started of by saying ''Oldie'' bringing 2 newbies... i must be getin older than i thought...:-) mmmm i can think of a good thread starting out of this....
  10. thanks Mr Tallguy, i obviously f-ck-d up pn my original post and put LK metro when i meant LK MANSIONS>
  11. ooooh! just a thought,,,, might i be better off taking a poolside room at Sutus Court??? again hard to find out witch level rooms are poolside but i am betting someone on this board will know. thanks
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