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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I choose Pats over other mongering destinations strictly because of the GOGO's.Have been visiting there for the past 7 years. I spent 4 weeks (short trip for me) in Pats last AUG-SEP and, as per my usual modus operandi, patronized a number of WS GG's where I had enjoyed myself on previous trips. All but Windmill & were a letdown, even one that a good friend of mine has managed for 3 years. Sparse nudity & lame shows with increased drink prices were my main beefs. I shall not name the other GG's, as I dislike posting unfavorable reviews. I shall be visiting Pats in early 2013, &
  2. Also, Opey de Place did not condescend to reply to my EMAIL reservations request.. I have a short fuse with this & don't intend to give them another chance! CHEERS!
  3. Pats vet interested in staying @ LK Mansion, near Soi Buakow & Pattaya Klang, next trip. Their Website is more Flash than Fact. (B800/night is well within my means). Have tried the Forum's "Search" function with little avail. So, I would like to put a few questions: Hotel itself: Staff agreeable? Facilities good? Photos indicate a lift. Is this in fact so? Is there a Joiner Fee? How about for multiple guests? Map on Website indicates it is between 2nd RD & Buakhao. Another map by Thai something-or-other places it east of Buakhow, IAW between Buakhow & 3rd. W
  4. Am a Pats vet but have never been a beerbar person. Normally I spend my evenings in the GOGO's for the eye candy then prowl for FL's for my gratification. I am now thinking that it's time for me to change my evil ways. I am unwilling to put up with the expense & the shit attitudes of GG girls. I've had so many disappoinments with FL's that I am gunshy of further dealings with them. So, I think that my best avenue is to explore beerbars for BF's. During my next trip I shall probably reside on Soi Lengkee. Draught beer is my drink-of-choice. I would appreciate recomme
  5. Several BM's have written complaining that their ejaculate volume has decreased to a few drops per pop. I have had this same complaint. One week ago I began a daily dosage of 1500mg L-Arginine & have already noticed a significant increase in my ejaculate volume during climaxes brought about thru wanking. Have not been so fortunate as to try intercourse yet. I am only a layman & am therefore not recommending L-Arginine. I am only sharing a successful trial. I speak only to ejaculate volume & not at all to erectile dysfunction. On the subject of ED, however, I read that an MD
  6. Can Anyone list for me Pattaya's GOGO's which actually enforce the smoking ban? Read somewhere that Champagne is one. Any others? MANY THANX! CHEERS!
  7. I am unclear on one important point. Is it mandatory that a foreign national have his Passport on his person in Thailand? I read on Thai-Anxiety that, during the recent Police raids of bars, customers who did not have their "ID's" were arrested. I am such a careless, forgetful person that I am reluctant to carry my Passport. I usually carry a photocopy of my Passport's identity page with a photocopy of the page with my current visa. Is this adequate "ID" for the Police? MANY THANX! CHEERS!
  8. Understand that Ruby Club, Soi6, closed on short notice. Is it still completely closed, both Hotel & Bar areas? Is Ruby 2, its sister bar on opposite side of Soi6, still open & still run by Robin, the fellow who did (and still may) run both Ruby Club & Ruby2? CHEERS! MANY THANX!
  9. I enjoy draught (Draft) beer & normally do not patronize venues in Pats which do not offer it. It is my drink-of-choice in GOGO's. Last time I was in PP a yank said to me that he never drinks draught beer because the lines are never cleaned. I had never thought about this before, so it hit close to home. Do Pat's GOGO's ever clean their draught beer lines? Is draught beer sanitary to drink in Pats? SIDENOTE: Last time I was in Johannesburg I happened to be sitting in a Pub by a Health Inspector who came there to check the darught beer lines. Presumably, then, draught beer is sa
  10. Have in the past heard a few good rumbles about Telephone (Box?) Bar, located on pattaya Tai Soi2. Their Website is mostly dysfunctional. Only the HOME & MAP icons work. This bar will be a 2-baht bus ride from my intended residence. Is it worth the effort? Drinking is just drinking in just about any bar. I am most interested to hear BM's experiences with the Hostesses. CHEERS! MANY THANX!
  11. Have shifted my intended residence for next trip to Pratamnak Soi 5, quite nearby Pratamnak RD. Am not familiar with this area. Am going to write the few details I know & would appreciate BM's correcting any or all as necessary. Understand this location is only about 800 meters from the south end of WS & that the trip in this direction is downhill. Understand that the Baht Buses traveling south on 2nd RD usually proceed up Thappaya rather than Pratamnak. Understand that Kinnaree is less than a 10-minute walk from this location & that 2 other similar clubs will open qu
  12. Another trip to Pats in NOV, but will be staying on Soi Lengkee for the first time. I know from nothing about the offerings available on this Soi. Have stayed before on LK Metro & on Soi Buakhow next to Club Blu, but I took little advantage of the offerings in those areas. Have usually done my mongering on BR & my barhopping on WS, but I am burnt out on both. Can anyone summarize the restaurants on Lengkee that are reasonable & worthwhile? Can anyone recommend a Bar on or near Lengkee that is good for daytime chilling out? Lastly, can anyone recommend a Bar on or near L
  13. Not a NEWBIE to Pats. Have been many times, usually staying 3-4 months per trip, so can take things gradually. However, upcoming trip in OCT is only 1-month, so I must move more quickly & wisely, as I won't have so much time to lolligag. Spend most of my evenings at WS GOGO's, but am embarrassed to say that I know little of WS activity in the AM or early PM. Only eatery I know in the area is Biergarten; what are some others? Have booked into Jasmine Hotel for 4 weeks. This is on Soi BJ, quite far South on WS. So, after all this Shinola I have written, I shall come to the point.
  14. I learned yesterday that a Coyote named PONG (eyeglasses, formerly of SECRETS) was dancing at Honeypot sometime ago. I also heard that she had danced at Teazers, but I am unsure if this was before or after Honeypot. Anyone know where PONG is located now?
  15. Was to Sophies (now defunct) in PP but have never been to SOL in Patpong. Never been to Patpong at all, for that matter. Can any BM who has been there recently provide current info on the SOL? Are the girls eyesores; are the drinks expensive; can a Monger just chill-out in there for awhile until he feels ready for BJ action; where are the BJ's accomplished? MANY THANX! CHEERS!
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