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  1. just round the corner 2nd road soi3 is khao taxi, they rent scooters etc. this is a thai family run buissness, i have used them many years as they take me to suphunburi see me brothers family etc. never been let down ever.
  2. normally stay in sabai inn or sabai lodge , both being ok and sabai lodge having one of the bet pool compleex,s in pattaya. any other hotels worth looking at thats the same
  3. hit and miss on all airlines
  4. was changmai in early December, I thought it was warm and nice at night but thais all coats etc. anythings better than uk weather
  5. have a blow out before you come back spend it or leave it in your wallet for next time.
  6. I don't get the Russian attraction at all, I have always liked Asian girls so why go to Thailand to fuck Russians. if I wanted Russians I would go closer to home. but each to their own
  7. a lot of guys critical of her and her tv skills, she can only go on information given and stuff anyway by her researchers, its like all media stuff there will be good and bad shit on it.
  8. used this bar last trip a few nights and was well pleased with the set up. had a girl three times from here and no complaints at all in . be back in November and will certainly be visiting it again
  9. watched it and enjoyed the crap from the farangs, i think the English guy is a closet gay who don't like facing realities. sure they are attractive but cocks still an issue
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