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  1. I`m interested in making a short trip to New york city, i checked netflights. com. it came up with £1500 ($1950) the cheapest, i mean WTF? so i went to the Britsh airways site. £200 ($260) outwards, but £1500 inwards. That crazy money, whats going on?
  2. central festival is pretty damn big, where exactly?, I expect i will need to do the same in June
  3. I got two more trips this year after June, so will definately book Thai, really want to try this big bird, wondering what flight on the London route they will ditch?
  4. How do you know I`m a Reading man Butch? yes we are a much better away side now, rubbish at home!
  5. I`m going June 1st till 20th, due to be flying 747 , already picked my seat so it would appear it`s not about to change
  6. Thai are to introduce the A380 on the Heathrow route from July,not sure if this means they will revert to one flight a day or not because during low season they have trouble filling the 747s http://www.thaiairways.com/en_GB/exp_thai/our_aircraft/THAI_A380.page?
  7. I stayed there last month, can`t fault the place, unless you are right up on the 3rd floor. it`s quite a climb. you must book early if you want to get in, already in for 16 nights in June on the first floor
  8. I used to love staying at the Metro apts. sadly I have had to knock it on the head because of the noise, as Jeff said the Paradise next door starts early and you can hear the bass through the wall, if you want a early evening sleep before hitting the streets forget it. If you need to be up early in the morning for your flight home forget about getting an early night. if you are out before 18.00 and not home till 3.30am then yes it`s a great place to stay.
  9. not worth the paper it is written on. the motorbike taxi riders will still ask (and get in most cases) what they want .
  10. No it isn`t I just discovered I`m still on IE 10, I can`t quote on any of the Pattaya forums, but can on a home based forum
  11. I notice people are still using it, but it doesn`t appear to work for me.
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