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  1. Thanks for the OP - an interesting idea for an afternoon out. Looks like a "no shoes" policy, maybe to avoid damaging the art? If so then for sure a place to wear socks for a clean freak like me. Do they store the shoes in any kind of secure way (claim tickets, etc) or it is purely an honor system where anyone can run off with your expensive farang footwear?
  2. Thanks, though the snacks are actually for the girls and make a nice first impression when they walk in the room. The girls that make me happy get to pick one as a extra parting tip. The girls that make me very happy sometimes get to pick 2...
  3. I expect there are some, but I've never really looked. I did stay in a DW condo in VT6 that had an interesting sliding partition that closed off the TV area into a separate room, but I forget the room number (I think it was a high floor VIP room).
  4. After staying in this View Talay 6 (VT6 #13-450) condo for a month, it’s now one of my favorites from Dancewatchers.com I’ve discussed the great location & other benefits that make VT6 my favorite building in past reviews over the years (just search “Dancewatchers”), so I’ll skip that here and just focus on the condo. In addition to a doorbell (helpful for girls to wake you up when they arrive), the door has extra deadbolts top & bottom for more security. It also has weather stripping insulation which I’ve rarely seen on condo doors, but the stripping did seem to help cut down the hallway noise a bit as well as help keep the room cool. The AC was very strong and was always able to cool the room down well within a few minutes. There was no overhead fan in the room but one outside on the balcony along with a small table & pair of chairs. The South side the view was always great. The small dining table & chairs in the kitchen entranceway were a nice plus, as were the style of handles on the cabinet doors. The handles made it convenient to use a simple bicycle lock for additional semi-secure storage from the safe. For example, I was able to store both my carryon bag and oversized computer bag above the microwave, and still have room on the lower shelf for my 17” computer and various other items. The floor-level cabinets have enough space to store several full-sized suitcases as well. Hooks mounted above the sink worked great to hang a variety of those nasty fish snacks the girls love, which for 20B-30B each made a nice extra tip as the girls left. The bathroom has a full-sized walk-in shower with sliding doors that create an effective thermal barrier so the girls can shower more comfortably even when farangs have the room AC frosty cold. Unfortunately the glass doors are frosted, so no pics of sexy soapy Thai titties rubbing against the glass. It has both a large overhead as well as detachable showerhead, and the pair of mounted shelves are strong enough for girls to pump soap bottles without breaking off. None of the VT6 condos I’ve tried over the years have had very strong water pressure, and the same was true with this condo. The bed is large & comfortable and high enough that you store full-sized luggage underneath with a pair of short dresser drawers on either side. The closet has full-sized floor to ceiling mirrors which are always appreciated, as are the dimmer switch light controls next to the bed. The lighting was good enough for decent pics in the room as well. The TV was a cool feature that I previously posted in another thread. It’s a large Samsung Smart TV which basically doubles as a computer with internet access. You can even attach a keyboard & mouse. This means your girls to do their Facebook, twitter and games on the TV instead of using your computer as well surf the web for stuff like movie listings at the Central Festival mall next door, weather, etc. The TV also appears to come with a video service from Samsung where they have a large library (500+) of major movies on demand for free. It was nice sometimes just to snuggle with the girls as they flipped through the various movie previews (especially the trashy Thai horror movies so many of them seem addicted to). And the room has a pretty cool couch for snuggling with your girls. You can adjust the back to recline at several different angles, including even lying flat. A section underneath can pull out and pop up to convert the couch into double-sized bed. The couch was also light enough to easily move around the room as well. My trips are working trips where I rely on the internet and a decent work environment to stay productive, and this room was great on both counts. It had a proper desk and office chair which were comfortable for extended use, and the internet package was an upgrade to 3BB 13Mbps down/1 Mbps up (as opposed to the more typical 10M down/512k up). The double speed up noticeably helped the quality of my VOIP Vonage business phone calls. The room has a dedicated, password-protected wireless router so it was convenient for all my devices to access. I opted for housekeeping twice a week which worked well. The staff always did a good job and worked around my schedule, and I gave them a small tip each time. They also provided extra towels which was very helpful. I also rented a motorbike from Dancewatchers which was convenient as I had previously rented phones, cameras, etc. Overall a very high quality room for a good value at VT6, and now one of my favorites for the future. The pricing varies based on the time of year and duration of stay, so for any of those questions I’ll just point people to the Dancewatchers.com website. Though I will add that, as always, the deposit for Dancewatchers was *much* more reasonable than the "1 month deposit" other places demand, and I was promptly refunded the balance minus power & water.
  5. That's the odd part - both from my experiences there and reading other people's experiences on the AC boards, AC is every bit as hostile to foreigners when it comes to physical altercations with the locals because "you rich foreigner and he have family to feed". If anything my impression is that the police AC (and the rest of the PI) are even more corrupt and seize opportunities to demand payoffs. Including entrepreneurial off-duty exploits of UA scams, etc. The general assumption in AC seems to be that "rich foreigner always pays" regardless of almost the most extreme circumstances (such as breaking a guy's face that tried to rob you), especially if the police get involved.
  6. Interesting results compared to my same post on several Pattaya boards vs a major AC board. On all the Pattaya boards, a much higher percentage of BMs voted to avoid the confrontation and just pay the guy the 100 he demanded. But on the AC board the strong majority voted to only pay the original or compromise amount. Why do you think there's such a difference in the responses? Is it an indication of the threat of violence being that much greater in Thailand than the Philippines?
  7. CheshireTom, on 27 Sept 2013 - 04:26, said: I don't begrudge guys asking a bit more like a baht bus wanting 20B at 4am or asking a motorbike to take me to some remote area in the early morning hours. But my OP is talking about between to major areas, WS & Soi LK Metro, around midnight - which most people would consider to be "prime time business hours" for those areas. But the above doesn't even apply to my OP because the simple fact is the guy agreed to a price before I got on his bike then tried to charge me double when we arrived. That's 100% out and out scam no matter how much lipstick you put on that pig.
  8. Better that than a knife in yer ribs, as I almost found out first-hand
  9. What makes my OP all the more stupid in hindsight is that several times both before and after the incident I’ve had motorbike taxis drop off girls at my condo and charge me obviously inflated prices. In those cases I’ve tried to press back a bit, though in a light-hearted way “What? Did you drive her from Bangkok?” But I think I’ve only won a concession 1 time out of half a dozen or so encounters. And there was one time when I started my pushback and my girl just rolled her eyes and dug the cash out of her own purse before taking me firmly by the arm and marching me up to my condo. I could practically hear her thinking: “Silly farang! You about to pay me over 10x and you want stand here boxing boxing taxi instead? Now come loom and boom boom all my holes most nasty, kinky ways you can! Maak Maak!!” There I am, just moments away from living out my wildest fantasies laying hot pipe in an exotic, breathtakingly beautiful girl – and instead I’m choosing to waste my time arguing over a few baht with a sweaty, smelly taxi driver that's just sitting there, grinning at me, knowing my dick wouldn't let me win? It’s amazing how distressingly stupid I can be regarding my priorities sometimes…
  10. After coming to Pattaya for the better part of a decade and spending over a year total in town, I’ve always tried to be practical when thinking about what I’d do when faced with getting mugged, etc. Is a phone or a few baht really worth risking one’s life? Or at the very least dealing with a farang-hostile legal system that would likely require payoffs or worse. The frequent stories of locals ganging up on farangs when things get physical also really underscores the need to be realistic about when it makes sense to fight back versus stoically taking it so one can get on with the business of mongering. So several years ago I made the conscious decision that, unless I really through my life was at risk, not to try fighting back. That also includes deciding ahead of time to generally never get involved, even if witnessing truly offensive acts. That may sound fine on paper, but in the heat of the moment it’s tough to resist the gratifying temptation to watch the other guy on his hands and knees vainly trying to fish his busted teeth out of a pool of his own blood with two sets of broken fingers. For example, last high season things didn’t escalate to that point, but in hindsight it was shocking how quickly a situation devolved and how stupid I acted over a few baht – exactly what I promised myself I’d never allow myself to do. Around midnight one of my favorite girls in a soi LK Metro bar sent me a text asking me to BF her. I was at the entrance of Walking Street and so got a motorbike taxi. Even though the price is always 50B, as is my habit I first fished a 50B note out of my pocket and showed the driver, asking “Soi LK Metro – 50 baht ok?” He nods an I hop on his bike where he proceeds to make record time getting to the soi, weaving in ‘n out of the light traffic clearly secure in his faith of Buddha protecting him, or at the very least unconcerned if Buddha chooses that moment to “call him home” and if a farang is along for the ride, well then all the better. I climb off the bike and make to hand him the 50B note, and that’s where the drama starts. “100 Baht!” I first try to make light of the scam, laughing it off and saying “No, no, always 50 baht”. “100 Baht!” he shouts louder with a no doubt colorful stream of obscenities, drawing the attention of the group of other motor bike taxi drivers nearby who start laughing and calling attention to the show to their colleagues. I ignore them and try again. “I showed you 50 baht, and you said ok” I said firmly, again trying to hand him the money. In response he just shakes his head. “You show me 50 baht, but I not say ok!” Ah, checkmate. Well played, Thai man. Well played. But then again, fuck you. His satisfied smile beamed brighter than any of the neon signs on LK Metro when he saw me reach into my pocket again, only to burst into an even louder stream of insults and obscenities when he saw my hand emerge not with another 50B note, but just 20B. I held the cash out to him, not saying anything or reacting while he continued to work himself into more and more of a frenzy. Meanwhile my lizard hindbrain was frantically, and futilely, trying to reach up and choke some sense into my frontal lobe. Was this aggravation really worth a few extra baht? Especially when I could have a one of my favorite girls snuggling in my lap instead of standing in the street arguing with an asshole? Finally I had enough and made a show of putting the money back in my pocket and turning my back on him (again, in hindsight a really great way to get a rusty knife in the ribs) while also keeping an eye on the group of other motorbike taxis to see if any of them started to make a move towards me to help their fellow countryman play “kick the farang in the head”. “Ok! Ok!” he shouts behind me, then snatches the bills from my hand as I held them out like feeding a chicken carcass to a crocodile. More insults and obscenities as he then guns his motorbike, hurling a final insult over his shoulder much to the delight of his audience of colleagues as he raced off. “You fat farang buffalo! Next time you walk!” Luckily this story had a happy ending, with me shaking off the aggravating encounter and soon ending up balls-deep in one of my favorite girls. But in hindsight the situation could have quickly gone sideways, especially if the guy was flying on a fresh yabba buzz, or especially if some of the other motorbike taxi drives came to his “defense” against the evil, exploitive farang. So how stupid do you think I was for taking such a large risk over something so petty? And how would you have handled the situation? I think the fact that I was caught so off guard because it was such a blatant scam on such routine situation was the main cause I reacted as emotionally as I did instead of being smart and using my head. Have you encountered a situation in Patts that, in hindsight, you took a stupid risk instead of just parting with a few baht?
  11. And did I already mention www.Dancewatchers.com ?
  12. +1 Search dancewatchers and you'll find a number of reviews from myself and others. And their website shows a good variety of condos at various price levels as well.
  13. I've posted several reviews of my stays at Dancewatchers condos over the years, and am overdue for my most recent trips. So, a quickie review on my recent stays in View Talay 6 and and also View Talay 2A earlier this year: I needed a good quality condo in mid-May with reliable, high-speed internet for just a few days, and Dancewatchers delivered with a good unit in VT2A, #17-811. Everything worked, and the AC did a good job keeping the room cool. The bed was a high quality high-rise style that was firm and comfortable and a large king size that allowed for plenty of room for fun with the girls. Highly recommended. And earlier during High Season I stayed in 2 condos in VT6 #18-650 & #16-565 back in November during the course of a month, and both units were great during my stay. Everything was clean and worked well. During my stay the condo’s owner even had a service crew do a thorough cleaning of the AC. This wasn’t just a quick wash of the filters, but rather a full tear-down cleaning that took over an hour to complete. The bed was also high quality, a high-rise style that was firm and comfortable and a large king size that allowed for plenty of room for fun with the girls. The housekeeping service was also very convenient, basically providing the same service as a hotel but with me being able to specify a more convenient schedule of just few days a week. So both buildings were convient and reliable with no hassles or distractions to take time away from my trips. I’ve used Dancewatchers for several of my past trips, and they continue to be my first choice for future trips. Apparently Tik has added more condos to their inventory for VT6, but I suspect they'll still fill up early for the next High Season as they have in years past. So if you're planning a trip, it would be a good idea to start looking at your options sooner rather than later.
  14. Maybe because it's one's constitutional right as a US Citizen to have it if one wants? Though that pesky US Constitution doesn't count for much in the post-Bush/Cheney Amerika. Prediction: within a few years US Customs will also search your computer for illegal/pirated mp3 & movies unless you can prove legal purchase...
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