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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Sod's Law! ... I transferred my holiday money to KBank on Friday and got low 40. something .... 🙁
  2. I've been using Mr T for the past few years ... and the drivers have always been reliable .... BUT .... after recent ... and yesterday's drive back to Pattaya from the airport ... which was scary shit! ... I think it's time for a change! I've finally figured out that the "Amazing" in "Amazing Thailand" .... is that it's foookin AMAZING that these stupid foookin drivers don't crash more! It never fails to startle when they accelerate up to 120km/h or more ... to within a meter or two of the car in front ... which is too big for them to see past! For a few baht more .... I don't think it's worth the risk of being a statistic anymore! .... so I've just e-mailed Nam ... so will hopefully not shit me pants on the way back to the airport for me flight home! Spud
  3. Today at TT .... £ was 46.10 !!!! Then 46.02 ... and last saw today at 46.00 Sorry .... don't carry a phone .... so no photo ... Spud
  4. I only realised that my IDP had expired last week ..... I couldn't be arsed to go to my nearest Crown Post Office ... so sent an application to RAC. I sent Wednesday ... and got in the post today ... so only took a week. Cost £8 ... compared to the PO's £5.50 ... but it would have cost me more than the difference in petrol and parking! Spud
  5. Hi Your post reminded me that I still had to book! I e-mailed him earlier ... and got a reply an hour later ........... so he's still there ........... I used ... Mr.T Taxi Spud
  6. I did a small HSBC to Kasikorn transfer today .... as rate had jumped to mid 51 ...... Did at 13:25 Thai ..... money was in account at 14:20 Kasikorn was showing 51.64313 on web ........ after their charges I got 51.36313 on a grand .... with a £4 HSBC charge .... Spud
  7. If you open a free HSBC Basic Current account ..... you can do transfers for £4. Spud
  8. Hi Unfortunately ..... back in the UK now .... where it's cold and pissing it with rain right now .... With the Thai 777-300 ..... I sat in row F ..... which is the RHS centre isle seat .... same as EVA row G ..... and all clear of IFE boxes. Looking at the other rows I didn't spot any boxes .... but didn't look that close .... so don't take that as gospel ..... Went up to Chaing Mai and the flight there and back was on an older Thai 777-200 .... and they had the big boxes in the same places as EVA ...... Spud
  9. My last trip ... I ended up booking through West East Travel because they had a deal with EVA doing 30kg with economy tickets. It cost me £12 more than going through the normal Opodo, etc ..... but worth it for the extra 10Kg ..... weight never a problem going out ... but always (well) over 20Kg coming back! So always worth checking prices with them too .... Spud
  10. ...... because the A380 flight wasn't £470! I normally fly on the EVA 777 ..... and like it better than the old 747. One day i'll try the 380 ..... Spud
  11. Thanks Gus I haven't found anything on the net specific to Thai 777 .... but looking at other airlines .... it seems to always be the right hand centre isle seat that doesn't have it ... like EVA .... so I've reserved that for the moment before it fills up! .... will find out for sure in 7 weeks! Spud
  12. Thanks ..... but ..... ..... the midday flight is an A380 ..... and the evening flight a 777 ..... and like I said ..... Seat Guru seems to be a bit crap these days! Spud
  13. Hi I normally fly EVA ... but have just booked a £470 Thai flight, from London, for December. Please can anyone tell me which seats have the IFE box ... so I can avoid ? Seat Guru seems to be a bit crap these days! Spud
  14. Hi Got an e-mail from EVA today ... below is from their site ..... Probably need to hunt a bit for dates ... and at least two people must book together .... .... but it may be of help to someone ..... Spud
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