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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. The route they took to get flights going again was north through China into russia and then hang a left for the UK. This was when indian airspace was closed. However it seems the latest route is a slight tweak that avoids pakistan and kashmir by flying a little further south than normal but not as big a diversion as before.
  2. Saw this today in North Pattaya, wonder how much the backhander was for this genius idea ?? Basically a barely wheelchair width of slightly raised tarmac with some signposts and this painted on it. Works really well as you can imagine in Thailand as every business it went past the front of had a a moped parked on it ?
  3. To be fair if you havent been for 10 years both Central Festival, Terminal 21 and the rebuilt Central Marina will ALL be new to you!!
  4. I’m yet to find a normal girl / woman anywhere in the world ? they are all crazy one way or the other ? Buy land and rent women is my moto ?
  5. I’ve generally used DTac and True and had no problems with either. currently with Dtac and can top up from my thai bank account and current top-ups mean the number will still be active when i get back again in november
  6. Terminal 21 can’t fill its car park higher than the 2nd level and although there are plenty of tourists wandering around one wonders if the town can cope with another mall in that vicinity!!
  7. My visit there March 2018, I had just taken up shooting again in the UK and wondered whether i could get some practise in over here but the price point was too much. 50 rounds of .38 ammo back home around £15 or 600bht! 12bht each vs 68bht each ?
  8. Everything and Nothing is probably the best way to explain it. Development has gone crazy, mix of people will be different, exchange rate!, bars gone, new bars up, girls 10 years older, smart phones...................... But there are still loads of girls and bars, the weather is the same, beer hasnt changed, food is still good, so enjoy ?
  9. I saw the Qatar advert for Utapao amd thought is it worth it but being based near Oxford I still think Heathrow Swampy direct is the better and quicker option, if you are northern UK then I can see it being an option.
  10. Ok so its been a while since my last solo trip to pattaya and i am evaluating the airport pick up options. Previously i have used MrT who has been efficient every time, was looking at maybe something a bit more VIP and then there is the devils den bus option or similar OR i could bin that lot and hire a car and drive myself in which case i would want something a bit nicer than the bog standard options. I was also thinking i may shell out for one of those VIP escorted landing packages, greeted off the plane, golf buggy ride and swift immigration ? So suggestions please on all 3 subject
  11. Just wondered if anyone had seen that SuperRich now has an office in the UK and is offering cash transfer services both private and corporate. Anyone done any business with them? any feedback if you have? http://superrichuk.com/ ps Couldn't work out where this should be posted so please relocate if its in the wrong place thx
  12. I have used a uk based visa company who also have an office in bangkok called Orchid of Siam. Tony is british and is certified by the home office to the highest level and is able to act in appeals. My advice would be to use a uk firm as you have legal comebacks on their service DO NOT use a pattaya company as they are full of bull****. Eg i was told that if we hadnt been together 9 months there was no way we would get a visit visa, we were together 5 months before her first visit and no problem. DO NOT go for a no win no fee because the companies may be tempted to pad you application to
  13. Mondays exchange rate in non bank affiliated exchanges on sukhumvit were: 49.45 for £50 notes 49.35 for £20 notes And I have a receipt to prove it for all those that continually argue you cant get better rates for higher denomination notes in money exchanges. Airport was 46.17 and the kasikorn bank who used to beat everyone else by 2bht next to the skytrain entrance has now reverted to matching everyone else
  14. I thought it was either in the forum software or my crappy internet connection the way my quote of your post was mis-formed.Shit...I was going to say Olivia Newton John but that is the wrong film....duh. Still Saturday Night Fever Karen Gorney
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