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  1. T-mobile One has a deal similar to Google Fi for international use, although not quite as good. It gives unlimited 2G data for surfing and unlimited texting, and $.25 per minute for calling. Since most people text rather than call, so I will use the line app to talk to Thai friends.
  2. Looks like the low (wet) season will have more fans if this continues!
  3. I would say that Pats is very slowly becoming less desirable/attractive for many of the reasons you stated. BUT, there is no place that is better. Just have to pony up more cash.
  4. Am I understanding this correctly, 100 baht for one phone call? That seems high to me.
  5. For their nonstop flight (SFO - SIN) on the A350-900 aircraft, I see that Singapore offers premium economy class which is way less than business class. No more first class though (not that I would ever pay for it). Premium economy offers 1 more of seat width (18), and 6 more leg room (38). although there are only 24 PE seats on board. Has anyone tried this class on SQ, and if so please give your assessment. I know B-class is great, but it comes with a hefty price tag.
  6. United has been heavily promoting their new non-stop flight from LAX to Singapore on the Boeing 787. I usually look to Singapore Air, but UALs price is lower. Anyone tried this new service?
  7. I prefer to insert the new sim card myself, and then follow their directions to set it up. I think they have a carrier access code the have to load for proper handshaking.
  8. Yep. I plan to pop out the nano SIM card, stow it in my container, and then carefully place the new SIM card in the holder and insert in the phone. The unwanted texts must be tied to the new SIM card, so definitely want those turned off. Otherwise, that should be it. AIS is one of the better telcos in LOS,
  9. I thought one of the telecom kiosks at Swampy is the best bet if the lines are not long. I plan to use an AIS sim and pop it into my iPhone and let them help me with any additional settings. So I can a phone on the drive to Pats if needed.
  10. I would pick EVA hands down over Air China (or China Southern).
  11. Let us know how you like the JAL flight out of San Diego, looking to give it a try myself. Are you connecting on to BKK?
  12. The way the economy seats seem to be shrinking, it is a sad state of affairs if the future is economy class. The list of pax restrictions seems to get longer month by month.
  13. I think there might come a time when they ask seriously heavy pax to pay a surcharge. The future is that of increasing non-stop flights as ranges increase with planes like the A350-900.
  14. Curious how you were able to get the email address for the US embassy employee.
  15. Has anyone used Nam's taxi lately? (namnamthailand@gmail.com)
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