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  1. Hello, does anybody know whether PoolHustler / DK Rental is out of the country or otherwise busy? I used to be renting scooters from him, and was very satisfied. I sent him 2 emails at pattayagolf@hotmail.com inquiring about a scooter for November, but have not heard back from him. I find this unusual as he was always very quick to respond. In case this does not work out: any other suggestions for reliable scooter rentals? Thanks
  2. For my next trip, I am considering using the Roong Reung Airport Bus from Swampi to Pats. As I have never used the service before: what is the best way to get from their terminal in Jomtien to my hotel in Soi 13? Cross the Thappraya Rd. by foot to the west side and flag down a regular Songthaew? Or are Songthaew or taxis waiting at the terminal, and if so, what would be the cost? I am thinking about the bus because I arrive early in Swampi and have time to kill until I can check into my hotel.
  3. Enticed by big discounts on Agoda and location, I was considering Hotel Selection (Beach Road) for my upcoming stay in November. I sent them a message to ask about their guest policy if I book a double room. I got this reply: Dear guest, Joiner charge @ 1,000THB. So I will look elsewhere.
  4. Having just checked out of the Sand Spring Hotel, I can answer my own question: Sea view has not changed. The building before Sandy towards the Beach is almost completely demolished. No work was being done or prepared. It did not look like anything would start anytime soon. The problem is not with construction noise, but the annoyingly loud music from the Hooters.
  5. Thank your for all the information and suggestions. This will help me a lot.
  6. Hello, there was a thread in 2017 about SIM cards for tourists - see below. I will come to Pats in Feb 2019 for 10 days. I wonder if there are any updated recommendations for SIM Cards and places to have them installed? I need just a few local phone calls and messages, and little in terms of data - primarily Google Maps with directions. Any suggestions? Thanks, Heinz
  7. Hello, does anybody know if the rooms of the Sandy Spring Hotel still have sea view? How far is the construction at the former Haven site? I have been using the Sandy Spring for years - in particular because of the sea view from many rooms. I plan to be in Pats in February 19 and would like to get a room with sea view again. Thanks
  8. Saw this the other day close to the lighthouse in South Pattaya - SnowBitch electical cabinet. I wonder how many snow days they see in Pattaya ... I apologize if this has been posted before.
  9. I found out that the German Automobile Club ADAC sells additional third-party liability insurance for rental vehicles rented outside of Europe provided those rental vehicles have already a local 3rd party insurance. The additional 3rd party insurance brings coverage up to the (high) German levels. It is not a comprehensive insurance - it does not cover theft or self-caused damage to the rental vehicle. Cost is approx. 44 Euro for 4 weeks; longer periods are also available.
  10. I hope to be in Pats soon, and would like to rent a scooter this time. I occasionally used to rent cars in the past, but gave up because traffic became too dense and parking a nightmare. Those rental cars did have insurance. I understand that rental scooter, on the other hand, carry almost no insurance. After checking with my German liability insurance company I was informed that they do not cover vehicles in Thailand. Does anybody know about other options, is insurance that covers at least the theft of the scooters available in Pats at reasonable cost? It appears that I am out of luck with Ge
  11. used Mr. T's service again the other day. Everything worked well: clean, modern mid-size cars, drivers on time, no unscheduled stops. Price is still Baht 1.000 / 900 including tolls for the freeway. mr_ttaxi@hotmail.com
  12. Now I can partly answer my own question: I am in Pats now. Walked over to the Markland, and got chatting with a nice farang with his girl in the glass elevator. He confirmed that not only is the Markland girl-friendly (no Joiner fee), but they even give 2 breakfast vouchers per room if you are not alone. He was very happy with the Markland. I am in the Holiday Inn this time due to redemption of some free nights. It is also girl friendly, at least as long as one is reasonably discreet. My companion got treated with politeness and respect.
  13. Has anyone stayed at the Mark-Land (or Markland) Hotel in Soi 1, North Pattaya lately? All info I found on the board, while positive in general, seems to be a couple of years old. Reviews on Agoda are a mixed bag. I expect to be in Pats for 5 days in October, and am trying to compare the Markland against the Sandy Spring (where I have stayed many times) or the Sea Me Spring hotels (still new to me). A room with at least partial sea view is important for me. Thanks
  14. Thank you so much - this is great. Where was #129 taken?
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