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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Qatar still in the air. Just shy of £2000 one way Bangkok London for tomorrow
  2. Again apologies for linking but kinda important https://forum.thaivisa.com/topic/1157441-two-thai-flights-from-london-found-to-be-covid-19-hotspots/
  3. As long as we're all still alive and well this time next year thats all that matters.
  4. Only thing that comes to mind and this is no way absolves the airlines but we simply have no idea the amount of emails they are getting and calls. Am on a Spanish (holiday) forum and was trying to explain that Ryanair and Easy jet have some 600 motors between them virtually all grounded for the forseeable future and could they just understand the level of enquiries they would be getting 95% of them are just utterly stoopid and saying we'll they should answer mine totally glossing over what they've just been told. Again I'm not defending the airlines Oman were pretty shocking before the current crisis ever started even. Unprecendented times now
  5. They dont sing from the same hymn sheet Butch that incident is just one of many these last few years
  6. Omans customer service needs a lot to be desired as well. Long story short someone broke into main bag London Bangkok on 27th January. I must have sent 15 emails to various departments photos description the lot. It took until 19th March that Head of Station at Heathrow authorised a payment. He himself had only been forwarded one of my emails 7 days previously Just hopeless
  7. Emirates shutting down 25th Eva 24th BA on 29th.... Latter two as far as I know is relating to Bangkok but could be all flights Emirates is all flights
  8. Boris said nothing 're airports....there is a 320 page emergency legislation of yesterday which seems to be shrouded in secrecy....suspect we'll be drip fed bit by bit
  9. Well whatever the emergency legislation today its going to be announced at 5pm GMT today...at 6am today lead story was the probably shutting of airports....now the lead story yesterday at 6am was the probably shutting of schools Sky knows what's coming....there has to be a cut off point though clearly otherwise you'd have flights in the air
  10. You would think that would be sensible albeit most motors are sold from new to leasing companies ( effectively private banks) who then 're lease to the relevant airline Bottom line is most will owe the bank rather than the manufacturer
  11. Airlines themselves said 80% would go bankrupt by 30th April because of relentless outgoing capital expenditure with 40% already flying insolvent
  12. As regards getting home to UK am sat watching Sky and legislation is supposedly going through parliament today to close the airports....obviously with a cut off point I presume
  13. We'll they've just dropped to zero outbound... Edited...obviously some foreign nationals listed would be able to travel
  14. State owned airlines will likely survive I know Oman is...
  15. It was an article that I sent to friend of mine last night....it was from Daily Mail but origin was from Australia Vast majority will go tits up by start of May....the capital overheads of aircraft repayments will bankrupt virtually every airline and at least 40% are already trading insolvently... Am on mobile as problem with laptop charger....if I get the laptop back up and running later will link it in
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