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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Thanks for the sign up whoever it was. Am 99% sure it was from here. I received Royal Dutch Shell which was £12.95 when it landed so you will have had the same...thanks again
  2. Indeed Jacko my apologies but with a trip count that will hit 200 within 3-4 years (I hope) I know how agents work
  3. Ebookers work by rooting out the best fares from all agents and then booking under their own umbrella Same Opodo End of....
  4. The piss poor Sterling/Dollar exchange rate follows us whatever Country we go to. Seeking better "value" elsewhere like in Cambodia and the Phillipines makes sense as you say
  5. All online agents book direct with the airlines. I just done a few comparisons with Ebookers as opposed to Travel Trolley. Way more expensive
  6. Thing is with 212 you dont know because of data protection who actually applies for the account. You only know "someone" has successfully applied when you get a random share pop up in account along with a notification. Even my own son I had to ask him if one of them was his
  7. How did you manage to do that lol....?? www.trading212.com/invite/FzBDIivP Ok I thought that might have worked but it didnt !
  8. I've stuck the signature on but no sweat if you're not happy I will remove it.....doesnt seem to embed as it did elsewhere. Copy and paste works fine though
  9. Opodo and Ebookers are same style comparison site as Travel Supermarket or Skyscanner. You're not booking with any of them but purely the agent they forward you to....
  10. Its just a link that takes you to the 212 Share Trading app and the account opener gets a free share as does the introducer. I meant to ask a few months ago No sweat at all if not suitable.. Shall I just put it in a post here so you can check ?? You can always edit out after
  11. Are they permitted at all as a signature ?? Not sex related lol !
  12. Pencilled in Southern Spain or Canaries this winter and am looking at Pattaya hopefully around November 2021. I just think that before then the restrictive measures will make it farcical.
  13. Christ if you cant slot yourself into one on that very long exemption list then its clear you've never turked a Ladyboy......
  14. Personally Butch I'd put big money on that 3 weeks from the 8th June this latest shambolic effort from the UK government will be booted into touch
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