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  1. Thanks that appears to be the issue
  2. Not sure how its supposed to work as such but I assumed (wrongly) that its stops the other posters posts showing at all ?? I can still see the individual in question on all posts old and new ??
  3. Just had a quick look using same dates and agent. Prices rising slightly Emirates with standard connections cheapest now around £430
  4. ........and yet my experience is the complete and utter opposite Best agent I've ever dealt with and as earlier mentioned went way beyond the call of duty on two issues I had unrelated to themselves
  5. Have just run that same schedule but included all London rather than just Heathrow Top 2 below....well cheap to say the least
  6. I've copied the 2nd one on to a football forum (I daren't with the 1st albeit I wanted to lol)
  7. International "open" tourism wont remotely be back on the menu by June. Not until the vast majority of the Thai population are vaccinated
  8. I dont thank BA have any real prior knowledge purely taking an educated guess that Bangkok will be back on the menu by then
  9. Only thing that matters on aircraft is the seat pitch. People claim the A380 is big and spacious but if you have a seat pitch of 32" in economy and 34" on a A330 or a 787 then the 34" seat pitch wins every time for me
  10. Seriously no matter what anyone claims (and I'm seeing supposed quarantine to be dropped overnight for vaccinated people) theres no way any British nationals will be turning up this year with just a smile and a passport at Suvarnabhumbi
  11. Jump in now fella you're clearly wanting to...... I can only reiterate that I've never from memory had any real issue with any agency ever. I remember in 1996 waiting in T2 Heathrow for a ticket to arrive with just 2 hours to lift off but it came as they promised by courier. I can only recall booking direct with the airline 2-3 times from memory which leaves well over 150 with agents
  12. Just not my experience with agents. Notwithstanding that invariably they're cheaper. I told my experience of getting offloaded in 2015 here on PT before on Oman when I went to check in 24 hours before wheels up and pop up box came up please call this Bangkok number when inputting booking reference. As it was an early morning flight the next day I waited an hour before a travel agent opened near Arcadia Mansion and got them to ring the number instead, In short Oman had received an activation of a group of 43 people who were on open full fare tickets. In short Oman offloaded 43 single travellers. They offered me (via this local travel agent) Sri Lanka but no talk of compo. I told them I would call them back later. I rang Travel Trolley back in London later that day about 4pm Thai time so 9am back in London. Told them the story and told them to put a rocket up Omans arse and call me back on my Thai number.....65 minutes later they did exactly that all reinstated sir and apologies for the inconvenience The other time with TT I had to (or wanted to cant remember which) to change the outbound date on a non refundable/changeable ticket. Often you can change inbound for a fee but rarely outbound. Guy at TT said thats one non changeable (which I knew) but he said leave it with me. Rang me back the next day and said they could change it for £180 plus £24 fare difference. On the basis I had written the complete ticket off it was a right result I like TT....
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