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  1. The proceeds of crime act of 2002 covers the £1,000 level at which point "they" can take interest and covers the Police/ Border Force/ Customs and other official Government departments. I gave personal experience of 3 instances of myself being tugged (one less than 2 months ago) and suggested you watch any number of border force shows (not a day goes by without repeats somewhere). I am surprised anyone didnt know that we as passengers "could" be questioned at only the £1000 level..."Could/can" being the operative words So the paper declaration in otherwards written declaration is presen
  2. It is 10k Euros or equivalent It was "supposed" to have reverted the day we officially left the EU but the statute book still has it at Euros No Keyman you're talking about paper declaration limits. Anything over just £1,000 and questions "can" be asked as to origin and in fact as recently as March this year arriving into the UK was pulled at Customs at Gatwick and after first usual questions pack the bag tourself, do you know alcohol and cigarette limits etc etc the 4th or 5th question was do you have over £1,000 on you which I truthfully answered no (to all questions) He didnt
  3. Well its booked lol Out of interest I have flown Air India twice before via new Delhi (round trips) and its a typical "internet myth" that they are horrendous that somehow the last 25 years has become an "internet fact" instead First I agree the security was over the top with bells on. I recall 5 security checks leaving Delhi for the connection to Bangkok but its a one off we're not doing it weekly Food was "ok" albeit I'll eat anything except brusell sprouts lol Joined their frequent flyer scheme which is part of star alliance. Out of interest on Air India was one of
  4. Force I "doubt" very much if this is anyone (on any forum) who has done more London Bangkok round tickets with a fair proportion on staff tickets and a few booked direct with airline down the decades At least of the overall total I'd say a minimum 100 have been "agent" tickets. Never once have I had a problem. Not once. Have they all been booked with one single agent...nope far from it When I have had issues or want changes did the agent deal very effectively with the requests....yep each and every time The problem with what you (and others say) is invariably we always onl
  5. I've been looking at one way tickets out start of October time which apart from Air India who have some promotion on via Delhi and Bombay on their new Dreamliners and A350's (around £310) are roughly the same as I paid October 2023 for one way around £380 to £400.....I would expect that to drop nearer the time though But its the round trip prices that have dropped....I was going to put uploads of screenshots but instead with list a few returning end of March 2025 Eva the cheapest I've seen for a long time £664 Singapore at £605 and I saw fairly recently those at £560.....standar
  6. Dont carry Power packs when you go through transit. No matter what the size they get confiscated. I thought it may have only been the day I transitted very recently but have read multiple reports of the same issue since then Seeing as its forbidden to put in checked luggage its a pain in the arse On an aside the airport was deserted at around 1am nothing was open and only 2 flights leaving one of which was ours to London
  7. Surprised that monies in light of Iran Israel havent on the face of it flowed into the safe(r) haven of the USD overnight and today Sterling/Baht more or less where it finished Friday Indicies in the main all up as well. Very strange and even oil has eased slightly
  8. Related to the thread. 2 years ago I got referred to local hospital in UK as a brown mark/mole had appeared on face (I heavily stay in the sun I freely acknowledge) Dr wasnt happy so within 4 days (fair play NHS) i'm up the skin clinic. Intially Dr says not quite sure let me call in senior consultant Duly turns up 20 minutes later gets his magnifying glass out and says nahh its ok its not melanoma but "keep an eye on it any changes let us know" Whilst it looked quite prominent (to me) nobody has ever commented over it including 2 guys on this forum Fast forward to 4 d
  9. Just go on to Travel Supermarket See the flights you want and click through. It tells you what baggage is included. If you then insist on paying more for your flight then go direct to the airline site and book there !! How come I've never had a single problem using agents lol.....when I have needed to get hold of customer service their responses have been superb and proactive (and I needed that service as recently as March when the airline itself didnt answer via Twitter Facebook Email and offices closed at weekends to phone calls.....22 minutes it took for Travel Trolley to res
  10. Saudi included checked bag on pricing I gave above. No idea on seat selection. I always wait until online check in opens and select aisle seat without paying any airline Never sat anywhere other than aisle. Check in block off seats in advance knowing only to well people will ask at check in. Nothing is likely to piss off a passenger more than being told at check in middle seat only (if you're arriving 3 hours early) and airlines want you to fly with them again rather than going elsewhere next time Edited in...Yes Cathay includes 1 checked bag or at least from London
  11. I'm looking to go start of October and come back end of March 2025 Saudi keep popping up at around £560 slightly longer transit times than I'd normally do but on 6 month trip no real issue (or least obviously outbound !) Eva is popping up around £690 using Travel Supermarket Not too many carriers showing at the moment as most (but not all) dont quote until the return sector is within 330 days of the current date Might just do what I did this year and one way out and sort out teturn next year
  12. Internet rate at a 6 year high at 45.81 Surmising that yellow TT's will be around 45.50 locally Dollar Baht interbank at 36.03 aiding us all nicely
  13. I'd imagine Eva is pretty rammed most of the time If you run flight price checks they invariably are cheaper than 90% of carriers going via their hub
  14. ......and thats why I wanted it left on the main board Seriously the board can go 24 hours without a post in the main sub forum so I start a thread (certainly 100% relevant to myself) I ask for it to be left there if possible (clearly politely) and yet minutes later its moved quite deliberately AJ if that was subtle pop it went over my shoulder and is currently floating down the English Channel I'll ask the question elsewhere instead where I should have put it in the first place.....disappointing
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