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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. What makes Skiathos even more dangerous is the huge slope and the fact its water and the runway literally metres apart.....theres no threshold so to speak They take off in same direction they land and the pilot of our TUI aircraft came on to pre warn there would be a lot of noise pre the aircraft moving on its take off roll......because of additional slope issues they have to spool the engines as high as they dare whilst still holding it on the brakes Then they let it go.....at the top end there is a sheer drop into the sea
  2. That video was on main GMB news at 6am this morning on ITV ! If you watch right to the end though it shows what they think was an even lower entry from an Italian carrier in 2013
  3. I did laugh reading this over the Skiathos low landings in Greece..... I went there in 2015 with one of my own lads and we stood at the end of the runway by the water one afternoon.....stand on me its makes the low landing and jet wash blasts at St Maarten in the Caribbean seem like a nursey outing in comparison Watch and enjoy the bystanders shit themselves..... After first part watch it from 1.30 for side view lol which is even more revealing how low the motor was
  4. Duct tape lol its a wonder some can tie their shoelaces
  5. https://www.aviation24.be/airlines/qatar-airways/qatar-airways-cargo/boeing-777-hits-light-pole-at-chicago-ohare-airport/ Painfully expensive doubtless
  6. I thought fares would be be coming down on that November month long trip as more airlines come back online. The Fuel issue despite what many claim is not the sole reason and Avgas is hedged typically a year in advance Fares have stayed high to say the least with transit times obscene because of lack of seats/flights Eva is coming out cheapest virtually every time astonishing for a non stop trip when traditionally they were always more expensive
  7. Couldnt agree more sinbin I rent out both bedrooms to lodgers again after 2 years with only 1 room rented to a Police guy who recently left Both now occupied again and I charge cheap rents and pick and choose who comes in......tax free for first £7500 annual as well money for old rope it really is
  8. Yes I can find Eva for cheaper than I spoke about in post above Can get it for £587 elsewhere which is hardly much higher than pre covid
  9. Have just run those original dates again and just the two "cheapest" fares have screenshotted using same agent Travel Trolley Gulf unless you're a glutton for punishment because of the inbound transit is useless and 2nd cheapest Cathay is a long routing especially coming home having done it twice one way in the 90's Eva was 3rd cheapest at £644
  10. I didnt get a response to email. If you guys want to close the thread feel free. Looks like for any myriad of reasons he's no longer active in the Condo market
  11. I've just emailed the address Force kindly screenshotted If I get a response will update the thread
  12. Yes thats how I remembered it thanks I wonder perhaps if he himself succumbed to Covid
  13. For the life of me I cant recall the guys name as my grandmothers and mothers dementia is clearly filtering down to myself likewise. I'd kindly ask the thread is left on this more prominent main sub forum for a few days and hopefully he may see it He was known in Pattaya for renting quality Condos and had a nice portfolio including View Talay 2 Its quote possible that Covid effectively closed him down but his website produces this result Be grateful if anyone has perhaps an updated link ?? https://www.condopattaya-rent.com/
  14. The only place I knew that you could "ask" and for the life me cant remember their trading name (had several branches) but one was upstairs in Tops on Pattaya Klang Open style of shop and from memory doubled as Travel agent Bloody dementia is killing me as it did my mother ! Edited lol...."YENGJIT"
  15. This is one of those discussions over economyy/biz thats prompts big disagreements I could be a multi millionaire and still wouldn't travel Biz....(I would use Elite on Eva their premium economy but not biz or first) I just want to get from A to B safely......the thought of blowing £2k extra over economy to me is senseless. How come I have no problem in an economy seat at 1.90 and 107kg ? Down the years have had a few upgrades but still didnt sleep. In fact paying an extra £2k for Biz and then going to sleep is even more insane in my book I vividly recall one upgrade on Cathay P
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