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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. @jackoI'll just leave this here for you. Your math is as good as mine so I suspect you wont need the + button on a calculator to crunch the numbers.....
  2. I'm just watching Sky and GMB here in the UK and restrictions are clearly on there way back for Brits. Death toll and infections are catastrophic currently Winter coming I can see another lockdown coming
  3. I genuinely dont think they will. They're desperate for customers and why would they alienate long standing passengers many who will hold FF status by jacking up fares Same for some thinking booze and bar fines prices will rise in Pattaya. Competition will dictate otherwise
  4. I cant screenshot is so easily now Via Travel Trolley because they've changed their presentation style but I re ran London Bangkok but changed the dates to May 2022 for 1 month 3 cheapest in Singapore Turkish and Gulf all with standard connection are sub £400 Theres no real indication I can see that prices are rising
  5. Virtually all the flight prices (albeit not all) on that flight thread has baggage included I'll run it again
  6. Yes but thats not airline related Jacko per se (albeit they'll doubtless have to collect it)
  7. So tell me why the prices on the Nov 1st to 30th November London Bangkok thread have been virtually unchanged since the first time I did it way back earlier in 2021 If anything there is way less competition because fewer airlines are flying yet prices remain static When they ALL start flying again I'd expect even cheaper prices than what we're seeing now
  8. Anything from "Micheal Learns to Rock" of which every Pattaya visitor will know the tracks this last 30 years from the bars without perhaps knowing who the group actually was.......
  9. Nice little offering from Gulf Air for a 1 month stay next March....Reasonable transits and nicely priced most would agree. Been some good reports on Gulfs latest product in economy and business I flew them for a 2nd time must have been 4 years ago or so and was pleasantly surprised compared to first trip way back in 2002
  10. Did you actually read the first two lines ??
  11. I think the real problems will come probably next year when borders may open again with restrictions and immigration are then presented with a myriad of vaccination proof in a 100 different languages I've got 2 "cards" with dates of vaccination etc but I dont remotely expect that to be sufficient
  12. Theres a good series on Changi airport. I'm not sure which network aired the series originally but it came up as random suggestion on Youtube If I link in one you can find the rest from it. Great series really enjoyed it
  13. I've just run the original dates again and included ALL London airports but I needn't have bothered as all the cheapest are Heathrow anyway and damn good carriers as well......all good connections Seems to be some optimism that in November tourists may well be allowed in if double jabbed and tested again For the benefit of @Gottsyand Singapore I've included top six in screenshot... All under £420 desperate for business. I like that Swiss at the top and have never flown them either would be interested in that one for sure as well as Singapore
  14. ....that hole must be very big by now ?
  15. For the benefit of Gottsy (only) I've now re entered the very original thread dates but for November THIS year as per his request with connection times shown..... Anytime you want to apologise I normally like whisky tokens ?
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