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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I agree with Butch a few baton wielding plod giving them 3 opportunties to move and on 3rd refusal whack them. Can you just imagine Thai Police allowing such disruption on Sukumvit in Bangkok. They wouldnt whack em they'd just shoot them
  2. I remember going to meet someone who stayed there must be 11-12 years ago and waiting by the pool and thinking what a shit house this is.
  3. Course it wasn't. Guy claiming a week of massages to sort it out was comedy gold
  4. Bushcraft lol what possible reason would there be to kill 6000 of your own citizens (or whatever number is was) just to legitimise going after OBL It was a terrorist atrocity simple as. We still have fruits claiming we never even landed on the moon in the first place. You're telling us that captains off those Jets willingly committed suicide by deliberately flying into both twin towers in view of millions worldwide. Perhaps it was an optical illusion . Complete insanity Its a massive insult to all the citizens of the USA who died that day along with firefighters to claim an "inside job"
  5. Seems that quite a few think that 9/11 wasn't as we all imagined. Personally I simply cant believe that the whole affair was deliberately orchestrated to allow the USA to legitamatly pursue Osama Bin Laden. That is simply far fetched when if that was the objective it could have been done on the black previously. I saw that 2nd jet live hit the 2nd tower. We were watching live. It happened. Still plenty believe that there were clear reasons why something was badly amiss that day and flight 93 and the Pentagon attack I agree is very suspect
  6. I had to google flight 93 as it wasn't coming to my mind initially. Very strange. Same with that other flight that crashed into the Pentagon was it ?? Very little debris etc ??
  7. Lawyer jailed for antics on aircraft . She'll have some fun and games if she comes across anyone shes helped convict https://www.aol.co.uk/news/2019/04/04/lawyer-jailed-for-spitting-at-flight-attendant-during-racist-tir/?ncid=webmail
  8. They dont just have one night off and fly again its a rostered 16 hour "assignment" for want of a better word from coming on duty 2.5 hours before and off 1.5 hours after. They dont do more than 2 sectors a week on that routing because of the jet lag same with non stops to Kualu Lumpar and Hong Kong
  9. I believe it is indeed £50 Butch for a 23kg load having read that elsewhere only yesterday from guy who had asked same question
  10. Yes I should have added its not "suitcases" but "holdalls" style of bags. I used to have a very long one I bought in Pattaya in the 90's very light weight but strong and used to load it up with gear. Only once from memory did it get taken off me and put in the hold where my main bag was Edited...will see if I can find relevant links bit later
  11. Am reading various reports that BA whilst having no hold baggage in tbe price will allow 23kg into the cabin and overhead bins. Dont take that as gospel but sources Business Traveller amongst others are good
  12. No baggage allowance though. Its showing on the sites I normally use as well
  13. Rawhide2


    Never known any Thai girl who actually hasnt got Line !
  14. Enlighten me if you can. The one problem with constantly reading Thaivisa forum is you read so many conflicting reports. If someone was coming to the end of their visa having already extended it locally in Jomtien previously do they get 7 or 15 or 30 days at a land border crossing ??
  15. Adding to the above they were couple weeks ago voted 2nd cleanest airline in the world https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/cleanest-airlines-2019-world-skytrax-awards-ana-all-nippon-airways-a8829731.html
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