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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Sterling moved up against Dollar highest for several month after Juncker said a deal could be done before before 31/10 and in effect the backstop was not set in stone
  2. Interbank/Transferwise is 38.31 at time of post...
  3. Suspect after Supreme Court on Tuesday is will reopen within hours. Ministers still work in the background though and I detect a groundswell of optimism that a deal will be done and Sterling will act accordingly. I would expect Sterling/Dollar to continue to rise this week. Interbank was 38.14 an hour ago but slipped back to 38.08 now at time of post
  4. Yes am well aware Eva dont fly from Manchester lol. Doesnt mean the other chap couldnt take any standard flight from Manchester to London.....most be scores of them daily I suggested Elite because its premium economy and the guy was 19 stone
  5. If funds allow Eva Elite would suit you...
  6. Maybe Brown1950 may have an opinion. Can you imagine the Thai pilots coming on the intercom blaming Somchai and his bike spanners with the A380 in a death spiral and shouting "Mai Pen Rai" followed by "Som Nam na" 😂😂
  7. I dont entirely agree with the BA bashing but am sure some is justified.. The acid question though is if your aircraft went tech at 35,000 feet with a serious issue what airline would you want to be on that gave you the best chance of getting onto the ground in one piece For me there is only one immediate first choice....British Airways
  8. Had to check first because I was sure I heard earlier on Sky but BA Pilots have never striked before in history..... I'm somewhat bemused with that as well https://www.ft.com/content/b97ac568-d226-11e9-a0bd-ab8ec6435630
  9. Not been up there for a while.....interbank
  10. Just use any app or google to get live Interbank than knock 20 Satang off if you're a Brit but remember rates move so thats only applicable in comparison to interbank when that update goes live on screen. You can do the same process for Euro AUD etc etc by noting the Interbank rate on a live update and seeing the spread. I'd guess at those two without checking around 17 Satang less for Euro and 11 Satang less for AUD users By knowing the spread all you need to know at any time is Interbank rates to work it out
  11. ......and up now to 37.68 Worth actually recalling up to a few months ago Sterling/Dollar was bouncing around $1.32 before talk of no deal became a real possibilty.
  12. As long as this has no connection to Flowers crew will make this a first port of call next trip
  13. Interbank continues to rise on the back of last nights commons business and no surprise 37.46 at time of post
  14. Well its quite likely that if officially and legally "no deal" is taken off the table (and thats seems highly probable now) I would be very surprised if Sterling/Dollar doesnt rise another 2 cents and probably Sterling/Baht another 60-70 satang off the back of it
  15. Theres the rise in Interbank up 50 Satang from yesterday that I anticipated with no deal on the verge of being removed from the table (edited...it had dropped to 36.67)
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