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  1. Lol yes it is fair number I agree. Top 3 I would say Cathay Pacific, Eva (especially their Evergreen deluxe product they had in the nose cone on the 747 Combis they used) and Qantas. Emirates were also good in the early years. Never been on Singapore otherwise I'm sure they'd be in the 3 Bottom 3 would say Biman Bangladesh, Uzbekistan and Balkan. Whilst in bottom three I actually flew all 3 of those more than once I could and should add Phuket air to that bottom group because a week after I flew them one way Bangkok Gatwick around 2005 ish (think it was) they grounded the 747 at GTW indefinately as unfit for purpose lol
  2. Luthansa are introducing twice daily flights into Bristol next March apparently with onward connections. Could be useful to myself but whilst I've flown 27 airlines to Bangkok from Uk have never been on Luthansa before. Will be looking into that next year
  3. Bloody Vegans they only claim it to get served first on aircraft 😁😁
  4. 6000 Baht at Dr Warin probably the best dentist in Pattaya for price and ability. Highly recommended. You're not going to get a single veneer for 3000 Baht...Dr Cherry in Dentist Beach in Central Festival is 8000 Baht each. Thats Warins old business partner Its not just the cost of the veneer either. You'll have preperation work on the tooth where the original veneer was lost from on top lol or you could pay £700 each in the UK I bet they're even more in the USA
  5. That travel trolley I mentioned before will always tell you in quick view what aircraft are rostered on to the flight that day before you book (probably others do as well)
  6. I use exclusively these days Travel Trolley best agent out there in my opinion. Dont even use Skyscanner anymore.... Had at least 30 tickets off them probably more ticketed within hours each time and never a single problem over payments Edited that Lufthansa included 30kg baggage £523 on Emirates your flight so roughly the same you said in Euro
  7. The top left that effects absolutely everyone continues its march south unfortunately
  8. Current shenanigans in the Commons not effecting Sterling/Baht right on recent highs at 39.35 Interbank currently.
  9. Indeed cant personally recall it ever at that level
  10. I just put in outbound purely random of 28th April inbound 20 May again random out of Heathrow Thai £448 30kg bags Eva £454 30kg bags BA £457 but no bags included Lot of the one stops were very cheap as well Ignoring the very cheap Chinese carriers all the following are standard connections Lufthansa £376 Turkish £389 Oman £401 Etihad £404 Emirates £415 (lowest bagagge 23kg with Etihad 25kg Emirates)
  11. "Grey" market will open tonight at 23.00 with Sterling down around 100 pips it appears (1 cent) so not too bad but we'll see tomorrow
  12. Its the uncertainty thats crucifying us again over Brexit forcing Sterling lower against the USD
  13. I'd be interested to know what forums took off in the 1993-1996 period that Bakwhan was on about ?? Perhaps out and out German boards maybe ?? First one I can recall that could be labelled British was that Yellow Board that we mention occasionally around 1999-2001 era ??
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