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  1. Just thought I'd re run that original search with same dates......clearly prices still competative and these are the top 3. Short connections still....
  2. No on this occasion I wont give my a head a wobble fella ok You're bang out of order. I always try and inject a few new threads on different sub forums because often the main board goes without a post for hours and hours but I wont be doing another new one rest assured......out
  3. Well I suggest you stroll on by the thread than fella Jesus wept just trying to inject a few new threads onto the forum. I'll let others do it from now on If you started the response by saying "thanks for sharing and am sure plenty will be interested" and then gone into launch mode I wouldnt have been remotely bothered
  4. Does make you wonder in times of Covid where the hell all the motors are coming from and where there going !
  5. Highly watchable which I've been doing for months Guy provides commentary all the time. Just brilliant to watch on a Sunday. Its only started an hour ago today so will be up and running all day to come
  6. Thanks that appears to be the issue
  7. Not sure how its supposed to work as such but I assumed (wrongly) that its stops the other posters posts showing at all ?? I can still see the individual in question on all posts old and new ??
  8. Just had a quick look using same dates and agent. Prices rising slightly Emirates with standard connections cheapest now around £430
  9. ........and yet my experience is the complete and utter opposite Best agent I've ever dealt with and as earlier mentioned went way beyond the call of duty on two issues I had unrelated to themselves
  10. Have just run that same schedule but included all London rather than just Heathrow Top 2 below....well cheap to say the least
  11. I've copied the 2nd one on to a football forum (I daren't with the 1st albeit I wanted to lol)
  12. International "open" tourism wont remotely be back on the menu by June. Not until the vast majority of the Thai population are vaccinated
  13. I dont thank BA have any real prior knowledge purely taking an educated guess that Bangkok will be back on the menu by then
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