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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Rawhide2

    The rate on the street.

    The real problem is two fold. Firstly the rising value of the Baht against the USD which effects absolutely everyone (bar those paid in Baht locally) and secondly our home countries weak currency showing against the Dollar whether Euro Sterling Aussie Dollar etc Until both sides of the two pairings start moving favourably in our direction we'll continue to see poor exchange rates. Dollar/Baht is heading sub 30 with Thailands vast foreign currency reserves able to sustain it indefinately should they choose to. If they want to weaken their own currency the BOT simply has to sell it on international forex markets but they certainly seem relucatant to do so even if its effecting imports/exports A drop to Dollar/Baht of 29 would put Sterling Baht at around 37.9 assuming Sterling/Dollar stayed at current ratio. For many dropping to 41/42 has seen them red card the country With record numbers of Asean visitors coming to Thailand they have little interest in assisting a very dwindling band of visitors outside that domain by weakening the baht. For Brits best hope is that we return to the $1.50 and above we were at pre referendum once Brexit is done and dusted
  2. I wouldnt take any notice of netflights who sell flights its clearly wrong. Both Qatars own site and Seat Guru say otherwise Do acknowledge that Qatar get many complaints over seat pitch in general though.
  3. Strange because the Qatar dreamliners are 31" pitch which equates to 78.74cms comparing apples with apples
  4. You'll find that Brown1950 across all the forums is acknowledged as one of the best when referring to airlines, aircraft and upcoming new routes being announced
  5. Rawhide2

    EVA Air - a warning

    Trouble with Heathrow is the congestion. You can be inbound with an ETA of 10 minutes early and still be 30 late when stacked up. Turnaround time on Eva is short anyway and now further curtailed from being late landing through no fault of the airline. You're now probably out of your slot to depart and so on. I'd be more inclined to use a completely non congested airport as a barometer of an airlines on time departures. Heathrow must be the worst in the world
  6. Yes 33" pitch is economy. Many of the Dreamliners on other airlines are running on 31" and 32" pitch
  7. Rawhide2

    EVA Air - a warning

    Peoples experience will always vary
  8. Rawhide2

    EVA Air - a warning

    OP will obviously get standard EU compensation for Eva but wont get Thai flight price back. Should balance out but as he says 2 days of trip lost Had a similar issue on Eva 2003 where they're couldnt upload data from mainframe in Taiwan. Cancelled flight but luckily for me was Gold at the time on Eva and had priority and was immediately transferred to Thai. No compo back then obviously Another time on Eva when it landed late at Heathrow just before the curfew they gave me immediately voucher for Hotel when I truthfully said last transport had left to go back home. Was impressed they gave out the hotel that night.
  9. Rawhide2

    Emirates slash baggage allowance

    Makes you wonder when Qatar Gulf and Oman will do likewise
  10. Emirates following last years Etihads cut in baggage allowance also drop their special and saver fares to 15kg and 25kg respectively https://www.businesstraveller.com/business-travel/2019/01/21/emirates-cut-checked-baggage-allowance-for-cheapest-fares/?utm_source=Business+Traveller+International+Newsletter&utm_campaign=01c8708864-Your_weekly_business_travel_briefing+Jan+24&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_0f9ce7ba66-01c8708864-162953081
  11. DTAC AIS and True are all in the arrival hall. No need to wait till tukcom or anything like that. Sims are 50 Baht and they may try to get you to subscribe to a package (which are priced higher to catch the unwary). Ignore that and insist on the 50 baht Sim and then ask for 250 credit on top In the interim before you get to Thailand just pick an appropriate package from one of the websites and beside it will have a "short code" to activate it via phone. Punch it in, reboot phone and you're up and running prior to leaving airport All 3 providers do monthly "always on" connections for around 200 baht but pick one to suit yourself. If its general browsing simple 3g works fine let alone 4g which mine always shows in Pattaya anyway
  12. Rawhide2

    Hotel Suggestion for June '19

    Lowest prices of the year in May and June should be big choice out there. I might suggest Flipper Lodge Soi 8 at that time of year. They also used to do promotions at that time of year may still do but whatever am pretty sure at 1200 you'd get good room in June there (not high season though)
  13. Am guessing an aircraft went tech and was substituted before the off but nobody notified the check in staff that the replacement was a different configuration Edited to add should have read the article in the first place lol as thats exactly what happened
  14. Rawhide2

    Holiday insurance

    Below have listed top premiums on "multi trips". You'll see the maximum individual trip is shorter than the 60 day one I have but it gives you a good idea Age is for a 50 years old with no pre existing conditions You can reduce the premiums further by reducing baggage coverage etc etc to lower limits
  15. Rawhide2

    Holiday insurance

    Plenty of annual multi trip policies for 60 day maximum individual trip but an unlimited number Less than £50 for anyone under 50 years of age and mine is still under that at over 50 years of age albeit no pre existing in my case