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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. From my neck of the woods we've got Turkey Cyprus Southern Spain Canaries as winter destinations and whilst not hot tempertures which I love in Thailand they're better than freezing my nuts off in the UK. Benidorm it could well be. I went twice on fag and baccy runs lol around 1994 with some other mad sods it was a good laugh
  2. Top post indeed So many issues up in the air. I simply will not be returning until we can turn up at immigration with a smile and nothing else. As such I reckon 3 years at least possibly longer. I can hardly be bothered with the Girls in the first place so having to quarantine at own expense and jump through hoops is an absolute no no from me
  3. Lotsa Baht maybe but only in the region of $800 Million......a drop in the ocean compared to Thailand financial reserves at $250 Billion
  4. Bizarrely thats exactly where we would be if the Baht has stayed at around 33 to the USD where it was for a while at the start of the pandemic. It weakened out quite quickly in February but unfortunately recovered With Sterling where it is now against that USD we'd actually be seeing 44.30
  5. Purely down to Sterling rising once again against the ever weakening USD Baht itself virtually unmoved against the benchmark USD at 31.20 where its been for some time Brits increased rate purely down to Sterling strength for once on one side of the currency pairings....
  6. I see the Thai repatriation flight bookable this morning went tits up as as soon as the website opened/crashed and by 9.04am four minutes after it opened all seats were gone ! Forget Thailand until 2022 you'll sleep a lot easier !
  7. Never been keen on them have never trusted Somchai with his bike spanners and mai pen rai attitude to routine servicing between flights if needed Shrug of the shoulders and not my problem. Pretty sure have only flown them twice return and one of those was a transfer from Eva who were stranded at Heathrow having gone tech. Under the circumstances unlikely to be flying them again
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-53659844 Savage times.......
  9. There has been a change though from the Embassy on number 5 Previously those fit to fly certificates and Covid test results had to be presented in person to the Thai Embassy to get "signed off".....now thats been relaxed to present at check in instead. Much of the previous angst and rightfully so was that for most people a trip to the Embassy takes a day Still not a chance in hell I could achieve in the 2 days pre flight (because thats what it is in reality) to visit to the GP, get a test, subsequent results and then a medical to get a fit to fly certificate Its just impossible for most punters
  10. Dear Sir/Madame, Thank you very much for the queries about travelling to Thailand for foreigners and according to the list of categories of travelling purposes that are allowed to enter the country. However, it could be very difficult. We would like to recommend to you postpone it or consider not to travel if not necessary. You would need to check whether what visa you are required as well as the Certificate of Entry (COE). If you already have the valid visa or re-entry permit, you would still need the COE http://www.thaiembassy.org/london/en/services/7742/119247-Requirements-for-Certificate-of-Entry-during-trave.html. 1. We would like you to read the link below carefully http://www.thaiembassy.org/london/en/services/7742/119247-Requirements-for-Certificate-of-Entry-during-trave.html to make sure that you are in one of the categories that are allowed to enter Thailand during the COVID19. 2. You would need the flight before anything else, before applying for the visa and COE. If you do not have the flight to fly, you will waste of time and money applying for Visa and COE. As you may know that ALL commercial flights are banned to get in to Thailand at the moment UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, some airlines still sell ticket hoping the borders will be opened by when the ticket dated to fly. In fact, Thailand is still closed the borders. At the moment, there are the REPATRIATION FLIGHTS offered by the airlines that have been arranged specifically to urgent need of people who would really like to travel to Thailand. The Repatriation flights will be prioritised to Thais but still there are a few seats available for foreigners. The booking could be found on the website or Facebook page of the Embassy as soon as the information becomes available. 3. The quarantine is also strictly required. For foreigners, you need to book the ASQ (the hotel where the government approved for the Alternative States Quarantine). These spaces are also limited due to the high demand of foreigners from all over the world who would like to enter the country. Please note that, If you cannot book the hotel on the date of arrival according to the flight date, you will not be able to travel as the COE will identify the flight ticket and the ASQ. 4. Once you have 2 and 3, you can apply for the visa and COE at the same time at https://thaievisa.go.th/Home/ If you have everything we required, the visa and COE will be very easy to get approved. Please note that the insurance covering covid is required to clearly stating that it covers at least 100,000 in Thailand (NOT WORLDWIDE), with your name as a policy holder on the same page. If you do not have this, please make a request to the insurance company to write the letter. 5. All non-Thai passengers are also required to have a Fit to Fly health certificate and a medical certificate with a laboratory result indicating that COVID -19 is not detected (COVID test must be by RT-PCR method), both issued within 72 hours before departure. This is your own responsibility as these 2 documents will have to be presented upon check-in with the airlines and arrival in Thailand. Thank you very much Best regards Consular Officer, Royal Thai Embassy, London 29-30 Queen's Gate London SW7 5JB Tel: 02072255500 NOTE NUMBER 2........No idea if those links will work once I copy and paste across
  11. Airline ticket purchase is the first mandatory requirement (yes I know lol) Someone posted up full Email on Thaivisa from Thai Embassy London few days ago listing requirements if you're in certain groups. Number 1 book airline ticket before anything else or dont bother proceeding. Will see if I can track it back and add to thread but only a few days ago EDITED....Below
  12. Overall Baht excahnge rates are rising because Sterling Euro AUD NZD etc are all rising against the USD which is showing weakness. Sterling/Baht could well go higher but I'd be happy to transfer £1000 today if I was in same position. If it goes to 42 (I dont think it will) then just transfer another £1000 and pound cost average at above 41 as I do on occasions. Least if you transfer £1k over now it locks in a rate we've not seen for some time..
  13. ^^^ Yes Sterling continues to push up against the weakening Dollar in light of negative interest rate chatter and potential Fed stimulus pushing us higher against the Baht Euro at highest rate for 2 years against the Greenback pushing them higher as well against the Baht
  14. Unreal. I would urge anyone who is interested in finance to spend just £1 and open an account. (you can sell the share and actually withdraw the proceeds after a week although they hope you wont) Friend who I knew had opened an account yesterday got Astrazeneca £90 for his free share ! I as introducer only got National Grid which was around £9. Will screenshot it this time. It is a promotion so it wont last for ever. He sold the share immediately after and bought BP with the proceeds (The Lloyds shares is what he bought with his £1 opening balance) Thats the highest value freebie I've seen
  15. Thanks for the sign up whoever it was. Am 99% sure it was from here. I received Royal Dutch Shell which was £12.95 when it landed so you will have had the same...thanks again
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