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  1. Leave it 24 hours refresh the page after clearing cache. I know that sounds daft but occasionally I get what you seeing where it says you need to become a member etc etc. Sometimes I cant bypass it myself as well so pick another site. Putlockers I think is a "cousin" of the 123 movies site and all its variations
  2. Well am using Firefox (as always) just occasionally it defaults to HD which requires memebership (apparently). I just close that window and refresh. Its pretty reliable 9 times out of 10
  3. It might improve in the final 40 minutes but I'd had enough for sure
  4. I have just watched and finally aborted the Movie "1917" after 1 hour 20 of a 2 hour film. How anyone can say this rivals Saving Private Ryan needs their head wobbling I kept on thinking it will improve but in the end gave up after 80 minutes. What a load of shight
  5. I had absolutely no idea that two Series of 10 episodes each had been made in 2017 based on the "Snatch" movie from Guy Ritchie It a similar caper with same laughter idiocy guns and everything else in between with Robert Grint playing one of the leads as an upper class toff and completely cocking it up. I've watched first 4 episodes of series one. They're not overly long at 40 odd minutes each and great time filler They're on the Putlockers streaming site no registration required and didnt even have to close out any adverts. Search "Snatch" in the box and it pulls up the two series alongside the original movie of same name Beware that on mine its defaults to episode 10 so scroll down a few inches and you'll see all the episodes listed Great watch..... https://www.putlockers.cr/
  6. Tell me about it Teelak. This time last year arrived back into Heathrow to find as normal Egate wont let me through. It worked first time 8 years ago when passport reissued but never since. Redirected to manual check. Not for the first time immigration guy says you're brown where have you just come from. Bangkok via Muscat on Oman I respond politely as always. He's looking at the passport carefully looking obviously for a fake etc and asks me VERY casually wheres "Nordsee Clinic" then...... I'm looking at him am obviously a bit tired but I know what he's asking but more to the point how does he know lol...... I was born in Germany (father in forces) in a tiny little clinic (that had 2 beds mum told me) on the island of Sylt. On my birth certificate it says Sylt as place of birth issued in Hamburg but absolutely nothing else lol I only knew about 10 years when mother brought the subject up ! So I answer the immigration guy with a smile "clinic where I popped out" to which he responds "correct" with a smile and hands passport back I'm thinking WTF lol....
  7. I've been sat here for an hour racking my brains (which definately are ageing) trying to recall if I have ever missed a connection or even remotely close to it and I cant think of a single one...... Over the decades on average 1.5 hours to 2 hours on average I'd say. Theres been a few where the connections have been an hour or less (Oman and Qatar spring to mind) where they've been redirecting off arriving gate etc etc but no more than that.... My mate will ring me later and say you tosser what about this one lol ! Nope I cant think of a single one lol
  8. A diversion into Clark in February would suit very well 😃😃
  9. lol that reminds me of Eva delayed out of Bangkok must have been around 2006 (ish) due to heavy fog at Heathrow which at sat their already for a day and showed no sign of shifting. Planes arriving at Heathrow had double seperation hence the delay leaving Bangkok We're way late due in around 10.15pm (turnaround was aborted that night) and we could see from screens obviously that we're on final descent. Couldn't see absolutely anything out of the windows no lights nothing. Suddenly theres one helluva bang and lurch. Probably at least half the passengers screamed and I definately shouted something lol everyone thinking we've hit something. We'd landed completely blind obviously on auto and the heavy bang had been the landing. Looking out the window now on stand STILL cannot see anything.....then just below me a car pulled up with yellow fog lights and you could just see them lol Never seen fog like it. Fair play to Eva they were giving out hotel vouchers for people who had missed train/coach connections (and ongoing flights) so gratefully acceped it and got coach home next morning instead. Eva refunded that subsequently as well as had to buy new ticket
  10. Rawhide2


    I've always thought that was a load of bullshit. I saw £220 quoted on one figure when I was playing around with it last month. I find TW very easy and quick to use. Last time it was less than 60 seconds from pressing send (to TW) and then logging into bank to find it already there. Apparently is the norm now if you send Monday thro Thursday but not the other 3 days
  11. Rawhide2


    No problem. Lets have a look at say £2000 an amount that I would likely send to fund trips whilst in town Bangkok Bank would be 78,340 but a reduced landing fee of 300 so 78,040. No sending fee assumed TW would be 78.614 still better bottom line If your bank say charged £10 to send (average I guess) than you'd have to knock that BB figure by 400 baht effectively
  12. Rawhide2


    ok lets have a look real time. We can only go by current Bangkok Bank landing rate for incoming TT monies though course they could go up but also down If you're sending completely free than £10,000 would land at 39.17 so 391,700 Baht minuus 500 Baht local fee so 391,200 £10,000 from Transferwise would land at 393,464 so 2,264 baht more Also doesnt take into account that most transfers we send are not free of charge but on BB example above we did. To me TW still comes out on top as long as you do bank transfer rather than debit credit card.....if your own bank charges to send as well than still a no brainer
  13. Rawhide2


    ok there is the difference. Amount was for £10,000 transfer......£30 more but for the life of me I cant see why when debit card involved
  14. Rawhide2


    Cant see that TW have increased charges Jacko ?? £1000 was £7 and £5000 was £30.07 so just over £6 per 1k (as of few minutes ago) I tried trawling back on my account but it only shows the amount of Baht paid out. Am pretty sure £1000 was £6.93 before from memory Edited....I dont use debit card to fund I transfer direct from online banking. I think its marginally cheaper
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