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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Close at the moment to dropping into the 37's with Sterling at a 27 month low against the Dollar. Boris with his intentions to force no deal is going to be catastrophic if it comes to pass Nobody can be enjoying Thailand whatsoever at these rates unless money is no object and that goes for the Euros as well obviously
  2. Its not difficult to do from the Thai Governments point of view.....in "simple terms" all they have to do is sell their own currency heavily on Forex markets. What they're afriad of is Trumps crew claiming financial manipulation if they do it too agressively Back out to 35 would be a right result for everyone bar none lol
  3. ^^^ Yes Baht weakened Thursday/Friday against USD and we saw the slight increase off the back of it Sterling/Baht.....keep an eye on the Dollar/Baht pairing because Thai Government the previous week had stated they wanted to weaken the Baht slightly by conventional means.....if it breaks back above 31.30 interbank than its fair to say its game on
  4. Yes thats exactly what the complaints have been about over DC....it comes up to give the impression its standard practice. Its a complete rip off but there is definately a "decline" option on screen Try your card again you can always cancel the transcation at the point before DC anyway but you'll see it on screen. Not just Thailand lot of banks in different countries have introduced it as well
  5. 99% you unwittingly accepted dynamic conversion and if you've not used a UK card in Thailand for some years its so easy to do as you need to actually decline it on screen not something we are used to . Standard UK bank cards use Mastercard/Visa rate. Even allowing for the 220 Baht plus overseas usage fees etc etc thats way too low but its virtually spot on having just worked out what dynamic conversion would have made it which I make 35.08. Sterling was actually up yesterday as Baht had weakened somewhat sharply against the Dollar and Interbank was 38.90 at close last night......Mastercard or Visa will be around 38.50 (ish)
  6. What on earth are you babbling about chap . I assume from that lot that the Euro is your base currency.... If so only two pairings are of interest to you Dollar/Baht (same as 100% of other guys here) and on the other side Euro/Dollar. Thats it nothing else is of the slightest importance as regards the Baht in your pocket
  7. Who on earth laughed at my post couple above reference the currency pairings. ! If you genuinely dont realise or know how your own exchange rate is calculated than frankly you shouldn't possess a passport
  8. Doesnt work like that. Only the Dollar/Baht ratio is of interest to us all (plus obviously our own base currency against the Dollar)
  9. 38.19 now at Yellow TT exchanges at time of post
  10. ^^ You got the problem of the Baht gaining strength against the US Dollar on one side of the currency pairings whilst on the other side Sterling continuing to decline against that same US Dollar......Double whammy in the wrong direction giving a savage bottom line for Sterling/Baht Kasikorn Bank (I've got the article somewhere will try and dig it out) were saying in February that they expected the Baht to weaken out to 35/36 by June....instead its gone the other way. Thais really need to offload the Baht on Forex markets to weaken it slightly as clearly now incoming tourists are declining. With over $210 Billion in foreign reserves they can always prop it up again at any point should they choose
  11. Have simply never used any booking websites and always dealt direct with hotel via email or its own website for the simple reason its always cheaper for obvious reasons. Stand on me I have checked ever since these sites sprung up....
  12. If Brexit were to be sorted today to the satisfaction of most people Sterling would surge against the Dollar and likewise Euro would gain traction against the USD Traders are of the opinion Sterling would return to around $1.40 within a week of Brexit being sorted up some 15 cents from today
  13. I know how foreign exchange works. The hard facts are there has been no significant increase in the value against the Dollar for some years again fluctuating between 31-33, recently it weakened out to 32 but has strengthened again to a live rate of 31.35 at time of post. Nor anywhere did I say the rate is fixed against the Dollar. Again yes it would be nice if it weakened out to 34/35 as Kasiskorn were predicting it would be in June/July Our sole problem is Sterling/Dollar as Brits. Pre rererendum it was $1.55 and today its $1.26 meaning that if we were still at pre referendum levels todays exchange rate at yellow TTs would be 48.40 give or take a few satang Your words....."Incorrect to say it is sod all to do with baht strength, perhaps dollar weakness is another way to put it" lol you cant have it both ways. How can Dollar weakness be the case when we're sat at $1.26 instead of the $1.55 pre June 2016. Am not teaching granny to suck eggs here hopefully but am not sure you understand how foreign exchange is calculated Sterling/Dollar is multiplied by Dollar/Baht. Weakness or strength on either side of the currency pairings effects the bottom line we all see Hard facts are even if Sterling only returned to $1.50 today we'd be seeing around 47 at TT exchanges. Thata with zero movement in the Dollar/Baht ratio The recent decline into the 30's is purely Sterling/Dollar retracting from $1.32 down to $1.26
  14. Until Sterling returns to a higher level against the USD we are stuck at these levels. Sod all to do with strength of the Baht which has been sat between $31-33 for some years now. Course it would be nice if it would weaken out to 34/35 but its a big mistake to be blaming the Baht when the problem is Sterlings weakness against the Dollar and you can add the Euro and AUD against the Dollar as well for those nations.
  15. Absolutely not trolling but surely just for once people can avoid social media for 12 hours
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