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  1. I didnt get a response to email. If you guys want to close the thread feel free. Looks like for any myriad of reasons he's no longer active in the Condo market
  2. I've just emailed the address Force kindly screenshotted If I get a response will update the thread
  3. For the life of me I cant recall the guys name as my grandmothers and mothers dementia is clearly filtering down to myself likewise. I'd kindly ask the thread is left on this more prominent main sub forum for a few days and hopefully he may see it He was known in Pattaya for renting quality Condos and had a nice portfolio including View Talay 2 Its quote possible that Covid effectively closed him down but his website produces this result Be grateful if anyone has perhaps an updated link ?? https://www.condopattaya-rent.com/
  4. The only place I knew that you could "ask" and for the life me cant remember their trading name (had several branches) but one was upstairs in Tops on Pattaya Klang Open style of shop and from memory doubled as Travel agent Bloody dementia is killing me as it did my mother ! Edited lol...."YENGJIT"
  5. This is one of those discussions over economyy/biz thats prompts big disagreements I could be a multi millionaire and still wouldn't travel Biz....(I would use Elite on Eva their premium economy but not biz or first) I just want to get from A to B safely......the thought of blowing £2k extra over economy to me is senseless. How come I have no problem in an economy seat at 1.90 and 107kg ? Down the years have had a few upgrades but still didnt sleep. In fact paying an extra £2k for Biz and then going to sleep is even more insane in my book I vividly recall one upgrade on Cathay P
  6. lol course theres more differences than the 30m in front bit I didnt mean it quite literally Herded around in economy ?? Cant say I ever have. Have flown 26 airlines to or fro London Bangkok and apart from a really small clam style seat on Aeroflot in 1999 never the slightest problem......mind you Phuket air one way Bangkok Gatwick around 2005 could have gone pear shaped lol in hindsight We cant use current Covid/Brexit disasters to blame it all on a Manchester situation either As regards burden of profit on airlines its not accurate.....I just double checked that now Other
  7. Same flights but economy......both airlines £2,000 cheaper Fair play to those that are happy to pay Biz but for me landing 30 metres in front of everyone else is off the scale of insanity in my view Look at it another way......86,000 Bahts worth of bonking thrown away lol I'm 1.90m and dont have the slightest problem
  8. Thats the cheapest I could find using roughly same dates I've used before in November (Eva not flying everyday so you need to juggle dates) Clearly on Thai it must go via Phuket first on the inbound sector Be careful using Skyscanner as they've got somewhat sneaky on their headline fare when you search These are via Travel Trolley all inclusive obviously
  9. ^^ Might be seats only available in a different booking class which may alter the fare whatever 6 classes in Economy
  10. Credit to Stickman in his 22nd May upload....exactly what we've been saying Pricey airfares. "I’m looking to travel from London to Bangkok for a 2-week break, departing late June and returning mid-July. I have trawled the internet for flights in Economy, Premium Economy, and Business class. I contacted 2 of the main travel agents in the UK and was left holding on the phone for ages due to heavy demand. Prices in all classes of travel have doubled since before the pandemic. Economy starts around £800. Premium Economy seems not to exist and neither agent could find rates for this. Busi
  11. Yes that the clear pick up of travellers looking to book as opposed to viewing a limited flight schedule Eva are not even running till the first week in July and even then only 3 days a week
  12. So many fares are eyewatering now compared to pre pandemic Clearly many people now chasing limited flight schedules....am literally seeing increases every time I look and as for sensible transit times forget it on most routings Thai surprisingly whilst increased prices are not showing the percentage rises seen by other carriers If people are contemplating Christmas and New Year but holding off waiting for total relaxation of restrictions I'd be inclined to book now rather than awiting another few months
  13. So on the multi entries (if subsequently available) its just a question of a border run to activate the 2nd one ??
  14. The stamps from immigration doubtless are legal but certainly not the route they were obtained ! I saw this Mannerat mentioned elsewhere actually.......could she obtain a 2nd tourist visa following 90 days on the first (including extension) without the guy leaving the country at all ?? Step too far ?? Or just as well to do a 3 day trip to Phnom Penh and obtain it normally ?? Question relates to myself
  15. Ignore the dates/prices this is standard connection time on Austrian they use London thro to Bangkok Friend also went out on Lufthansa to Bangkok few weeks ago with similar transit period 40 minutes If its ticketed its all good. Most people will have seen (but probably taken little notice) of coming off the airbridge and at the end they'll have hello Girls/Boys with Boards saying Flight numbers go immediately to Gate 12 or whatever Ground handling aint daft. If the first motor is behind schedule every passenger will be known to GH who have onward connections
  16. If its ticketed than its completely acceptable...... Some connections with other carriers are frequently ticketed at just 40 minutes transit let alone an hour and a half
  17. Hypothetically what would happen if an Agent was busted (lets say this Maneerat) all files collated and your name was in clear breach of immigration law for many years ?? Personan non grata overnight and dont come come back If you dont mind the risk than fair play
  18. Still waiting for a refund from Thai airways ?? Thai Airways is yet to process refunds to many customers for airfares dating back 2+ years You wont like this lol Credit to Stickman for highlighting the story https://simpleflying.com/thai-airways-boeing-777-double-delivery/
  19. This is Copy and Paste from my own post on Legends so no harm in sharing on this occasion (hopefully it doesnt open huge gaps between sentences as occasionally happens) Few guys were on airline threads chatting and advocating Scoot airlines pros and cons on their non stop Gatwick Bangkok service Fares for Scoot Plus seating (featured in video) were coming in at around £620 return last time I checked depending on which days of the week Paul Lucas has done a 2nd review on them and normally he can be utterly brutal..... Aircraft is the exact model/layout as per the video .....igno
  20. Eye watering Force simply eye watering
  21. Unhedged fuel increases kicking in
  22. In hindsight no I wouldnt be using Eva premium economy either !! Same dates. Thats insane for Elite class......there was a time when they first started flying out of Gatwick to Bangkok around 1993 that it was only £100 more for PE than standard economy
  23. Same flight but in Business with same carrier Gulf I think any business class will make economy class look piss poor but theres £1897 difference between the two fares and Biz lands 30 metres in front of economy lol At 44 to the £ thats 83,468 Bahts worth of bonking.....Economy for me every time. If I was heavily loaded I'd use Eva Elite ( their premium economy) but nahh I'd never pay for Biz myself outright
  24. Have just run identical price check as was per original dated post but changed it now to 2022 First price was cheaper (fairly long transit inbound) but the rest were higher. Really had expected prices to have dipped with perhaps increased competition but carriers still dont have the frequency of 2019 thats for sure
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