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  1. I hope that Pattaya news will forgive me for lifting this story. Pattaya. Nikkei Asian Review released an article this week in which they stated that the head of the cities Business and Tourism Association has forecast a total of 19 million visitors to the city this year, a 5% total increase, which is nearly half of the total predicted 40 million visitors. Significant work is being done to draw Indian, Muslim and Chinese tourists to the city as a quick walk down Walking Street will show any visitor. CP, a $63 billion food and retail group, intends to reshape the flows of people and goods through the region of Chon Buri. A high-speed rail and related projects are designed to attract business professionals, entrepreneurial talent and tourists to the area. CP decides the number of train stations, giving the group the power to determine which areas will be developed. Nikkei Asian Review wrote: Thai conglomerate Charoen Pokphand Group plans to build a huge commercial and residential complex in the beach city of Pattaya, the Nikkei Asian Review has learned, a project expected to boost the profitability of a $7.3 billion high-speed rail line that the company has been chosen to construct. The complex, on a size larger than 480,000 sq. meters will include a shopping mall, hotel, cinemas, and a convention center. The investment budget will be at least 10 billion baht ($327 million), a Pattaya city source said. Though CP lacks railroad experience, it has won a contract to connect three international airports, two near Bangkok and the other south of Pattaya. The railway is expected to start operation in 2024. The planned mixed-use complex offers a way to boost the line’s profitability. Tourists could take the train to the shopping and entertainment destination, while residents could commute to the airports or other parts of Thailand. Pattaya, about 160 km southeast of the capital, serves as a gateway of sorts to Thailand’s eastern seaboard, where automobile, consumer electronics, and other manufacturing industries began concentrating in the 1990s. The original article can be found here: https://asia.nikkei.com/Business/Companies/Thailand-s-CP-plans-330m-seaside-hub-linked-to-high-speed-rail?fbclid=IwAR0ILznGlLIL34bFJ-6PLJ6PD0OjZ7WEMfeQ4ciHu2tBbgr9zxybaMrqwH4 The Thai cabinet approved the train deal between CP and the State Railway of Thailand in June. The contract is due to be signed by both parties this month. The China Railway Construction company is also involved in a consortium to build the railway. The rail is expected to be finished in 2024.
  2. As a side comment. For whatever reason the price of avocado's went crazy here a couple of months ago. We grow them locally but first class was as high as $10 each, approx 200 baht. Now down to a quarter of that but beware of the Chinese middle classes who are flexing their economic muscles. Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
  3. For more years than I can recall my "In my head" conversion rate was 25 baht to the $NZ . I see that it's now 20.34. The only thing that I have in my favour is that at my age I don't care! Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
  4. My sincere thanks for taking the time and trouble to post this photo. Very valuable to us not in Thailand and outside of the top world currencies.
  5. Like you I have only transferred money once. Before my sending bank gave me a crap rate and charges and then Kasikorn slugged me again I chose not to bother again. Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
  6. Good post. If I see a new post on the topic I look at it. My only concern is that I am aware of what TT is offering so that I can check it against my local banks. Okay, I buy little at home but a few thousand baht in my pocket for cabs and emergencies is a must. God forbid that I ever buy one sodding baht at an airport exchange. Thanks to those who post photos of the rates and don't forget we others out here looking for the information. Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
  7. While I appreciate the reasoning I was turned off by the guys pissed off response. If he was going to respond like that I wasn't interested in staying there.
  8. They have boards outside the hotel on both Soi 15 and Soi Diana with this offer. I would think that if you are interested that an email to the hotel reminding them of this deal might pay dividends. I haven't bothered checking the internet rates and they may be different. As a matter of interest these signs and that pricing have been there for possible the last three years and was certainly there two weeks ago.
  9. Thanks for the updates as always. Starts my day with a "Oh My". Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
  10. The other thing that I think is notable in Thailand at the moment is this. In years past the malls and clubs were full of a great range of European, American and Australasian punters. These have been exchanged for Indian, Korean, Chinese and some Russians. Some have not got the money and others come from places where prices for supermarket and mall products are as cheap or cheaper. This seems to me to be the crux of the problem. Exchanging good tourists (for the economy) for bad. The only place that I see many of them buy anything is the 7/11. I also believe that many of the Indian tourists are using Indian travel brokers in Thailand who arrange super cheap packages. I am also lead to believe that a lot of Chinese money for travel and accommodation never gets to Thailand. It all sounds like a recipe for disaster in what is a crucial part of the Thai economy. Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
  11. Yes I can see that conversation taking place. Just as real will be the girls who simply cannot make a living. They have the choice to go freelance, and this is already happening.. The other is to pack up and go home. The other thing that hit me this month in Pattaya is that the large shopping malls must also be doing a freeze. Perhaps the powers that be will take more notice of the big money guys than the entertainment industry. Whatever else, there needs to be some radical changes if the tourist industry is to survive. Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
  12. I was in Pattaya and fancied a change of accommodation. I found a place that suited me on one of the booking sites and the price was on budget. I then emailed the Canadian owner and asked him about actually pricing as his web site was dearer than the booking agent. He insisted that if I wanted the lowest price that I use Agoda and he was not lowering the price. It was more his attitude rather than the pricing issue but I never did go there. Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
  13. Not really sure whether to say thanks or not for the replies. My only issue is will eating yak testes and dear penises make me queer?
  14. I recently became the proud owner of a few boxes of Black Ant pills. I see these on sale all over Pattaya but it is years since I have tried them as they didn't do much for me. I haven't tried this latest lot and wonder if I could get some advice. I have done some reading on Google but its all a bit confusing. I also get the feeling that the formula may have changed and the active ingredient for Viagra etc, may now be included. Anyone here want to offer reviews of the product please?
  15. On the subject of joiner fees. I stayed in Bangla Road, Phuket ( Baan Sukhotai) and as was signing in at reception they told me to sign a document stating that I would pay 1000 baht joiner fee. I really had no option and security was tough. It was a major learning experience for me but I console myself with the fact that I will hopefully never pay another JF in Thailand. Sent from my Nokia 6.1 using Tapatalk
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