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  1. The mysterious ‘dark matter’ which is believed to hold the universe together has been positively identified as coffee, astrophysicists have confirmed. Dark Matter’ which holds reality together finally identified as coffee The mysterious ‘dark matter’ which is believed to hold the universe together has been positively identified as coffee, astrophysicists have confirmed. Standard models of physics have long since shown that the amount of visible matter is insufficient to prevent the universe completely losing its shit and flying apart, meaning that some extra component is needed to keep it all together. The breakthrough shows that the long-postulated ‘strong, dark, fluid’ force is probably an Ethiopian blend, with hints of Kenyan and Brazilian notes as well. “The coffee can’t be very milky as then it would be light enough to show up against background radiation, and there needs to be quite a lot of it as well; probably an entire cafetiere for every astronomical unit. It all makes sense”, we were told by a spokesman for CERN in Geneva. “I’m confident to a high degree of significance when I say that none of this would be here without coffee. “I know that I certainly wouldn’t be, and I’m pretty sure that none of you would be either.” Evidence suggests that the coffee must have existed since the beginning of time when some sort of galactic alarm clock went off. The ringing of this clock is known as the ‘Big Bong’ theory. The theory is already controversial, with some respected scientists insisting that the dark matter which binds reality together is actually HP Sauce. “It’s obvious when you consider the evidence,” said Physicist Simon Williams whilst brandishing a bottle. “If you look it even says ‘melange’ on the HP label. “The sauce must flow,” he added.
  2. Perhaps little cut outs in the bar so you could look down and watch your lady perform. Today it might be a ladyboy....
  3. Seems to me there was (is?) a place on Soi Post Office called the Pump Station? And there was a separate bar upstairs similar to the pic below?
  4. If at first you don't succeed, skydiving is not for you!
  5. The patty on the Impossible burger I tried in Maui was much thicker than a Burger King patty would be. My memory is it had grill marks as I applied the condiments. As I mentioned previously I was not aware it was imitation meat. Delicious! I have since tried the Impossible at the restaurant next door to my home and another restaurant. Nowhere near as tasty. Both "burgers" prepared differently - condiments, buns varied, etc. Neither restaurant a fast food place. Point is I imagine quality and taste will vary with the Impossible just like real burgers. Just saw my doctor Monday. Blood tests came back good. Cholesterol level good. (I do take Lipitor...) I love meat, do not intend to give it up if I do not have to.
  6. My wife & I were in a restaurant last year on the north shore of Maui. Windows open, traffic going by, a couple games on the TVs. A lot of ambient noise....my wife is chatting away with the waitress (social butterfly-she will talk forever), I basically tune out and concentrate of something important like Pattaya Talk on my cellphone (or whatever). I hear something like...."the burger is the best on the island, nobody every returns it".....wife says you want to try it? I grunt yeah. Halfway through eating it I remarked "This is a great burger". Wife exclaims yes it is. I never thought you would like a vegetarian burger... I had no idea it was the "Impossible Burger" when I ordered. Was amazed how good it was. Could not tell it was not real meat! There is a high end restaurant next door to our home where they serve it. Not as good. I assume it is like burgers everywhere. Some places are better than others.
  7. From my sister in law...
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