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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I have a BoA credit card "Travel Rewards". No foreign Transactions fees. BUT, my BoA ATM card does charge foreign transaction fees. My memory is they do not charge for using an out of network ATM. I do not believe they currently are limiting usage. I have heard they are watching for people who just want to use an ATM card and not their other services. That is why I advised 007 not to mention the ATM when opening his account.
  2. I believe Schawb not only does not charge ATM fees but the also pay the fees charged by the bank you use
  3. Chime does charge for some ATM usage: Foreign Transaction Fee $0 ATM Fee (in-network) $0 ATM Fees (out-of-network) and Over The Counter Fees ** $2.50
  4. My AX card does not need to be notified. When I tried to do it online says not necessary they track things. No real explanation. Other cards are fairly easy to notify online. Charles Schwab is the best I have found. I have used all over Asia and Europe. I am not aware of any fees although I do not track things as closely as I ahould. DP's point about no foreign transaction fees is very important. The can be more than the ATM fees. BTW, just put $10k in telling them you will be investing soon. Best not to mention you are just looking for free ATM use. They send you the card automatically.
  5. The 'Sausage Queen' for Zion Meat Company’s "National Hot Dog Week" in 1955.
  6. Nation Breathes Sigh Of Relief As Ocasio-Cortez Comes Out Against Having Children U.S.—The nation breathed a collective sigh of relief Monday while watching footage in which Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez appeared to come out against the concept of reproducing. Stating they realized that we really dodged a bullet this time, citizens all over the country expressed their sudden sense of comfort and serenity at the fact that Ocasio-Cortez would probably never have children. Fear and trepidation had swept the nation upon the realization that Ocasio-Cortez likely possessed the capability to reproduce actual human children, whom she would then ingrain with her values and politics for their entire childhoods before they would go on to have political careers of their own. "This is a huge burden off my chest," said Lyle Billings of Lawrence, Kansas. "I suddenly realized that there could be two, three, or even four little Ocasio-Cortezes running around one day. So I totally support the congresswoman's position against having children. It's really what's best for the nation as a whole." While the nation is typically baffled at Ocasio-Cortez's positions, her bold stand against having children has become her most popular policy position yet, garnering a 97% approval rating.
  7. We just returned from vacation. Worn, tired and bad weather we stayed home this last weekend. Binge watched season 3 of the Last Kingdom on Netflix. Simple, easy to follow, very watchable like the first two seasons. I think my wife has the hots for the star although she will not admit it. Speaking of Daniel Craig. We watched Casino Royale on Netflix, the reboot of the James Bond series and Daniel Craig's premiere as Bond. Excellent movie. Craig is a first class Bond - swept the wife off her feet when the movie premiered 12-13 years ago. She admitted it then....I cannot image her ever fooling around on me, BUT - I would never leave her alone with him.... Another series we finished over the weekend on Netflix (I think) was Bad Blood. A mafia drama set in Montreal. At times watchable, I found it somewhat boring, a cheap Godfather knockoff (they blatantly stole several key lines). The wife liked it more than me. Perhaps because one of the main stars was also in Sons of Anarchy, a big favorite of hers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bad_Blood_(TV_series)
  8. https://www.foxnews.com/lifestyle/louis-vuitton-designed-a-luxury-jenga-set-priced-at-2400 Louis Vuitton designed a luxury Jenga set priced at $2,400 The game comes after the much-anticipated second menswear collection from much-hyped Louis Vuitton creative director Virgil Abloh. The storied French fashion house Louis Vuitton, known for its luxury logo-bedecked leather goods, is entering into the gaming arena. Louis Vuitton’s latest release will have Hasbro shaking in its boots or LV chunky dad sneakers. ANNA WINTER REVEALS THOUGHTS ON MEGHAN MARKLE'S WEDDING LOOK Enter: FW Jenga. Yes, you read that right. Louis Vuitton is releasing a Jenga set. The game comes after the much-anticipated second menswear collection from much-hyped creative director Virgil Abloh, which attracted an impressive front-row lineup — Timothee Chalamet, Naomi Campbell, Offset and Frank Ocean — to view Michael Jackson-inspired crystal-beaded jackets and a set reimagined from the NYC sidewalk from the “Billie Jean” video. CHANEL DEBUTS BRIDAL-INSPIRED SWIMSUIT IN PARIS But don’t be fooled — this isn’t your typical, old-school, wood-balancing-block game. LV’s luxury upgrade features 54 LV monogrammed plexiglass cubes that will set you back a cool $2,400. Totally worth it, right? An official release date hasn’t been put on the books but we think it’s safe to assume the FW Jenga set will likely sell out despite its high price tag.
  9. Most comprehensive No Trespassing sign ever...
  10. Whew! Figuring things out can be a challenge for the dyslectic! I shall muddle through. One thing I am noticing upper left hand corner is it says the site is not secure? Maybe the old one was the same and I just did not notice? The old site had a button something like "View new" where you could see a listing of everything new regardless of topics, etc.? Is the same thing on this site somewhere too?
  11. Does one receive a discount if you bring your Aston Martin?
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