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  1. Different geographies and other issue can affect if a link will open. That is why I 'cut n paste' most articles.
  2. Is your brother named Steve?
  3. Just for grins I tried Koh Samui and a couple other high end areas, date Jan & Feb. Came up "rates unavailable". Amazing cockiness on Marriott's part....do they really think they will have that many guests then?
  4. "I would sell my mother to the Arabs for her" speaking of Woody Allen quotes....
  5. Southern California is considered by some as the automobile capital of the world. There are 'monied' enclaves throughout the region that have many very expensive cars. Show up at a nice restaurant some evenings and you will see only six figure cars in the valet parking lot. A couple weeks back I was at my usual car wash. Noticed the black and white Bentleys in the picture below. The manager told me his guys had just picked them up from a home to have them detailed. "He has black and white Aston Martons too" he told me.
  6. Eagles Live @ the BBC in 1973. I'd never realized how much Bernie Leadon held the group together early on. I'd always thought of him as totally secondary to Glenn Frey and Don Henley (and later, Joe Walsh, who replaced him). Throughout the concert he plays multiple instruments, and here he does a kick-ass set of solos and fills that transform "Take it Easy."
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