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  1. This spot is taken. Move on.
  2. Excellent pics, thank you. The empty streets...wow!
  3. Now we understand why Awesum wears button-fly....
  4. It is getting warmer out there... Meteorologiste.mp4
  5. Dedicated to MGDN...
  6. I could not possibly imagine Bangkok so empty.....Excellent report and pics RT. Thank you.
  7. That is warmer than when we were there last October. Great pics, thank you.
  8. Common sense tells us there is far too much uncertainty to send money to an airline that may or may not be around. And it may or not be safe to travel.... Cash is King. Recommend keeping your money in the bank. Who knows what may be coming our way.
  9. A more casual but IMO better rendition:
  10. Lakmé, Flower Duet Here's some insight about the opera: The opera Lakmé is a French-ified tragic love story between the daughter of a Hindu priest (a Brahmin, the highest caste in Hindu society) and a British military officer, in the late 1800s. Note: the name "Lakmé" is the French version of "Lakshmi", the name of an actual Hindu goddess, as well the name of the priest's daughter. Also, Hindus were forced to practice their religion in secret due to British colonization. Imagine a scene where Lakmé (played by Netrebko, on the right) and one of her servants, Mallika (played by Garanča, on the left) are picking flowers (for the temple) near a lush, blue-green riverbank one morning, singing this exact song. Now imagine how forbidden that type of relationship would be in colonial India, between a British army officer and a Brahmin's daughter - despite all of that, they end up falling in love. You could imagine that her dad wasn't too happy with it, either. The story ends with the officer falling out of love and going back to swear duty to his job, and with Lakmé, well... Killing herself with poison.
  11. Wendy's, Burger King...whatever. Either way I have a Big Mac for her !!!
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