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  1. Sadly no. We are ready to open and will do as soon as the Corona (government) situation allows tourists to enter Thailand with out unreasonable restrictions and alcohol can be sold.
  2. It seems that while closed the PBG has still been feeding the masses. Unfortunately the masses are insects and the food has been our wooden tables and chairs. The work crews are rebuilding the furniture and expunging any insect infested wood from the premises. A bigger job that I expected. We have tentative plans to re-open on 15 January for limited hours and with a limited menu. Probably 3 - 11 pm. Nothing is sure yet as the situation here remains fluid and Omicron has yet to hit heavily. It's the government response to Omicron that remains the big unknown although the health minis
  3. Yes, The Pattaya Beer Garden will close again (temporarily), with Tuesday 29 September being the last day for the public. We gave it our best shot, after reopening following the initial Covid closure. We have tried now for 3 months but never looked even close to breaking even let alone making a profit. I have been subsidizing the losses to try and keep the jobs going but if I keep doing it I will soon be broke. Our lease came up for renewal during all this and we have signed up for a further 3 years. As soon as the business looks even remotely viable again we will reopen. We h
  4. Jacko, the bar area will be open, all usual services will be available.
  5. No plastic partitions. My understanding is they were never required just an over reaction by some owners.
  6. We will be open again from 10 am to 12 midnight from Wednesday 1 July. The staff have been busy these last few days getting everything clean and ready to go. It is amazing how many things deteriorated or just broke over the three months we were closed. However everything appears good now and we are keen to get back into it. I have no idea if we can survive and I'm expecting a hard time to even break even with no tourists in town and Cov19 fears still very much on everyone's mind. We are going to give it our best shot though. I do believe the Beer Garden will be a safe venue with ocean
  7. Pete: Are you closing the PBG?  

  8. Frosty, I can and will definitely help through either sponsorship, advertising or donation. I am back in town after 1 March, lets get together and talk about it then.
  9. Reviews are strange things. If you read the reviews for the Beer Garden, even just the first two pages you may think that the Beer Garden is too expensive, while being very reasonable the food is great but average the staff are fantastic but ignore you its as good as it ever was but going down hill service is very friendly but rude food is served very quickly but takes forever It gets confusing to say the least. I try to follow up bad reviews with the managers to find out what actually happened. Sometimes we just did a bad job, sometimes the customer was unreasonable and someti
  10. I can confirm that he has not sold the PBG.
  11. We sell cigs at the Beer Garden. Wholesale price for L&M went from 63 to 83 baht and for Marlboro went from 88 to 115 baht. That's a 30% increase.
  12. I got the following reply. "Your SIM does not support 4G. Please upgrade your SIM card (free) at AIS Shop. That's disappointing.
  13. This story is interesting but not for the reasons given by Reuters. It turns out that the evidence used by Wired and Gizmodo that Dr Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto (bitcoin creator) was fabricated by a blackmailer trying to extort Dr Wright. Here's what is interesting. Dr Wright is in a tax dispute with the Australian Tax Office over tax credits and VAT refunds around a company he started that is now in bankruptcy. Nothing to do with Bitcoin. ATO says he owes them 3 million and are withholding a 5 million tax refund while it is sorted out. In other words if the investigation goes
  14. If you owned 300 bitcoin that would have been around a 250,000 baht gain in 3 days. Just saying :-). Bitcoin - the best performing currency in the world for 2015.
  15. I don't have a regular time but I try to come in every second night between 8 and 10 pm. You can always ask the staff if I am about or send me a PM and I will tell you when I will be in.
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