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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. "no girl will be able to leave a bar with a farang unless they’re accompanied by a monk. It’s still unclear at this time whether or not a barfine will be payable for the monk." Always wanted a threesome but this one seems suspect?
  2. Thanks Monkey for your always reliable take on reality
  3. Caffeine is the curse of modern society. It is highly addictive and increases alertness but at the cost of addiction and anxiety. I dumped it 20 years ago and never looked back!
  4. Pete, Just a suggestion about your perimeter bench seating. Check out the supersize pull-out awnings being used at the waterside end of Simon Beer Complex. They roll out and secure in less than 5 minutes and they seem to stand up to a pretty stiff breeze. I don't think you will ever be able to shelter the row of benches looking straight down to the water but the row of benches next to the roof pillars could be sheltered from both sun and rain. Also, for old geezers like me, a stack of "bench pads", fabric covered foam rubber, available on request, would triple the time my old bon
  5. I often carry a small bottle of listerine and a pack of tissues. Listerine is an antiseptic which kills viruses as well as bacteria. I frequently wipe my hands with a tissue moistened in the stuff (especially on airplanes!).
  6. Google "Allianz Mondial", a big international French insurer. They have budget rates from about 1$ a day. They are cheap because they exclude things like vehicle drivers (but not passengers), bungy jumpers and other idiots. This insurer actually handles most medvacs in Thailand for other insurers. And a medvac decision IS ALWAYS made on a cost basis, not on a life saving basis. It is almost always cheaper to keep you in a Thai hospital than to fly you home on a stretcher with medical support (unless you are diagnosed as a vegie for life!). Finally, once you can crawl down the hospital
  7. doin that right now mate. Flew from Phuket to Samui, then on to U-Tapao. About 3 hrs all up. Round trip cost me about 7000 baht. Need to book early as the plane holds 72 and there is only one a day Sanuk Ron
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