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  1. Are you a stick boy fan by any chance Jomtien guy?
  2. It’s obvious what’s wrong ! no tail 😂
  3. Don’t give up the day job !
  4. Half thai half italian ...! Sounds like my ex now apparently living on the edge of a lake in Italy /Swiss With of Course the richer of her 2 BF But the ride was good ....
  5. Took a while to swerve em ....
  6. Fake news as allways
  7. Beach open for business ....
  8. Nope just landed all good 😊
  9. Alas no side trip to Morocco as I’m taking a guest with me .... But I have been to Morocco on a few previous trips 😉
  10. Do you supplement the trips with any amber leaf etc , I tend to bring a few ?
  11. Into Malaga & unfortunately had to use Ryan-Air Off to los boliches few tapas and ice cold estrella ahhhhhh 😎
  12. At last 1st trip out of uk In 2020 After a few cancelled Europe trips and one Thai trip I’m wheels up fingers crossed on Monday 6th July and land back after the quarantine deadline for us Brits .... Its not Pattaya or Bkk but it will ding dang Do....
  13. Never heard of them on a similar note I have on Monday 29th June just received my refund for travel booked 26th March with a similar set up who go by the name of Travel up ...... Good luck ....
  14. That will be dropped I’m hoping by the time I’m going ....
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