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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Wow, no replies in over 3 weeks, on surely the most important topic for any monger locked in at home. The board seems to be sinking faster than Pattaya itself.
  2. Thanks guys, its all pretty conclusive so Im giving them a body swerve
  3. Have any board members booked flights to Thailand with Dream World Travel? If so what are their experiences?
  4. On Travel Supermarket, Dream World Travel are coming in cheapest, by some way, for my flight to BKK from Manchester late December for 3 weeks. Ive never heard of Dream World Travel so did a bit of Google work. The reviews are mostly poor so I sent an email to Travel Supermarket asking them if they are happy with DWT and if they do any vetting and/or if they are formally authorised. I was told to do my own research. Have any board members booked flights to Thailand with Dream World Travel? If so what are their experiences? Many thanks in advance
  5. Each to his own opinion. I had the Sunday roast dinner here a couple of weeks ago and it was magnificent. It was the small dinner at 199 baht but was a real plateful of chicken and pork (could have had lamb or beef as well). I was told they had retained the Queens Arms chef. Conversely, I gave Chunky Monkey 2 visits and thought it was poor
  6. I take it this was a rumour with little or no substance?
  7. Has there been a formal announcement of the introduction of this flight yet?
  8. The 'Wentworth' breakfast at The Golf Club is about the best breakfast in Pattaya IMO. The only trouble is that its rather small and often you get a cigar smoking golfer blowing smoke around the place. Also excellent is Kilkenny, who do a superb full English including Heinz beans. I also enjoy the Continental Bakery German Breakfast which is essentially two lightly boiled eggs, crusty bread and a selection of hams and cheese.
  9. Pattysteve Sorry just seen your post. Many thanks for that
  10. Harv Many thanks for taking the time to help me. I am much obliged.I don't know what the walk in rate is but on Expedia it is approx 1266 baht peak season, in comparison, the Areca Lodge is 2500 peak season plus a rip off 2200 compulsory gala dinner if you are there New Years Eve Butch Thanks bud. Ive seen the video and the rooms look nice
  11. Please could somebody in town please pop in when passing and post the website and email address (If I book I will obviously do it through Agoda) There are a few sites/addresses on the web but none seem to be up and working and I want to do a bit of research before I book. Also, has anyone stayed at this hotel? If so, any thoughts/comments? Thanks in advance
  12. Will definitely try this place on my next trip. I have enjoyed a Reuben from The Golf Club in the past, delivered to The Metro. I wonder how this compares with the genuine article...
  13. Yep I agree with the above, Boat is cheap and cheerful. I have eaten there a few times and had the Beef Noodle Soup more than once and it has been fine to be honest. I seem to remember I had read Gabor enthusing about it so paid a visit myself.
  14. The steak at My Way looks good and seems to be a fair old size. I bet it looks even better when its cooked
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