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  1. I had the Brisket sandwich, curly fries and coleslaw yesterday and it was better than any Brisket that Ive ever had in Canada, very tender and juicy. The fries and coleslaw were great as well, would definitely recommend it and will go back next time in town.
  2. Went to the Queen Vic this morning, service was good and the breakfast was the best so far. The Full English is 180B and for that, you get, 2eggs, 3bacon, 1large sausage, beans, tinned tomato, mushrooms, 1toast and a cup of coffee. I also added 2fried bread for 40B, worth every penny, top notch grub.
  3. Ended up going to Best at 2nd/Central, 390B for 50g of GV. Will go for something cheaper next time.
  4. Went to Robin’s Nest yesterday, “Full English” was 185B, the service was not good at all, no greeting or speaking of any kind, just put the menu down in front of me. The food was very tasty, 2eggs, 3bacon, 1sausage, beans, tomatoes, fried potatoes, 1toast & a mug of coffee. Today, went to the “Sportsman’s”, same again, but the service girls were friendly. 195B gets you, again, a very tasty, 2eggs, 1bacon, 1sausage, beans, tomatoes, bubble & squeak, 1toast & a cup of coffee.
  5. MM, sorry, what and where is Friendship please ?
  6. Hi, can anybody tell me where can I buy tobacco like Asia Gold in Pattaya please ? Thanks.
  7. Idefix, I have lived in Canada now for 11yrs and havent been back to the UK since. Pattaya is where I get my fill of English food. Thanks to the others for suggestions, will try them out.
  8. Hi, not been to Pattaya for a good few years, so any recommendations welcome please ?
  9. As Teelack says, not a buffet. The reason I like a buffet is 'cause some veg makes me want to barf when I see it on a plate whereas a buffet, up to you but they had the veg on the board outside so I knew what I was getting.
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