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  1. Note to self: "I will not post dentist nudies, I will not post dentist nudies,..."
  2. I recall mention of a Soi Bukhow dental clinic that does reasonably priced good work. Does anyone know of the place? Thanks
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  4. Do you know if they are going to rebuild the walkway to Wong Amat Beach?
  5. Where can I get knives sharpened in the downtown area? Thanks.
  6. So, I've just finished my second helping of roast pork, beans, and cabbage. I want to gas some confined innocent Woke Lefties from the department of Gender Fluidity and Diversity. The department's size requires that it has it's own elevator - which is packed upon their return from lunch. Thus target control has been established; however, the "laughing my guts out problem" had always been an insurmountable hurdle. I can hear it now - "He used hate farts" "we only smell each others fake-vagina farts" "He thinks his farts are superior to ours" "A methane supremacist has infiltrated our nest." The
  7. Try: https://www.safegenericpharmacy.net/product/buy-vidalista-black-80mg-online/
  8. One sunny October day, I still remember seeing a 1000+ pound grizzly bear rolling in the grass. The next day, I awoke to 3 feet of snow, howling wind, and sub zero temperature.
  9. Reminds me of Northern British Columbia. One week it was -40f, so I flew to Reno, and kept warm at Mustang Ranch.
  10. I woke up shivering. I face North, and there was a wind.☹️ At present, the windows are closed, and I have a blanket.
  11. Walking is a great habit. I wonder if increasing its frequency and duration would improve your sleep quality - and strengthen your lower back? Taking off all that weight probably added years to your life. Remember The late James Gandolfini ? Congratulations.
  12. BB - during your diet, did you have enough energy? Did you feel weak?
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