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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Note to self: "I will not post dentist nudies, I will not post dentist nudies,..."
  2. I recall mention of a Soi Bukhow dental clinic that does reasonably priced good work. Does anyone know of the place? Thanks
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  4. Do you know if they are going to rebuild the walkway to Wong Amat Beach?
  5. Where can I get knives sharpened in the downtown area? Thanks.
  6. So, I've just finished my second helping of roast pork, beans, and cabbage. I want to gas some confined innocent Woke Lefties from the department of Gender Fluidity and Diversity. The department's size requires that it has it's own elevator - which is packed upon their return from lunch. Thus target control has been established; however, the "laughing my guts out problem" had always been an insurmountable hurdle. I can hear it now - "He used hate farts" "we only smell each others fake-vagina farts" "He thinks his farts are superior to ours" "A methane supremacist has infiltrated our nest." The
  7. Try: https://www.safegenericpharmacy.net/product/buy-vidalista-black-80mg-online/
  8. One sunny October day, I still remember seeing a 1000+ pound grizzly bear rolling in the grass. The next day, I awoke to 3 feet of snow, howling wind, and sub zero temperature.
  9. Reminds me of Northern British Columbia. One week it was -40f, so I flew to Reno, and kept warm at Mustang Ranch.
  10. I woke up shivering. I face North, and there was a wind.☹️ At present, the windows are closed, and I have a blanket.
  11. Walking is a great habit. I wonder if increasing its frequency and duration would improve your sleep quality - and strengthen your lower back? Taking off all that weight probably added years to your life. Remember The late James Gandolfini ? Congratulations.
  12. BB - during your diet, did you have enough energy? Did you feel weak?
  13. News of the Soi Honey BBBJ Boom massage shop's reopening 500 baht special spread like wildfire
  14. 77 year old Doug had became a multi millionaire by buying early Google stock. One cold winters day, he brings his super hot 20 year old Thai wife to a popular Manhattan bar. All heads are turning to check her out as the barman asks him “How did did you get her to marry you?” Doug said, I lied about my age. What- You said 42? Doug replies - "No! I told her I was 98."
  15. Convincing evidence (Using the House Standard) that the Corona Virus originated in San Francisco.
  16. In my teens - I got lots of boners with my Black Ant.
  17. Two guys are working in the desert when Doug decides to take a leak. Suddenly a snake bites him on his wiener. He screams,"Paul, I think it's poisonous! Quick, call 911." Operator: "What is the state of your emergency?" "My pal has been bit by a snake on his penis - and its starting to burn and swell." She explains how to remove the venom: "Squeeze his penis firmly, place your mouth over the bite, then suck the venom out." "Paul, Paul, what did she say?" Screams Doug. Doug replies - "looks like you're gonna die."
  18. I had no idea that a woman had joined a pussy hounds forum. I understand your revulsion towards naked females. Please, accept my apology. Yarn And welcome to spot the looney, where once again, we in.mp4
  19. The post was obviously a joke.
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