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  1. how would anyone know about anything if not for media, social or otherwise?
  2. I didn't watch it, I never watch football, at least not the soccer kind. I was commenting on the massive overreaction in the media to yet one more football game. The hysteria in the UK media was hilarious to behold.
  3. well yes. but either way, its an insufferably boring game to watch, whomever is playing.
  4. If that were to work, Thailand would be World Champions. Some of those Amazons would scare the hell out of me.
  5. So the ladies won, good on them. However, to be honest, I don't see the distinction between the women's game and the men's, they are all pussies to me, playing a pussy sport. Still, good on them to have bested the over paid, over acting, under skilled, prima donnas in the men's game. Maybe they should all exchange salaries and endorsements?
  6. very expensive way to go for longer term rentals, it makes no sense at all, as normal rental rates right now are the lowest in years. .
  7. If you are using an agent to avoid the 800K then that is illegal and therefore risky. If you are using an agent, as I do, to do all the leg work for you, but you still meet the legal financial requirements, then that is perfectly legal. Don't mix up the two would be my advice
  8. Love them , but never seen any working girls from either place outside of their own country and in the case of Japan, even inside the country they are hard to find for foreigners. But they are as sexy as hell.
  9. I never received the confirmation SMS, but rued up anyway and I was on the system. I was not alone, something like 25% of those attending appeared to have not received that second SMS. The 25% is a guess based on what people were saying round me.
  10. Oh I don't know, depends on what the rest of her is like
  11. Hi Forcebwithu, I was there the day before. All very well organised. I was super impressed. I was in and out in just over one hour. Next appointment is 2nd November. Side effects, a slight stiffness in that shoulder and a bit dizzy the day after, but nothing much different to normal for an old man. Oh, and I think the nurse that vaccinated me was cute, at least I think so, under all that garb she was slim and very nice eyes. We had a short but pleasant chat during the process. She said that the side effects from the second vaccination tend to be more prolonged, up to 3 or 4 days of flu like
  12. I understand that the result may be the Chinese crap and a mixture of that and AZ, so no thanks.
  13. The new one, announced to start today, 1st Aug, doesn't work either. I'm off to cuddle the g/f and have a beer, not necessarily in that order. .
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