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  1. Jacko, just a small addition. to the info you have helpfully detailed that may be useful for others. I own my house, as a 'minority' company shareholder, so who is the House Master? if as in my case, the other shares are split between wife and Thai daughter. In our case, a House Master can be nominated to immigration as the Company Secretary, my wife in my case, who then is responsible for reporting and indeed for the yearly accounts and tax payments. I use online for 90 day reports of course, so not an issue. When it comes to the yearly extension, a letter from her suffices to cover the is
  2. Can you post the example letter?
  3. Exactly. I was using Sky's NOW TV, with a VPN, to watch F1 and some NFL. It cost 850 Baht per month and that was a deal , normal price was 1,500 pm. I now watch F1 on BeIN at 129 Baht per month. Sky is a massive rip off, as good old Murdoch cornered the market years ago. Lots of alternatives available now.
  4. ToT has its issues, but I have used their fiber service for 5 years now and generally its a good service,. In any event, its faster, cheaper and more reliable than BT in the UK. I have no complaints. I pay the same as you do per month.
  5. They have also managed to get ugly. The pretty, slim ones are all on line, not being controlled by the bar pimps and keeping all the dosh. The ugly, old, fat ones are in Soi bars. You can still find the odd gem of course, but they tend to be a bit too young and star fish like. Only my view of course. I have a mate who loves the old fat birds because nothing is off the table with them and I mean nothing and they're as cheap as chips. Not for me.
  6. who cares . I guess that the OP has never heard of Google?
  7. how would anyone know about anything if not for media, social or otherwise?
  8. I didn't watch it, I never watch football, at least not the soccer kind. I was commenting on the massive overreaction in the media to yet one more football game. The hysteria in the UK media was hilarious to behold.
  9. well yes. but either way, its an insufferably boring game to watch, whomever is playing.
  10. If that were to work, Thailand would be World Champions. Some of those Amazons would scare the hell out of me.
  11. So the ladies won, good on them. However, to be honest, I don't see the distinction between the women's game and the men's, they are all pussies to me, playing a pussy sport. Still, good on them to have bested the over paid, over acting, under skilled, prima donnas in the men's game. Maybe they should all exchange salaries and endorsements?
  12. very expensive way to go for longer term rentals, it makes no sense at all, as normal rental rates right now are the lowest in years. .
  13. If you are using an agent to avoid the 800K then that is illegal and therefore risky. If you are using an agent, as I do, to do all the leg work for you, but you still meet the legal financial requirements, then that is perfectly legal. Don't mix up the two would be my advice
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