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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. I have a great memory of the Dynasty, licking a chicks pussy out on the balcony one night. No mattress required.
  2. HI, Anyone seen projector screens for sale or want to sell one? Cheers
  3. I miss the Haven now, had many a good feed there.
  4. Thanks for checking that out Bullfrog. I rang the Sandy Spring and they assured me there will be no construction in November, so I went ahead and booked. If that turns out to be not true, I'll move. I like the Deluxe sea view rooms at 1700bht, been staying in them for many years. Cheers
  5. It's about half way on Soi 13. I like it because it's a reasonable hotel in great location. Thanks Bullfrog
  6. Just booked for 2 weeks in November. Last time I was there the Haven hotel next to the Sandy Spring was knocked down to make way for a new wing of the Sandy. Can anyone tell me what's happening there? I don't want to book the Sandy to find I'm getting woken up by construction noise. Cheers
  7. Is Sustagen available in Thai supermarkets or chemists? My wife has been sending it from Australia to Thailand for her mother at great expense. If she can source it there we could save some bucks. No use asking her family, its like talking to the buffalo.
  8. That "Beer Lao" sign is definitley not for sale anymore as it is hanging in my garage in Sydney, Australia. Right next to my Carlsberg sign I got from a bar on beach road. Interested to hear about the car boot sale on Threppasit rd. Can I get some details on the exact location? Occasionly some Thai beer signs appear on Ebay, there is no shortage of ones from the US, I will be in Pattaya in 2 weeks time, if anyone knows of any for sale I would be interested.
  9. Just did a bit of quick research. The maps for "Besta" are supported by "speednavi" who use the ESRI maps. I knew the maps in the Besta unit where far supierior to Garvin I had used before. The update I just did was current as of June 2013, The unit now has a new screen layout as well. So if you want to save a few baht go for the Besta. I have never had a problem with mine in 3 yrs.
  10. Around 3 yrs ago I bought a "Besta" GPS in an electrical shop in the big shopping center on Beach rd, Pretty sure the shop is called "Power buy" Cost 2500bht. They were even cheaper than the sellers in Tuk Com. Power buy has a shop there too. Just in the process of upgrading the maps now. Downloaded from their website at a cost of 900bht. Upgrades are free for the first year. This unit has been great and better than the Garvin that I used to rent with a car. I would highly recommend Besta as an inexpensive and excellent GPS.
  11. I'm looking for any light up beer signs, I've got a Beer Lao sign and want to start a collection. I'll be in town on 23rd Jan. Please send a pm.
  12. I stayed here twice earlier this year, both rooms I had faced the street with a small balcony. I found it great for the price. Great service from reception also, always called the room to announce comings and goings.
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