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  1. still what they would do? 1000 fine, and ur face in news paper :)
  2. Hi, Im doing IPTV, Its huge server with over 4000+ live channels +VOD, from all over the world, they categorized by country, you can see channels at: http://bit.ly/iptvfeed It works on MAG boxes, Android boxes, KODI, PC, even mobile phones. Easy order by PayPal Can help set it up Free 24h test email iptvfeed1@gmail.com http://iptvfeed.com FB https://www.facebook.com/iptvfeed/ Whatsapp: https://chat.whatsapp.com/invite/3ReLSoxFjb4IzhRoZcvHET #iptv My phone little demo
  3. Im sure she blows Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  4. Easy to check the Laos Embassy website where you can download the application form. I used 1 for lao visa on arrival This is proper visa that need 2 photos. I got lao visa on arrival 1 pic and 30usd. Some countries pay 35usd.. mataleo
  5. You need two for the Laos visa on arrival. Personally, I always get them by the dozen. I got 4 left So enough I was told 1 for lao visa and 2 for thai v. mataleo
  6. How many pictures i need for laos visa on arrival + thai double entry tourist visa? mataleo
  7. not on the beach, beach cost fortune go there soi lengki, good area, close to everything, and got some entertainment around hotel clean cheap got pool http://www.opeydeplacepattaya.com/ if no rooms just go to next one theres many for example good one is next to it JP court
  8. Thx its my first double visa around here so i be ok. After my second entry i am going to renew passport due to no more pages.. So it will be clear I already called my consulate its 5000b and 10% discount for every year that passport is valid, not too bad.. mataleo
  9. Ok professor spell When typing on the phone its easy to misspels... And english is not everyones first language is it.. mataleo
  10. Hi, I got question regarding as in topic. My passport got 4 sigle pages left, which is 8 sides to put stamps (4x2 each page got 2 sides)... My triple entry visa is going to run out and I got flight to laos soon, to get double entry thai visa, in Vientiane.. May b someone is good about it cuz got a lot experience, like how many pages do I need for laos visa (is it take whole page?) Then thai double visa, and then cambodia visa on my second entry + local immigration 30 days extension How much pages all that would take I think I got enough, but after that my passport will
  11. We've already been down this road ... "I got in mind Laos, as its cheap to get to, and I read its easy to get visa.." Of course, on any given day they could tell you, quite rightly, to piss off. What do u mean? Where? On thaivisa thatmy say its quite same getting double vietnaine and suvankhet Is that correct? mataleo
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