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  1. Another follow-up to my topic is that you might want to consider talking with your doctor about him prescribing a higher dosage tablet because you want to cut the tablets in 1/2's or 1/3's to allow you to take the lowest dosage that "works" for you while saving money because you cut the tablets in 1/2 or 1/3. Where I'm from the price for the generic Cialis 10mg tablet and the 20mg are the exact same price. If he wants to start you on a daily dose of 2.5mg you might want to ask him for the 10mg tablet to cut into 1/3's(= 3.3mg dose) as the 20mg tablet would impossible to cut into the 6(1/6
  2. Just before Cialis went generic I picked some up at CVS and it worked out to be over $50 per, yes, PER 20mg tablet. Lilly Pharmaceutical was trying to gouge, um, make as much profit as possible before generic Cialis hit the shelves. Amazing. Thank God all I had was a co-pay with insurance covering the balance. I should, probably, just get the Dr. to write the Rx for 5mg tablets but I'm so used to cutting them into thirds, or quarters, I don't even think about it any longer. Right now, I'm taking small doses more for an enlarged prostate than for ED purposes. BTW, for those that don't know
  3. As a follow-up to my original topic post, I just picked up my first "refill" after the initial prescription was filled three months ago. The pharmacy had made note of my original coupon from GoodRx in my account and applied it to this refill without my having to do anything at all. Another 90 pills of 20mg Tadalafil(generic Cialis) for $41.65. So, yeah, it does work out pretty well. I've still got two refills remaining on the original prescription.
  4. I'm, truly, amazed at how resilient these people are. As soon as the water "goes away" it's back to business as if nothing happened. I guess that ability comes easily when you've had a lot of practice.
  5. The same goes for bar owners w/girls who aren't happy about the availability of freelancers on Beach Rd. Notice how the plan is to eliminate the majority of places to sit on the path. I'm sure they will start to enforce a "no loitering/standing" policy once done. It'll drive business back into the bars. IMO, this is what happened with/because of the FL's on Walking St in AC.
  6. *****Turns out that this is more long-winded than I'd planned. I just like to present all the info I can in order to be helpful***** I haven't seen much, if any, mention of the "coupon" websites for prescription medications so I thought I'd share my experience and, maybe, save others, as I did, some money. Unfortunately, the website I'm going to mention, "GoodRx", can only be utilized in the United States. There may be similar websites available to those outside the U.S. but I didn't look into them. YMMV. And, while some will suggest using a mail order site from Canada, etc..., to or
  7. I, because of a chronic problem from an injury, had(have) a painful time with long flights. I would book from my local New England airport to LAX. Stay overnight in the LAX area and catch a flight, via Taipei, to BKK the next day/night. I'd do the same LAX overnight(s) for the return home. Granted, the total, overall, flight hours were more than a direct JFK-TPE-BKK but the LAX-TPE-BKK saved a few hours on the U.S.-Asia leg. It made a difference. And, the night's rest at LAX made the U.S.-Asia leg, somewhat, bearable. Try Hotwire for deals on hotels. Sometimes good, sometimes not so. Be
  8. I can't find any place that serves Mad Dog 20/20 Red Grape so I have to suffer with a Cab Sav or Merlot with my Porterhouse. Drink wine in a bar? Not that I wouldn't but I don't think I ever have.
  9. On my next trip I'm considering renting a car to take a little trip, from Pattaya to about two/three hours north of Bangkok(no driving in Bangkok city). I'm concerned about having the proper insurance coverage should anything happen. Anything from a scratch on the paint to, God forbid, something major where someone gets injured. I'd want 100% coverage where I wouldn't have to worry about a thing. Anyone have any suggestions they can make from personal experiences about insurance, good or bad, while RENTING a car in Thailand? I know an IDP is recommended(no problem). I'm only concerned ab
  10. While I've never visited a Wat I have taken the water taxi up, and back down, the river. Highly recommended. Great photos.
  11. Dynasty Group is a, relatively, medium-large hotelier in Thailand. While talking to the manager, whom I've known for 15 years, I got a true sense that she was a little worried about the mattress complaints. The owners may have left it up to this manager to buy new mattresses and she went with the cheapest, which, in turn, also ended up being the lowest quality, mattresses available so as to look good on the bottom line. This is only MY opinion and, for her sake, I hope I'm wrong. During this stay I noticed some renovations as well as new TV's in all the rooms so it's not like upper management
  12. For any Dynasty Inn Pattaya Soi 13 devotees, such as myself, be advised that as of December 2018 they've installed new mattresses in all the rooms. In the 15 years I've stayed there I've always found them to be quite firm to begin with but, all things considered, I was able to live with it. Now? THE NEW MATTRESSES ARE HARD AS A ROCK! I just returned from a trip to SEA that included a stay at the Dynasty Inn in early December 2018. Upon walking to my room, after check-in, I noticed new mattresses lined up in the hallways waiting for "installation" as the housekeepers cleaned the rooms. Fee
  13. Wrong. You're referring to what happened in California a few years back when a private hospital used its own ambulances to transport, and drop off, a few "frequent fliers", in non-life threatening condition, into other districts where they'd end up in, as you call them "public" hospitals. A rare, and isolated, incident.
  14. Mimicked Myofascial Release. Possible Iliopsoas/Psoas spasm. Core muscles weak and/or out of balance. I'd be willing to bet taking a good, hearty shit also relieved the pain a bit.
  15. I can only address your first curiosity. Yes, it is absolutely true. Their reasoning for a $20 aspirin? Pay the Dr. to authorize/prescribe it. Pay the hospital pharmacist/pharmacy to open the aspirin bottle, pull out, and count the one pill. Pay the nurse who has to put it in the $10 cup, walk it to the room, pour the water, that helps the Pt. swallow it, into a cup and hand it to the Pt. They also make those who CAN pay(insured**, self-pay) make up for the losses the hospital incurs from those who don't/won't/can't afford to pay. You'd be shocked at the number of people who will call
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