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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Reminds me of my local Target department store sign about its business hours ... Monday - Friday: 8am - 10pm Saturday & Sunday: 8am - 10pm
  2. The TM30 enforcement thing seems to be one of those 'it depends upon the IO and office/province' things, like many Thailand rules on the book. So if you get a 'by the book' IO there's justification for a fine. In the NBZ the tendency is to 'mais bpen rai' and at most you get scolded but I've never been fined for ignoring the TM30. They just staple one into my passport every time I go get an extension.
  3. Counting the number of fries in a fish and chip offering.
  4. I got nabbed coming down the Highway of Death as it comes down the Korat plateau into Bangkok. The polite BiB informed me that radar clocked me at 120 kph in a 90 kph zone ... liar ... I know I was going at least 150 in that section. The sunnier side is that once you get a written ticket ... just show that at the next roadblock if they stop you, it's a get pout of jail pass for the day so to speak ... they only ticket you once per day 555.
  5. Working man anthem that's gone mega viral in the past few days in the US ... numero uno on iTunes ... Oliver Anthony, Rich Men North of Richmond ... wait for the line on Epstein's Island
  6. There used to be three of them in Bangkok. Before the Soi 11 location there was one up Sukhumvit more or less near where the Penalty Spot is now. They were renown for their 2-for-1 Friday 75 Baht Margys, and a so so buffet style baht buster offering of 99 Baht a few years ago. Used to be a favorite English 'teacher' hangout.
  7. One thing to look into is routing through other SE Asia connections. For example, I have friends who WFH in Bangkok and for their trips back to BidenLand they often go Bangkok-Saigon-LA-Saigon-Bangkok. The last one that did that last month got a return Saigon-LA-Saigon in BC for $2500 v. $5000 or so other airlines wanted for Bangkok-LA-Bangkok in BC. He added a short puddle jumper from Bangkok-Saigon-Bangkok for about $100 giving himself enough time, 3 hours or so to make the connection on another ticket and saved thousands he reckons.
  8. Blast from the past ...
  9. Vern, a hard working guy bowls one night a week and plays golf every Saturday. For his birthday his wife takes him to a strip club. The club's doorman says "Hello Vern". The wife says how does he know you? Vern says he's in my bowling league. They sit at a table and the waitress says "Want your regular Budweiser, Vern?" The wife's eyes get big and Vern explains that she's also the waitress at the golf course and he always gets a Budweiser at the turn. Then a busty dancer comes up and says "Want your regular nasty lap dance, Vern?" The wife storms out of the club and gets in a
  10. Nor do I although some of them are entertaining. Wonder what became of the hissy fight over masks at Royal Garden Taco Bell a few months ago. I think the diaper-less black guy got off with a small fine for aggression against the other fellow. As far as PBG (or PBB as Stuckman thinks it should be re-named) ... a friend posted yesterday that all ATK requirements have been removed.
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