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  1. 55,000 Geordies meet in St James Park for a 'Geordies Are Not Stupid' convention. Alan Shearer addresses the crowd, 'We are all here today to prove to the world that Geordies are not stupid. Can I have a volunteer please?' Gazza gingerly works his way through the crowd and steps up to the stage. Shearer asks him 'What is 25 plus 25?' After 15 or 20 seconds Gazza says, 'Eighteen!' Obviously everyone is a little disappointed. Then the Geordies start chanting, 'Give him another chance! Give him another chance!' Shearer says 'Well since we have a capacity crowd, world-wide press and
  2. A black guy from New York comes to Darwin to help with a large LNG project. The Aussies tell him that while they work hard, Wednesday is golf day so out they go to the course. After 18 holes and back in the clubhouse showering, one Aussie guy looks at the American admiringly and goes, 'Shit you've got a big cock.' Yank answers, 'Yeah I do weights.' Aussie replies, 'What do you mean you do weights'? Yank says, 'Every night I tie a five pounder to the end of it for 15-20 minutes, and there's the result.' Aussie guy replies, 'That's fantastic....I wanna try that too. Two weeks
  3. Looks like a TT Exchange. Didn't they use to give a slightly higher rate for buying the 50 quid note, something like 0.1 higher, similar to the higher rate for the Benjamin compare to other US notes? Maybe that was SuperRich.
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