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  1. Hard Rock higher end rooms are good and the pool is one of the largest and arguably best in town. For a smaller vibe there's Wave but I don't like the pool there ... to close and exposed to Beach Road riff raff.
  2. Just a thought ... for the new skin, perhaps an old picture of MM, one in his younger days, either overlaid or popped into a frame. There's at least one here somewhere. Sort of a silent but lasting reminder/memorial
  3. It was indeed. MQ's 'twins' were popular a few years afterwards as a young DB would attest.
  4. Yeah, that has to be a typo and was likely intended to be top UK food items. Yanks might be after masa harina or cornmeal for fresh tortillas, Zatrain crab boil, good peanut butter, etc., but orange squash and jaffa cakes ... no way.
  5. If you don't like plot spoilers, be careful surfing the net. The outcome of GoT season 8 is already out there as well as summaries of each of the final 6 episodes.
  6. You do not need a Passport to change money. As noted above, a TDL will suffice.
  7. For the next buffet-lover ... Lek Hotel 250 Baht.
  8. Phew ... close call ... saved me time shopping on Amazon for that type of vise.
  9. Recently watched 'Baby Driver' while confined to United's 12-hour slog in economy from Narita to Houston (at least it wasn't the overhead bin). It was much different than I assumed from the title and one of the best movies I have seen recently.
  10. In Texas, a patty melt is sort of an embellishment of a cheeseburger and is served on toast rather than a bun, more like how hamburgers were in the US Southern states back in the days when complimenting a woman on her outfit wasn't a sexual assault.
  11. I'm not in the know either but I have worked on similar sewage/drainage projects world-wide and it would be unusual to undertake a large infrastructure project like that just to move untreated raw sewage a little differently. Just my experience, but it is more likely the pipe part you are referring to which a well-connected know-it-all has surmised is to do just that is rather an initial part of a project that will take the feed to a treatment facility or new aggregation point to then head to treatment and that the treatment facilities are 'further down the road.'
  12. The rumours are nonsense. Sewage is treated in Pattaya city but the plants can be overwhelmed with flood waters just like anywhere else. The drainage in Pattaya is so poor the treatment plants get overwhelmed often. The drainage runoff is likely more toxic because folks/businesses often just dump crap in the streets/ditches, many/most which are not connected to treatment plants. Take your hints from locals, just like anywhere else. Most Thais avoid swimming in Pattaya beaches ... chinese not so much.
  13. I was upgraded one time on BA ... it was pleasant sitting inside the plane.
  14. I drive a 2012 Wildtrac in Thailand that has the 2.2L Diesel. It has 203,000 Kms and the only thing we've replaced other than normal wear/tear at the regular 15,000 kms checkups has been an O2 sensor that Ford replaced under warranty. I've had similar experience in Texas with a 2005 F-350 Diesel which has 200,000 miles on it. I'm hoping Ford offers a Diesel option in the upcoming Bronco. I'm guessing Ford will offer a Diesel in the new US Ranger if only to match Chevy and Dodge/Ram.
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