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  1. Here's a couple of more articles regarding the history of Patpong that you might find interesting http://www.thebigchilli.com/features/patpongs-favourite-son-tim-young http://www.thebigchilli.com/features/the-original-hippie-behind-mississippi-queen-patpongs-legendary-soul-bar
  2. Just an observation - Is there any reason why your kitchen, bedroom and bathroom cabinets seem to be anchored to the walls rather than extending to the floor? seems to be a poor use of space Personally, I'd be a bit concerned about that plot of land opposite your balcony- looks like it's big enough for another condo block
  3. I remember that lass.......I think she featured in your "Grab-A-Granny Bangkok Style" thread ?
  4. I've got an HSBC account based offshore in the UK and there is a £10K limit for on-line transactions. For larger amounts I had to write to the branch manager (or speak to him directly) to get the transfer approved.
  5. Angel City Diner on Sukhumvit Soi 11 (opposite Bed Supper Club) has received some good reviews. http://angelcitydiner.com/
  6. . Actually, he's talking about the Siam theatre which was burned down by the Red Shirts and later turned into a shopping complex. The Lido(Apex) and Siam Scala won't be there much longer. The ownwers (Chulalongkorn University) are replacing them with a big shopping mall when the leases expire next year. Personally, I'll be gutted when that happens - I was a big fan of the Apex group of cinemas.
  7. Giroud hasn't scored for the Arse.....yet
  8. I read somewhere that he's still the owner but might sell during the high season
  9. The owner is now the ex-owner. He sold both the Lone Star and Jolly Friar on 30th May
  10. InCider


    Not so....the pro English manager brigade were only too happy to see McLaren appointed. All the negative stuff came out when things started to go wrong. Capello : Qualified for World Cup, Qualified for Euro Championship, Decent win Ratio, Improved the coaching standards, Left a much better squad in place than what he inherited. Yep..that's a success in my book. I'm saying the FA should appoint the best man available for the job. Whether he's English or not is irrelevant. I'd be quite happy to see Gus Hiddink in charge if Harry Redknapp doesn't want it.
  11. InCider


    You mean like Steve McLaren did ?
  12. soak it in cider, LOL

  13. No you haven't....you just wanted to introduce the topic I fear this is where Mirkwood's canine kingdom is headed.......
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