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  1. You might need it or w/ military discharge papers if you have to deal w/ american embassy or some issue,not if your just a tourist.
  2. I've seen him once in Secrets but never did talk to him,I hear he is thought of highly by the ex-pat crowd but not so much by the Thai police.I always did enjoy his comments on Secret web site,seems pretty down to earth type.I still don't comprehend on what happen at Secrets when he got arrested a few years ago?
  3. Was checking Pattaya Secrets web site this morning and was told that the dominion was for sale and not available at this time for viewing,Did anyone else have this problem?
  4. Isn't everybody kinda hurting now,except the Thai go-go girls w/ their 3000 baht L/T and bar owners w/ their 1000 baht bar fines and drink increases.Let's see how this play's out this coming year and see who comes out on top.
  5. Great report,just loved the old photo's,was 1st there in 1988 but lost all my photo's,thanks again ,that was cool.
  6. All the ex-pat ballon chasers will probably show up early?then the food will be picked over or gone.
  7. This makes me cringe,do they realize how stupid they look?The Thai's are very tolerant because of the money they spend.
  8. I remember reading an article about American tourist's that started traveling right after WW 2,around the late 50's,lot of ex-GI's went to France,Japan w/ there family's an the french just hated us and the term "The Ugly American"was started from the way different nationalities saw us thru their eyes.
  9. The average Thai look at sex mongers as a person of low class,even if you marry one and live in Thailand 30 years you will never ever be considered nothing but shoe scum.
  10. Thought it has already been there for years with the Thai bouncers ganging up on Farang's,especially older guys who they can stomp on.
  11. Good to see larry back in action,I saw him working in 2010,the last time I was in Secret's bar but didn't talk to him,was kinda shocked when he got arrested an he had to lay low for over a year,lucky he wasn't deported over that incident.
  12. Bangkok is nothing compared to what I saw during the last days of the fall of Saigon in 1975.
  13. Thanks for posting,never been there,Think I will just visit Pattaya,I like to be around the Ocean.
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