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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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  1. I agree. Babydolls has some great looking girls and they are not always shown at their best with the 'official' pictures. However, as one of the very very few bars that go to the trouble of getting them, we do the best we can. With that said, the big difference for me, is that in Patna's photo's the girls look relaxed, comfortable and and are in their own clothes. With the 'official' pictures you have to weigh in the fact that the girls are at work and being asked to pose in front of 50 or 60 of their work colleagues, and I can tell you from experience they get very nervous and shy and it is reflected in the end result. Getting the girls to come to work early for photo's is just about impossible. More and more girls are reluctant to have their pictures taken due to various reasons. Many of the better looking girls simply will not have their pics taken as they have sponsors etc. We therefore generally manage to get 30 mins ( before opening ) to try and grab some photo's. We appreciate everyone's comments and will continue to look for better ways to show our Babydolls at their best..
  2. I received this brief message from Paul's daughter earlier today. ...I am writing this with a heavy heart My father has passed away....7 hours ago. He went peacefully. Listening to Bob Dillon and my mom by his side. R.I.P. Las Vegas Paul. I will miss you buddy. Paul and I spent a lot of time together during his time in Thailand. He was a great character, a lovely man, and an amazing story teller. A few years ago Paul gave me a copy of a book that had recently been published in the US. It's called " Bastard Husband: A Love Story " which details the writers encounter with LVP. I understand the writer, Linda Lou, has a stand up act in Vegas and she has very kindly sent me a link to some of the copy she wrote regarding our friend Paul. In her message she says " He was such a character, and funny as hell. I still do some material about him in my standup comedy act, and I can remember him coming to my shows, beaming when I started to talk about him. He certainly could laugh at himself. " It is a very good insight into the life of LVP. Enjoy http://vegaslindalou...vorite-vet.html
  3. Spare a prayer for BM Las Vegas Paul who's health is failing. From Facebook. " Please pray for my grandpa. His battle with cancer is finally coming to an end " My good friend Las Vegas Paul.
  4. As MM says. Babydolls will be closed Thursday sure sure. Fri, subject to agreement with the powers that be, we will open if we can.
  5. 3.7m + legals ( setting up company etc ) nearly 3 years ago However, I understand most of my neighbors paid over 4.5m
  6. It is not in a compound with Security. However it is only 200Yds from the Police compound ( where they keep all the bikes they nab ), and so plenty of uniforms around. Moo 10. Phenphak Village. Pretty much everything is included, except TV's. All furniture, AC units, etc etc included. If you moved in tomorrow, you would need to buy a TV and fridge. But that's all !!
  7. You are right about the Company. It is held in a Thai company name which is included in the price. Kitchen pics attached. It is 90% furnished. One bedroom is empty, but other two have wardrobes, dressing tables and king size beds. Living room has sofa as shown, coffee table, TV unit as shown ( no TV ) Plus dining table shown. Kitchen has everything ( Hob, extractor, Microwave etc except freezer )plus outside plumbed in washing machine. Less than 5 mins by bike to WS
  8. Thai Bali Style Detached House ( in a very quiet cul de sac ) Bedrooms: 3 Bathrooms: 3 Alarm System 5 Aircons Property size: 180 Sq. M Land size: 240 Sq. M Kitchen: Euro Private Swimming Pool Sale price: 4,000,000 Baht Ownership : Company Owned Please PM me if you would like further details..
  9. Women in court charged with stealing a tin of peaches. Judge asks " how many peaches were in the tin ?" to which she replies " there were 4 ". He thinks for a moment and tells her that she will serve 1 month for each peach !!! As she was being led away her husband shouts from the public gallery.... " AND SHE STOLE A TIN OF PEAS ! "
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