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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.

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Found 2 results

  1. Flashback: October 1992. Arrive from SFO, first time in Thailand, freshen up at the Tower Inn on Silom Road and I'm ready for action. A 15 minute walk to Patpong, I have no problem finding it, but there's nothing happening. It's too early! Here's how the scene looks like today Order some dinner and a few margaritas at Patty's Fiesta and snapped this one standing in front of the restaurant at the mouth of Patpong 1. The food was awful, but Patty's is still around, and so is the MacDonalds across the street When beer bars opened I ordered a bottle of Kloster, which I preferred over Singha, the only other option. There were a couple girls sitting at the bar, so thought I'd 'test the water' and buy one a drink. Anxious about what would happen, her English skills left much to be desired so conversation was difficult, but I was truly amazed when she reached down, grabbed by crotch and started rubbing my dick. "You like?", she asked. I had heard the stories but I couldn't believe it, this never happened at home. I visited some GoGos and eventually King's Castle I. It looked exactly as it does today, less some cigarette burns in the upholstery. There were some very attractive girls and I was ready for my first bar fine. One of the best lookers just happened to sit next to me, maybe not so coincidently, so I bought her a drink. Her name was Yu, she was 24, from up north "near Lao". The bar fine was 335 baht. I'd done research and knew I had to pay the girl separately, but had no idea how much to offer. There were no online forums like this in 1992, I was in the dark. Frommes and Lonely Planet didn't have this kind of information. "How much you gib me?", she asked. I thought I would start with a low initial offer and let her bargain me up, so I said 500 baht, less than I'd offer a crack whore in The Mission. She was so pretty, I feared she might slap my face for insulting her, but all she said was "OK", and we were off in a taxi. Fare had to be negotiated because there were no meters. The next day I did some touristy stuff, visited the Royal Palace, Chinatown, and took a boat up River City. With no roads, suddenly I could breathe again. It's difficult to describe just how bad the air quality was back then. In the evening, I went back to Patpong and met Nuen. The next day I visited Wat Sasket since I'd read about it in some guide book. Climbing to the top was quite exhausting, and suddenly I realized there weren't other farangs around. On the way back down, I encountered a twelve year old kid. I looked down at him through my Jake & Elwood sunglasses and I'll never forget how his eyes lit up. He turned to his friends and said "Arnold Swartzenag", and they were all very excited. My Tuk-Tuk driver laughed, "He think you movie star." I had the driver drop me at Soi Cowboy. Nana Plaza was just restaurants then, but I had read about how Soi Cowboy was named after a black ex-serviceman from Wyoming, the late T.G. "Cowboy" Edwards. Bars weren't open in the late afternoon, and as I was walking through the soi, I noticed a sign on one of the bars that read: WARNING Crazy Perverts Party Here If you're easily shocked or offended KEEP THE FUCK OUT!!! Took this shot near soi 23. Note Moonshine Joint and Suzy Wongs (girl in red dress). This is today. I had dinner at a fast food restaurant called Tikkiburger, an extremely spicy potato patty, like nothing I'd ever tasted, and I was blowing fire like a dragon. I took this snap of the Asoke Intersection, down Sukhumvit towards Nana. You can see Times Square of the left and the Westin on the right. The Sheraton Grade would be built 4 years later and the Seafood Market ("If it swims we have it") has since moved to soi 24. Can't see much from that same pedestrian overpass today. I hadn't expected Halloween would be observed, the King's Group was having a big shindig back on Patpong. I returned to Kings Castle I. Yu had called my hotel just a half-hour after she left, inviting me back to her bar. Guess I overpaid, ruining it for all punters henceforth. But Yu wasn't there and I met another girl that had lived in Germany a year and could speak very good English. She asked me where I was from. "San Francisco", I said. "Aren't there a lot of faggots there?", she asked. You travel half way around the world just to discover The City isn't famous for Rice A-Roni. The next day I picked up the silk suits I'd ordered from the tailor at the Siam Shopping Center and wore one to Patpong. I had girls crawling all over me, just as I wanted. There were more girls but I've lost the film, was lucky to find this. I bought a cheap film scanner last week and this is the first time I've had these in digital form. Here are some shots from Silom Road, and from the roof of the Tower Inn. And that's the way it was, 21 years ago. Hope you've enjoyed reading as much as I've enjoyed reminiscing. Cheers.
  2. I visit The Pong about every 3 months and, while I feel embarrassed to admit it, I always seem to have a good time. The Star of Light is world famous, of course. There's been enough jizz generated there to flood a small city. Otherwise very quiet in the afternoon until the workers show up to build the night market. I live so close to Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy that I never come to Patpong to bar fine. I come to Patpong for one reason only: Prices have always been lower and I can order Long Island Iced Teas all night and get really wasted. In fact, I haven't bar fined from The Pong since '03, this cutie from Kiss (not to be confused with Kiss on Soi Cowboy). Last night I took a walk down Soi Thaniya, until a tout informed me this was for "members only" and, while I could take pictures of the street, I wasn't allowed to take any picture of the girls. I always drink in the same 5 bars on Patpong: Kings Castle I & II, Club Electric Blue, Pink Panther, and Bada Bing. I tried the Black Pagoda once after stickman raved about it, before I realized they were an advertiser. I don't know what's going on in the other bars. I've been going to Kings Castle I & II for over 20 years, see my Bangkok Trip Report from 1992: http://www.pattayatalk.com/forums/topic/62014-bangkok-trip-report-21-years-ago-w-photos/ The bars are adjacent, they might do well to knock the wall down and consolidate, but they haven't invested in the property since I've been a customer. Looks just the same as 20 years ago, except a Jack & Coke goes for 130 now (still better than paying 180 at Baccara). They used to be prepay on drinks but now the customer signs each receipt, perhaps sending a message that it's going to be difficult to pad your bill. As usual, there were some very attractive girls there. Next stop was Pink Panther. I love it when bars price all their cocktails the same, so a Long Island Iced Tea is 180 baht, same as a Singapore Sling. Since this is Patpong I would expect that it be diluted, but it tastes like rocket fuel anyway, can't even taste the tea. Went down so well that I ordered another. I used to 'sober up' with an Irish Coffee here, but it's no longer on the menu. All the girls dress as coyotes but they seem to have three classes of girls. Some girls bar fine at the usual 600 baht while others bar fine much higher, and some girls can't be bar fined at all. Make sure you know the class of girl before investing 180 baht in a lady drink. At 11 PM they have Thai boxing, I always make sure I'm out of the bar by then. By this time the night market was in full swing and the music bars had their bands playing marginally better than Country Road. Took a break for dinner at Le Bochon. Lobster Bisque, Lamb Shank in a while bean sauce, and Creme Brulee, with a glass of red. No Thai food on the menu, not an appropriate place to bring a bar girl for dinner, but a Star of Light girl under the table would be delightful. Lust of Bangkok? I never saw this place before, the night market really obstructs visibility in the street. Next up was Club Electric Blue, and yet another Long Island Iced Tea. Last stop Bada Bing, and another Long Island for 200 baht. I don't know how you feel after 18 shots of booze but I can hardly remember getting home, think I took a tuk tuk. Found these shots in my camera this morning, so glad I didn't leave it in the bar.
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