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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Hi.... sadly most of those guys, we organized the trips not coming anymore to Pattaya... But I still have the phone of the boat ... if enough people...
  2. When the plate arrived I could say only.... WOW... it was huge... really... On the photos it doesen’t look so big but in the real life it was. Generous portions from every items, fresh, crispy salads, very nice and wide choice of the add-ons... ( 3 kind of salad leafs and 3 add-on items are free, over this 8 baht / each ) I liked especially the toast cubes, the pumpkin and sunflower seed options... a salad paradise... almost can’t finish it... Only one criticism, the size of the dressing was a little frugal for this size of the salad, but I managed, being it enough... Verdict: Highly recommended, I will be back.... 264 baht with a soda water.... a side note, it could be cheaper if not to choose the two extra addd-ons 50-55 bah / each... the tuna and the shrimps... Next time I will miss the shrimps, they were almost tasteless as everywhere in Thailand... ( still can’t understand the reason ) OK guys, the last post from me.... anyway a human puddle.... "The administrator has limited the number of new posts you can submit within a short time frame. Please wait 23 seconds before replying or posting a new topic."
  3. I think we ate two different dishes... your probably was ordered from the menu, mine was a special set lunch menu... They publish every day, their daily specials on the FB.
  4. Lamb meat balls, hummus and pita...the perfect combination for my very own taste....Mehmet all the times photoes a whole all you can eat buffet when promote his meals, so I had some doubts about the size of the meal... but when I saw the 4 pieces, nicely sized meatballs on the fire my doubts evaporated... The hummus... I like the hummus as a meal, but it wasnt something I expected... first of all it was hot... WTF ? Guys and gals.... it was fantastic, the very best hummus I ever tried in my life... Mehmet explained it was the turkish version, not the well known lebanese... The meatballs... I’m not an easy pleased guy, but again... fantastic... the srong lamb flavor, not dry, but juicy, the taste of the fire on it...it was minced on the perfect consistency ( I hate when the minced meat is a cream ) MMMMmmmmm.... The salsa ... nothing else I can say again... faboulous, full with mediterranean flavors, herbs... and also big enough portion on the plate. Well... about the pita bread... it was OK, but I felt it a little bit raw, despite in front of my eyes was baked in the grill... maybe not enough. I just tried the pilaf rice and the turkish mash ( trying to be on the diet ) and they were also nicely made. All in all I ate one pita from the two, the hummus, the meatballs and the salsa and I felt after the lunch, I will explode, I’m so full. The whole menu was 300 baht including a small bottled cola / sprite / water. Verdict: Highly recommended, it was worth to walk in the heat... PS: As usual I wanted to sit outside... a personal fan very soon arrived to cool my body... first class service.
  5. I wanted today a roast lunch and accidentally found their offer... pig / beef roast lunch menu. I thought, ok...anyway, too hot... meat, veggies, yorkshire pudding and gravy, all I needed and a few metres from my home... When I asked how about a mixed plate, the service girl shaked her head... can not, beef or pork. Ok, beef. The meat slices were really thin, but at least 4 slices... the meat was a little bit dry, so the slim slices were useful to eat it. I don’t know the drieness was because of the beef meat, but the lamb roasts I tried before, all were soft and juicy. The gravy on the meat was enough and pretty tasty. The veggies looked fresh and were cooked perfectly... The yorkshire pudding was something different I remembered from my previously experiences, but it was very good for my taste, at least the side was’t burnt. I don’t really liked the baked potatoes, they were lukewarm and melted on the plate, so it was hard to catch it with a fork. Also received a sensationally tasty horse radish sauce in a side dish, which one I liked very much, despite I didn’t had an idea how to use it... I just used it to make more colourful the bites ( still many to learn ) ... The little sausage wrapped in bacon was a small piece of 7/11 hot dog sausage... Verdict: It wasn’t bad, but either wasn’t something to remember, I would say it was value, but sadly I can’t to compare this 225 baht plate with the Retox Game On „ mini” Sunday roast lamb for 199 baht. In the Retox Game on I felt the touch of culinary art ( except the veggies, which ones were way better today ) , the today’s roast was just a correct plate. Big bottle soda ( no lemon slice in the glass ): 45 baht
  6. This 42 sqm studio on the floor 6 / Pattaya side, farang name is for sale Price: 1.680.000 baht
  7. This 101 sqm, floor 11. Pattaya side corner condo in View Talay 2 A for rent. ONLY between january 04 and january 15, minimum stay 7 day. 1000 baht / day + utilities
  8. In october 30% Pattaya Talks discount, minimum stay 7 days http://vt2a.weebly.com/
  9. Lengkee...a half roasted duck costs 200 baht....
  10. From yesterday I’m on a diet, I must to loose the 8 kilo I gained back in Hungary.... Anyway, I wanted a Sunday roast and voila, I see on the web the Retox Game on offers small Sunday roast... Let see it... And bang, my diet in the bin, this monster arrived... On the first picture one slide hide the other slide of the roast. Of course I choose the lamb option... the roast was very good, I liked it very much, the only moan about the weak lamb taste, what was enjoyable only at the fatty parts. Also received a small something, ( third photo ) what looked for me a mini sausage wapped in bacon ... I liked it too, it had a stronger taste. My newly discovered favourite ( thanx for this group ) the Yorkshire pudding was excellent for my amateur taste ( I mean I’m not an expert I simple liked it ) and it was crispy at the beginning before I sprinkled all the plate with the delicious gravy. The veggies were OK and crispy ( I really liked the steamed cabbages ) , the mash was rich and the oven baked ( ? ) potatoes fine. Verdict: For me very good food, more, than enough and great value for 199 baht. I’m sure I will be back... at least following my diet.... ( The normal portion costs 299 baht.... I can’t imagine what is on the plate if it was the „ mini „ roast )
  11. Finally given the option to visit the famous Aroy Sunday buffet. The whole experience is different from what I imagined. A huge, but very friendly environment, just like a club. I liked it very much. Emiel the chef friendly met me personally at the gate of the restaurant, just like any other guests... Yes, guests, not customers... He had always a few good words for the guests, probably the best host I ever seen. Also a real chef, no one second to rest, if not take care the guests, then busy with the food, personally cut the meat and serving every single guests with generous hands. But let see the foods.. The appetizer table was rich and various. The bruschetta was fine, but I don’t liked the toast concept, I prefer the soft, fresh bread variant. The varous salads served in two different size ( I tried the smaller „ in the spoon „ version ) The tuna salad was perfect, it was more a tuna paté....very tasty, served with taste in a small salad canape. I can say the same about the crab salad ( less paté kind... more salad ) I loved very much both of the salads. The egg salad... my nervous point, I’m very picky about it and I know it’s an art to make ( none of my own egg salad I liked I made myself ) It was a perfect egg salad, a holy food, every times I returned to the serving tables eye contacted with it..... But hey... we went because of the meats... Emiel several times mentioned the argentinian beef... I tought, OK, beef is beef I’m excited about the lamb... The lamb was sensational, real lamb taste, not overcooked, swimming in a tasty fine sauce... Together with the tasty, rich mint sauce it made me an gastronomical erection.... However the gastronomical ejaculation was the beef... Sending the very first bite to my face... I almost fall down from the chair... strong, sensational taste, the meat melted in my mouth. My friend I was with, just looked on my face, probably the structure of my face changed from the delight.... Unforgettable experience. The carrots from the lamb sauce were perfect, the potato side ( baked potato ? ) was delicious and fine, despite it was served in a buffet, not freshly made for the food. The sauteed cauliflower was too crispy for my taste, despite I like the veggies crispy... For me the sauteed veggies better if cooked soft. My friend remembered me I missed the liver pate... and he was right to remind me, it was really good on the soft, fresh bread... I enjoyed it a lot. And now the ribs.... Maybe I was spoilt with the ribs back in Hungary, Emiel also mentioned me his problems to find the right ones. It was served with a fabuolus smokey sauce, but I had to mining the meat pieces from between the rib bones. It was good and no matter if it is in an all you can eat buffet, you can take as much as you want... and I saw, it was a very popular item for the guests. And sorry... no room already to try the chicken... The dessert was the usual „ serve yourself from the box „ ice cream, but I liked it very much, I took twice. But remember I’m easy pleased if talking about the ice creams. I just asked Emiel what kind of coffee they serve and he started to list them: Arabica, equator etc etc... My original question was about: Nescafe or real coffe ? :-D He showed me the huge, italian professional coffe making machine and personaly made my arabica espresso ( wide options from latte to espresso or ristretto and many more ) It was real and quality coffe.... like a hammer beat... I felt, like I was stoned...in a good meaning. Verdict: Simple super, king size value, very highly recommended. Buffet: 300 baht Soda: 40 baht ( please teach the service to cut right the lime slice to gain the juice... I know, I made my own cut wrongly for years ) Espresso: 45 baht
  12. No farangs in the city...so... -20% boardie discount.
  13. Today and tomorrow on the menu as a special...
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