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  1. I watched it all and can't say it truly improved. It was an OK movie and I'm sure plenty of people will like the story and some of the cinematography, but my recommendation is if it's on TV and you don't have much else to do, give it a look. Any comparison to Saving Private Ryan in anything other than extremely basic premise is pretty far-fetched IMO.
  2. Just finished "Don't Fuck With Cats" from Netflix. Worth a look if you like true crime.
  3. A Nebraska woman will not go to jail despite marrying her father as part of a competition with her half-sister to have sex with their dad first, after a team of experts from Arkansas was sent to explain to the Nebraska courts how this happened.
  4. My latest favorite. Not everyone's style but gets the blood pumping.
  5. Lol, I actually thought saying "cool boiled water" would sound silly, nice one though.
  6. Got through to the precautions, well OK, I skimmed past what was above it, but number 2 is a bit odd. I mean, I thought repeated erections were a good thing and no ejaculation might just be the need for a different partner. Either way I don't see how drinking warm water is a solution.
  7. Just finished Chernobyl. Well worth watching and my one-word review is Powerful.
  8. Watched The Highwaymen last night and agree it was pretty good. Woody looked older than Costner but that may have been intentional. Part of me wanted to see B&C with more screen time, but that wasn't the point of the movie and I get that. Anyway, thanks for mentioning the movie.
  9. Just a heads-up that season 2 of Counterpart starts tomorrow night on Starz. I blame thank A2 for getting me into it and I highly recommend giving it a shot if you haven't seen it. .
  10. I've a picture of you going on the offensive, spamming the Off button at your unsuspecting assailant(s)
  11. First 4 seasons were great IMO. The 2 year hiatus between the 4th and 5th made me kinda forget about it and the direction the show went made me lose interest so never finished it. 1-4 though........very good.
  12. You mean waciness. Credit where it's due though wac, you've read this WC very well. Cheers Bro
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