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  1. i doubt its local to me in the north west of England but the atm machines were spitting out brand new sequential 20s 200 got you 160 in 20s and 40 quid in new tenners its probably due to the fact that soon they will be launching the plastic 20 so they are circulating all the brand new old style 20s and burning any crap looking ones. nearly £1,500 in brand new £20s and not a single one knocked back anywhere ( id put them all into an envelope as soon as getting them to keep them nice) also noted that a little laminated copy of my passport and Cambodian visa (credit card size) from a few years back was happily accepted as id at every single exchange place i went to.
  2. Best accommodation ive stayed at in lk area is crystal suits above crystal agogo. Looking at about 1000 per night for the front facing balcony rooms. Second floor is best as the sign blocks most of the baclony on 1 floor. Its a bit noisy for a few hours at night but i love the place.
  3. Live and learn. Maybe try to sneak on a few miniature vodkas for my fresh orange juice on the home trip.
  4. Update. Just hit bkk after my finnair flights from Manchester. Will never use them again. Only free soft drinks. The meals are very basic. You're expected to buy better meals and booze. Plus both legs were delayed. And the trolly dollies are in fact mooses.
  5. Read this a few years back glad to hear its good now. The one i read said the staff were incredibly rude and unhelpful.
  6. Im on the bus to Manchester as i type this. I grew to dislike the arab stop overs so last year i went with air india via Mumbai. Was pretty good but not great. Today im flying with finnair via Helsinki. So maybe ill get to see the northen lights. The oman air flights ive looked at stopped in Muscat wich gets bloody awful reviews as airports go. How was it for those who've been that route?
  7. Well it's not brilliant but it's certainly an improvement on the past few month. Hoping sterling will stay pretty stable for the duration of my 3 week trip in a couple of weeks. Baring a dead hooker being found in one of the party leaders gaffs before the 12th December GE
  8. Maybe ill be in town longer than planed lol
  9. Yes jacko i like value for money. Guess its a Yorkshire thing :) First flight in a long time where i actually slept some. That was on the 10 hour leg to Mumbai. The 4 hour to bbk was a bus 3 3 seating and a lot of indians as could be expected. First leg was 4 2 4 so got a widow seat and had both seats to myself. Room to curl up and doze. After ordering a few vodka cokes, guy made me a super strong one.. that was me done.. lights out.
  10. Cheap as chips. Online check in is a bit shit, cant check in till 12 hours before on economy unless you buy a seat. They start at £20 . Not tight with the drinks. Lots of room in seats. No usb charging point's on mine. Id use them again.
  11. Just watched a yobbo farang vid. He did an afternoon walk dont there and it was empty.
  12. nice pics.cheers.. .whats that guy doing to that banyan tree though?
  13. great photos..thanks.. i used to live in leiden a few train stops the other side of schipol airport.. thats a really nice place.. best time to visit amsterdam? for me its queens day.. thats the dutch queens birthday.. its in summer and its mental.. on that day its legal for anyone to sell anything on the streets.. so you get people doing mobile tequela shots walking round with a hat full of spliffs for sale.. all sorts.. plus a lot of the bars will string a few barges together on the canal and make a dance floor and pump out the tunes..it really is a great day, the dutch love there queen.. she lives in leiden or did, when i was there youd see her now and then riding her bicycal around town.. very down to earth.. no chaufer driven rollers for her..
  14. I'm 43 as well .. I've never tried anything blue.. my problem is when I'm pissed I can get it up but can't Cum. Does viagra help with that?
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