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  1. Anyone selling one in the pattaya area? I'll be in town soon and I'll need something to get about on.
  2. When I was booking my flight back to the UK in June I tried using the Etihad site.. from what I could see the prices were no better than Skyscanner and for the life in me I could not get it to display price.s in GBP.. the site seemed hell bent on Thai baht. I've now found I get the best prices on booking.com a site I used to avoid but now because of using it for rooms over the last 5 months I seem to get a nice little discount.
  3. Puff pastry is always found on grab n go food. Without sounding too tinfoil hatish.. Isn't it odd that most major puff pastry purveyors also have big stakes in vacuum cleaner companies ?
  4. What's the big thing about puff pastry? Take a Greg's slice as an example It's impossible to eat without making a mess and half of what you paid for ends up on the floor?
  5. To be free require s more than the absence of locks and bars. 

  6. 2 more because Simon and garfunkel can be improved upon. Not much can't be improved by the presence of the lovely suzanna hoff And this lemonheads version of Mrs Robinson just rocks.
  7. 2 because they sum up chumbawamba in their prime. I'd go to see these in my youth. Alice nutter one of the females named herself after a local witch in my area. Strange how it's gone from wanting a bit of equality which was incredibly admirable to getting silly pc.
  8. I'm not familiar with the establishment. What's full range of services?
  9. Have a great trip. From malaga if you get bus a few miles down coast towards Gibraltar you can get a ferry across to Morocco. Now normally I'd not recommend Morocco to my worst enemy. But tangiers where the ferry lands has a huge p4p scene. All the decent hotels have hookers, hanging out in their bars. And some are stunners. There are also little dive clubs all over the city selling cheap drinks with freelancers hanging out in them. It's finding a hotel that let's you take one back to your room without bum fucking you for a joiners fee, that's the problem.
  10. www.trading212.com/invite is the signature editor more basic than post editor? cant remember last time i looked there
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