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  1. I'm not familiar with the establishment. What's full range of services?
  2. Have a great trip. From malaga if you get bus a few miles down coast towards Gibraltar you can get a ferry across to Morocco. Now normally I'd not recommend Morocco to my worst enemy. But tangiers where the ferry lands has a huge p4p scene. All the decent hotels have hookers, hanging out in their bars. And some are stunners. There are also little dive clubs all over the city selling cheap drinks with freelancers hanging out in them. It's finding a hotel that let's you take one back to your room without bum fucking you for a joiners fee, that's the problem.
  3. www.trading212.com/invite is the signature editor more basic than post editor? cant remember last time i looked there
  4. Some great pictures there. I very rarely take photos im pleased with but then again i only have my phone camera. I quite like this one i took on the rochdale canal.
  5. Thanks Rhino. Great photos and report. Thoroughly enjoyed that. 👍
  6. Was reading the Cambodia forums just yesterday and apparently the big money guys are going nuts about the $3000 deal. They have empty hotels that need filling. It won't last long at all is the common opinion.
  7. Well you'll know Burnley got a 5-0 whooping. The skipper or team captain blamed it on the banner upsetting the players. When really they wouldn't have had a chance anyway and they were 5 guys down cos players in the last 6 months of their contract can refuse to play. In case they get injured.. Nobody wants to buy a fucked player. The whole blm thing doesn't really fly up north where Burnley are..jacko can explain it better I'm sure.. I'm very limited on football.
  8. From what I gather with Burnley they aren't making any huge fortune's, but I think in many ways it was a matter of club pride that for many years they were the only team in the Premier league that wasn't running at a loss. Going back to my mate Tom. A few summers ago maybe last summer or one before. A few of us stop for a beer at a countryside pub while out on a bike ride. Tom's wearing his rather expensive that seasons clarets top and Danny Ings is sat at the next table. Danny was Burnleys star striker at the time. Tom's getting all excited, he had to explain who Danny fucking Ings was to me. Anyway.. It's, my shout for the beers so at the bar I ask if they have a marker pen I can borrow. Sure no problem. So taking the beers back I give Tom the pen and tell him to get his Burnley top signed. Tom's not sure because the guys out with his mates and Tom doesn't want to impose on his privacy....in the end he does.. Goes over and says hi sorry to bother you and all that but could you sign my top please Danny? No problem says Mr Ings. Tom says hold on.. I've just bought this your staying at Burnley arnt you? Sure says Danny I'm going nowhere. He signed my mate top and we fuck off. Tom's happy as fuck untill the cunt moved clubs shortly after lol
  9. I was out having a few socially distanced beers with my mate Tom and his dog the other day. Now Tom's a life long season ticket holding Burnley fan, and he is not happy at all. 5 first team players refusing to play because the board never renewed their contracts. And then this BLM stupidity. I'm not much of a footy fan although I do the sky sport super 6 cos we have a cash league on it at work. Anyway.... Being less than 10 miles from Burnley, as you can imagine there are quite a few Burnley fans around here. I'm quite surprised at the amount of people I know who say they'll never go to Turf Moor again. It's seems a pretty even split between the contracts fuck up. And denouncing one of their own fans for the plane banner that merely pointed out the obvious. I think Burnleys run of always turning a profit may very well be about to end.
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