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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. ...couple of my travel buddies have booked for late October. For myself, that is too far out and uncertainty is abound. i will wait till the early fall and then adjust accordingly
  2. Anybody go from the 2main front speakers to the full 5 speaker set-up or vice verses? Will I be missing out too much, not having the 5 total speakers (2 rear speakers)? thxs!
  3. ....as a sporadic part-time resident of Pattaya and condo owner, I enjoy watching sports inside my condo, but don’t need a full tv cable package ...anybody out there stream free sports like say from 7mscorethai or similar site to occasionally watch sports via smart tv/internet feed? If so, does it work well? or do you have a better suggestion?
  4. ...so a number of people threw out there that they might’ve seen pre-made or frozen Puff Pastry Dough at some of the markets around town here in Pattaya. I was wondering if anybody out there has actually seen it for sale somewhere? thanks
  5. Anybody buy and place a full gas range in their condo here in Thailand? Not talking about a thai burner that used a small gas can, but an actual Western style full Gas Stovetop/Range? 1st of all is it safe to use/have a full size gas range in a condo? and if you did buy one already for your condo, where did u buy it from? thanks
  6. thanks for the suggestion/link!!!
  7. anybody know of a place here in Pattaya that sells the large life size “Jinga puzzle game”. I believe most of them are about 2/3 of a meter tall starting off
  8. ...waiting out my days here in Seattle, lol. I’m ready and waiting as many others are too. I’m in the “group of people” waiting to return to LOS, when required quarantine days are eliminated or drastically reduced. I prefer not to go through the 14 day quarantine requirements/all the other hoops. ...now, it’s hard to figure out, but a few people think that sometime in summer will probably be the time tourists will be allowed to return...so if that is the case, I’ll return then. I’d rather come earlier/next summer than have to wait till the end of the year/next high season, hopefully.
  9. ...normally I don’t come during the hotter months, but it seems that by the time vaccine makes it’s rounds and thai govt eases the quarantine/# of days, it may be summer. Plans are to come back to LOS as soon that happens, so assuming/hopefully sometime during summer
  10. btw, how were you able to book? I sent them emails inquiring about booking and never once did they reply back.
  11. ...when the company pays, I ll always go for the largest room for my per diem...and many times the higher price rooms were already booked, so there are plenty of people out there willing to pay. I’m glad that majority of the availability in town is in the 1k-2k range as that is my preferred budget when paying out of pocket.
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