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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. It is a task of another magnitude to stop using fossil fuels. Let us hope we succeed in that task as our ancestors succeeded in big transformations before.
  2. Which concert is that - who is playing? Sendt fra min ANE-LX1 med Tapatalk
  3. At any rate - please continue your row of amusing posts - by far most of us appreciate it. [emoji846] Sendt fra min ANE-LX1 med Tapatalk
  4. Can this new system be used to report if you are staying in your own condo? Which documents do you need for this? Sendt fra min ANE-LX1 med Tapatalk
  5. Yes - we like to keep up [emoji16] Sendt fra min ANE-LX1 med Tapatalk
  6. That is true in many of the places we live. In Pattaya a mature man (with some money) can do a lot more than dreaming. Just ask my role models Bushcraft and Teelack. [emoji846] Sendt fra min ANE-LX1 med Tapatalk
  7. Luckily the rate I get with Wise for DKK is better than what the exchange places will pay. They don't really want DKK (or Swedish or Norwegian money) any more. This is because the banks here are demanding too much documentation for where the money comes from when the exchange services bring the Scandinavian currencies back to here. The (for us travelers sad) ironi is that the hard money laundering rules came after some of the bigger banks got caught earning big profits for laundering money for East European and Russian organized criminals. [emoji16] Ahh well - we can bring Euro and get a decen
  8. Congratulations Adam [emoji481] Sendt fra min ANE-LX1 med Tapatalk
  9. Try betting on that [emoji16] Sendt fra min ANE-LX1 med Tapatalk
  10. Then buy your baht now if you think you know this is the best time. Sendt fra min ANE-LX1 med Tapatalk
  11. Can we get some links for good online sellers? Sendt fra min ANE-LX1 med Tapatalk
  12. Most if not all of the IPTV sellers are selling pirated TV. It is hardly surprising that the people not breaking the intellectual property laws cannot compete with that. I would also use IPTV if I lived in Thailand but here in Denmark they hand out some nasty bills/fines if they catch you using pirated IPTV or using pirated downloads.
  13. Covid was naturally hard for Pattaya like it was for many places. But saying that it "knocked the life out of Pattaya" is in my opinion very exaggerated. I think Pattaya is well on the way back BUT the development that started LONG before Covid changing Pattaya to cater more for Chinese and Indians and other Asians is continuing.
  14. You are reading the forum on some kind of software. If it is with a browser on a PC or an Android phone the most popular browser is Google Chrome. Sendt fra min ANE-LX1 med Tapatalk
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