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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. That is exactly why I posted. I also noticed nothing new but your announcements. I figured you would like something from a member who had logged in. Now can we have that "to the top" button please for the lazy sods like me? 😀
  2. Congratulations on the upgrade Frosty. It is looking good, and I look forward to the ongoing process. Thanks for you time and effort.
  3. Isn't Sky owned by Murdoch? Might have a lot to do with the fear mongering.
  4. I was on a bus going to Ubon Ratchatani and immigration got on the bus and asked everyone for passports or Thai ID. They got to me still rummaging through my bag and decided they didn't really need to see my passport. Guess this lot were not looking for farang to harass.
  5. The recent push to increase the licence fines has had a lot of push back from the Thai populace, as a result it may be the subject to another backflip by the authorities. The law is yet to passed into law.
  6. It should be rephrased, as Live is selectively censored or moderated depending on who makes the post. That is one of the main issues. Why you invest your time and money into the that cesspit beats me. No its not heavily censored at all probably the least censored pattaya forum and anyone who can disagree with the owners about anything they like...
  7. The funny thing about Puttanesca is that it does not have any meat in it.
  8. They have been using speed cameras for a couple of years. A friend of mine has been complaining about it for a while. They are usually on the Pattaya - BKK freeway. I have heard the police are taking them further afield too. The owner of the vehicle gets the fine in the mail, I assume they have an opportunity to identify the driver if they are not at the wheel. The lack of plates on many motorcycles is one way around the issue. There is some talk of not letting vehicle not being allowed to renew the registration if there are outstanding fines. This would require the police and the transport department to talk to each other, but as there is money involved I'm sure they will work something out.
  9. As I remember it, a lot of those people were put on the street as a result of a (Regan?) federal decision to not house them in prisons/asylums and not given any support as a cost saving exercise. There was not enough support outside of the institutions they were previously housed so most of them ended up on the street.
  10. This is the one who is trying to imitate TT. They use the same colours and fonts on their booths. One difference is they use an A4 page listing their rates rather than the popular rates shown on the window.
  11. As a suggestion try some other countries, Astro Supersport is is showing games in English in my hotel, it is a Malaysian cable network. Might not be usable but you might find one that is. Believe it or not the Lao cable which is also showing here is in English. Don't bother looking for the Aussie feed, it is crashing for the locals causing all sorts of problems for the rights holder.
  12. Today's episode with a couple of reasons why it is worth looking around before changing more than a days spending. Now my quest for the worst rate not a bank And finally, why we are suspicious of banks.
  13. I am trying the Federbrau. The reason there is no import tax ribbon on the can is it is locally brewed. Unfortunately it is showing signs of being brewed in Thailand, it is gassy, and it lacks taste. I was hoping for something a little better.
  14. Interesting selection in 7 on Pattaya Klang.
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