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  1. Care to quote your source? you're not giving anyone a lot to go on.
  2. You have a PM, BF - well, you will in a minute! 🤓
  3. You are just an out and out pervert - I’ll bring my own drinks thank you very much! 🧐
  4. I think the punchline is missing from the cartoon
  5. One applicator, sir.......
  6. Are those wifi codes on the wall? It's annoying enough when you're getting a foot massage and people are yakking on their phones or watching youtube and stuff, never mind hearing it from the next cubicle when you're having an oil massage!
  7. A new footpath for parking their bikes - heaven forbid anyone thinks it's for walking on!! 🤓
  8. You'll appreciate them all the more when they arrive! 😁 You do know you can reuse them, don't you? 🤭
  9. Great report, RT 👍 - plenty of variety, thank you. Not many people around, though! KM
  10. I hate it when you try to give up the booze - go and have a beer!! 🤓
  11. Let's hope the data is low calorie!! 🤣 However, well done on your weight loss. 🤓
  12. Hippo Burp Day, Rhino and thank you for the report. It's very much appreciated and nice to see other areas, not just Pattaya 🎂
  13. Appointment booked.............. 🤓
  14. Thanks for clarifying, Pete, and I really hope you are able to re-open when the situation allows it. I, like many, have enjoyed a meal and the music with our latest squeeze there. Let's hope the wait isn't too long. KM
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