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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. For anyone else sitting in the stupid section alongside Andy - as mentioned previously, this thread is specifically for 'the rate on the street' as normally seen by anyone walking past an exchange booth. It is not for deep delving questions about quantitive easing or any other such financial discussions or even about Mick Jackson and his recordings (his sister used to cut my hair!). It's really really simple. Please don't walk up to the line and piss over it to the other side and think we'll let it go, because it's getting a bit wearing. Enjoy the site and this thread for what it is and keep it for what it was intended - a quick up to date knowledge of what you'll get when you get there - ok? KM
  2. It's 'The Rate On the Street' guys, let's keep it on track, eh?
  3. Uncalled for comment. Your post is more judgemental of him than he is of Thailand. KM
  4. That's the same as the block of bars that Cherry Bar sits with, Yogi. They have one DJ who plays for the whole block and plays the wrong type of music for the paying punters. The same sort of thing you mentioned and a lot of Thai music. It's the punters who put the money over the bar, but it's the Thais who make the decision to run it their way or the 'highway'. Unfortunately for most it's the highway as punters vote with their feet. It has been known for bar owners to be threatened if they complain about the DJ, from what I've heard recently. KM
  5. It would be useful to have prices listed on your website to give anyone an idea of what you charge without having to go through the rigmarole of making a reservation? Just makes it easier to decide if they want to apply or not. KM
  6. 3.50 or 35 baht to the pound? Always better to buy your currency in Thailand. KM
  7. An IDP costs just a few quid (7?) from the post office (not all) and gives you peace of mind if you're stopped, so i would suggest getting one. There are a few people renting cars, just do a search on the forums. KM
  8. View Talay 6 next to Central Festival. Prices range anywhere from 1,000 - 2,200 baht. 48sq M. apartments. Has pool and security and cleaning can be daily, weekly or anything in between. Several different agencies within the complex renting rooms. Shop, laundry, cafe and massage within the complex. I stay there for 2 or 3 weeks at a time. KM
  9. Two more agencies operating at View Talay 6 (I have no idea of how good they are or what sort of discounts/addons they have) - www.thebestofvt6.com and www.viewtalay6rentalbypat42.com . this last one said to email her for specifics regarding booking - pimonphan_bh@hotmail.com, so I have a feeling she may give better rates than what the website shows. KM
  10. View Talay can be booked via Dancewatchers, who are expensive and have 'add-on's to the basic price, but I book through Honeys cafe - www.honeyscoffeehouse.com. There are also several other agencies renting condos. Condos are slightly cheaper on the Central Festival side (North) due to restricted view, but if you're only here for a few days, that shouldn't matter so much. You're saying 3 nights at the Base is costing you 1,000 baht a night, well, for 3 nights at the end of July they are charging 3,200 baht for the 3 nights (not each night). the apartments are bigger, but up to you. KM
  11. If you like the location, why not try View Talay 6 next to Central Festival? Apartments are 48 sq M, easy access to Beach Road, parking for car/bike, kitchen area that you or a friend can cook properly, all other amenities, ie wifi, big TV, balcony easily big enough for table and 2 chairs and still space. Downstairs has shop, laundry, coffee shop, security, massage. You can definitely walk to Soi LK within 10-15 minutes. I book them for all my trips (here now!) Hope that helps KM
  12. I came here in February and they didn't fingerprint me. I came two weeks ago and they appeared to be fingerprinting everyone. It certainly increased the waiting time to clear immigration, especially when they are trying to explain to a Russian woman to change hands and she kept giving the same bloody hand! KM
  13. If you're just looking for somewhere to dump some gear whilst you're touring, have you thought about leaving it in storage? There was a thread about it on here recently and might be a better option for leaving stuff for a few weeks than leaving it in an empty cheap hotel room. Just a thought. KM
  14. I had a ride past today but also stopped for a closer look. This place looks deserted and unkempt. I couldn't see one person, guest or staff, in the building. It wouldn't surprise me if you were the only customer in the whole place. You might well be only using it for a few days but seriously, I would reconsider. There are no redeeming features about this place. It's in a crap location with nothing around it to make it a good place to stay. There was no-one on reception and there is no security. Nothing has been swept and the place is full of leaves. Along the adjacent road there are empty condos and if you're truly from Salford, you'll understand what I mean about the road being cobbled! You're at least 3/4 km from Big C Extra/Klang so you would be relying on motorbike taxis everytime you leave the building. Out of all the millions of places to stay in Pattaya, I'm sure you can come up with something better. KM
  15. This was at Heathrow on Friday - robbing bastards!!
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