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  1. Guys, if you want to discuss health insurance and it's consequences/benefits, can you take it to a separate thread please? Thanks
  2. Perhaps turn the air con off so she doesn’t feel the need for a cardigan? 🤪
  3. Aww thanks, BF, you're so sweet!! 😆 And her hubby is 74!!
  4. Very nice, RT. Would have been nicer if someone hosed her down for a wet T-shirt view!! 😂
  5. keyman

    Jail break

    No image showing, Ed
  6. Normal day, then!! 😆
  7. What - No German towels anywhere? 🤣
  8. I'll post this thread to Frosty and the other guys and we can have a chat about it. Currently we don't have a specific rule for that, but we tend to err on the side of common sense. @la8rat - are the Amazon links for stuff you're selling? Or just stuff you're recommending?
  9. What do you have in mind? We're pretty flexible on most things, so if you give us a clue to what you have in mind, we can have a look at it
  10. He looks a right cunt in that mask!
  11. You can never have enough markets in Pattaya!! 😆 KM
  12. Computer tells me 'Quick Time Player cannot open'
  13. ...and by the time they close on the first night, you won't be able to walk at all!!! 🤣
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