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  1. Ok, the POCA isn't relevant in this case. That is only relevant if there is a suspicion you have committed a crime and just carrying money isn't suspicious (unless it's tucked in your sock and you have drugs plugged somewhere!). The relevant authority for carrying cash abroad is as shown in my link. If he is questioning you about carrying a few thousand, you can genuinely state its to pay for accommodation and spending money and that doesn't require justifying with bank statements or ATM receipts. It's classed as an acceptable amount. Over £10,000 would not be looked upon as an acceptable leve
  2. I'm sorry, I don't follow you. The link I posted shows it to be £10,000. it makes no mention of £1,000. I don't get what you mean when you tell me I'm referring to paper declaration limits? I'm talking about currency notes, what else am I referring to? If you could post a link to your figure of £1,000 , it might help?
  3. https://www.gov.uk/bringing-cash-into-uk Yep - @10,000 🤓
  4. I thought they were only interested if over £10,000 undeclared?
  5. Have you considered View Talay 6? Right next door to Central Festival and between 2nd road and Beach Road. I've stayed there for periods between 2-4 weeks and has good views towards Walking Street side, the other side faces onto the Hilton and Central Festival. https://www.honeyscoffeehouse.com
  6. A few days ago, myself and another BM were having a cold one in a bar on Soi 7 (or 8!) and were chatting to a couple of young ladies (as you do!). They both wore name tags, one of which was called 'Me.' Funnily enough I also have a friend called 'Yu.' So now we have two ladies called Me and Yu and you can imagine the confusion this could cause if they were both together, which led us to remember the following sketch. Enjoy!!
  7. Not forgetting the high tech cooling towel over the top to maintain their temperature 🤣
  8. Thanks Blue Flag, I appreciate you taking the time to take the pics. I presume it's nothing like the old Made In Thailand complex?
  9. Thanks FBWU. I actually worded that wrongly and was after any pics of that area to see what it looks like now - sorry! KM
  10. Could someone post what has happened at the old Made In Thailand complex please? Is it called 'Myth'? Thanks
  11. Yep, the blue one on the right is for my 'stealth' visits!! 😆 Investing in Pattaya? It took me long enough to save up for that bike!! 😬
  12. Surveys are all well and good, but we need photographic evidence to ascertain this isn't fake news 😜
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