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  1. Thanks guys - any specific exchanges in Pattaya?
  2. I notice they give different rates for larger denomination notes for dollars - does anyone if they do the same for sterling anywhere? KM
  3. @Tallguy - no need to remove any posts. This thread has ebbed and flowed, as it is still generally about the cost of a trip to Pattaya, but also about spending patterns whilst here to adjust to coping with the low exchange rates. KM
  4. Ok, let's get this straight. You wanted a car, not an SUV, but didn't tell them this. You then accuse them of being dishonest because they offered you the sensible choice for 3 passengers with luggage and not what you hadn't told them you wanted - is that about right? The only thing you can accuse them of is not being psychic to what you really wanted as you never told them and they (stupidly, I guess - not!) made a judgement call as to what you wanted. You then get arsy about it, accusing them of being dishonest. Why didn't you just reply and say "I prefer a car, not an SUV and the passengers are happy to cosy up for the ride, with little luggage?" Or was it just easier to have a rant and then realise the problem appears to be you and not Nams Taxis???????? KM
  5. They give you an alternative and more comfortable ride and you refused it. So in what way does that make them dishonest? Was the pick up from the airport with luggage for 3 people? I would suggest they wouldn't have enough boot space for all the luggage in a car. Nam also doesn't charge toll fees either. KM
  6. Is this your bar, by any chance? You seem to be promoting it pretty heavily.
  7. If you wish to continue this discussion, take it to PM. Any further threadfucking will be removed. KM
  8. Bollocks. It started with you posting something off topic, leading to the question being asked why - simple enough and could have finished there. You then went on the defensive and accused someone of not contributing (even though they already had) and accusing them of being a troll. If you post like that, then you can expect to be called out for it. Don't try and use 'smoke and mirrors' to detract from yourself, blaming other members for the standard of the board. - 'quality content now nearly in the negatives' - what's all that about? As soon as you bring into the conversation that a comment was made by a moderator, means you are making it personal. Moderators are, like you, just members, who are entitled to make comments, just like you are. React to a post, not the member.
  9. I’ve just booked for 2 weeks in September. I pay a deposit by PayPal of 4,000 baht and the balance within 24 hours after I check in. They also require a deposit at the desk of 6,000 baht in case of damage, but this is returned on check out. They can also just take credit card details instead. Hope that helps. KM
  10. Why? You should back up your statement and not leave us hanging.
  11. if he's missing something, so am I! The topic was Thai Airways, which you never mention once, not flights in general which seems to be what you're talking about. He can hardly be called a troll when he has actually posted a contribution to this thread, whereas you're completely off topic.
  12. For anyone else sitting in the stupid section alongside Andy - as mentioned previously, this thread is specifically for 'the rate on the street' as normally seen by anyone walking past an exchange booth. It is not for deep delving questions about quantitive easing or any other such financial discussions or even about Mick Jackson and his recordings (his sister used to cut my hair!). It's really really simple. Please don't walk up to the line and piss over it to the other side and think we'll let it go, because it's getting a bit wearing. Enjoy the site and this thread for what it is and keep it for what it was intended - a quick up to date knowledge of what you'll get when you get there - ok? KM
  13. It's 'The Rate On the Street' guys, let's keep it on track, eh?
  14. Uncalled for comment. Your post is more judgemental of him than he is of Thailand. KM
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