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  1. I came through the airport last week and the booths had long queues for sims. Bearing in mind you will have just come off a long flight, do you really want to spend more time queuing? Just my personal preference would be to follow Cbrib's idea and get one in tuk.com. No hassle, very straightforward and queue of only 1-2 people maybe. I dont know how often you come to Patts, but I top mine up just before I leave to keep the same number/sim and just swap out my sim in the taxi on the way to Patts each visit. If I need more credit i just pay as I go. hope that helps KM
  2. I find that, when using a mobile, the advert fills your screen and you need to scroll down to see any posts. If you don’t use the forum very often or are new to the site, you could be wondering where the posts are! KM
  3. keyman

    Font since the Upgrade

    Font appears ok to me, but it is doubled spaced. The font in signatures is grey, certainly in this thread. KM
  4. If they have little or no assets, it wouldn't be pursued, so a waste of time and effort and the only person gaining would be the lawyers. Even if they owned property, they could put an attachment against it for when it's sold, but that could be many many years away. They would not force you to sell it if it made you homeless or was heavily mortgaged.
  5. keyman

    Premier League 18-19

    About £18 million, I've heard! 😱 KM
  6. keyman

    Premier League 18-19

    Elvis has left the building!!! Well, not actually Elvis, but Jose Maurinho has! Just announced he has left Man United.
  7. keyman

    New content

    ...and just to add to that. Once you get the list of forum threads that you haven't read, click on the black circle next to the thread name and it will take you to the first post you haven't read, rather than reading all the way through the topic. KM
  8. keyman

    The rate on the street.

    Don't know if you posted an image in this post, but I can't see one.
  9. As an idea, how about having a forum competition to design a new logo? Saves you having to pay someone and a bit of fun for those of an artistic bent! By the way, I'm in the Frosty school of drawing, so unfortunately I wont be entering!! KM
  10. Ben, I know you've only recently joined, but have you thought of doing a search through the forums? A lot of what you'r asking has already been discussed many times before. KM
  11. keyman

    Indian girls

    A few years ago I was walking down either Soi 2 or 3 or somewhere around there, when an Indian couple stopped me and firstly asked for directions to the beach! I pointed down the road, but then he wanted to know where my hotel was and would I like to have sex with his wife! She was definitely not a looker, so I politely declined and left them to find the beach or another bloke! KM
  12. Ok, thanks for letting me know. KM
  13. Thanks for that. Looks a nice ride. Do they rent bikes there as well? KM