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Displayed prices are for multiple nights. Check the site for price per night. I see hostels starting at 200b/day and hotels from 500b/day on agoda.


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  1. Pulsating music? It's enough to put anyone off!!
  2. It does make you wonder why they do a bit, then leave a bit, then do a bit, then......... you get the picture!!
  3. Try and look like you're enjoying yourself - just a teeny weeny little bit? 😂 Nice pics as always 👍
  4. ........ or watched a lot of Blue Peter and their use of 'sticky backed plastic'!!! 🤣
  5. You never made any comment whatsoever about media coverage, even if that was what you meant. My comment was based on what you actually wrote.
  6. Try View Talay 6, next to Central Festival. Room size 48m2 and all the things you are asking for. Look for Hilton side rooms as they dont get the sun and normally cheaper than Walking Street side. Ten minute walk from LK Metro-ish. .
  7. No different than any other year, realistically ....then don't watch it! It's not compulsory and as far as I'm aware, all TV sets have an option to change channels and an 'off' switch. Glad to help 😁
  8. Can anyone who has flown recently on Thai Airways tell me what the difference is between economy and premium economy on the flight? Not bothered about extra baggage or other services, just what's on the flight. And does anyone know which are for economy and which for premium economy - super saver, saver, flexi and fully flexi? Thanks
  9. You probably have a lower bar fine, Rhino!! 😂
  10. DanceWatchers is more expensive than other condos in the same building and they're not located in it, but in Jontein
  11. keyman


    I transited through Istanbul just last month, from the UK going to Izmir. However, I had a few hours to kill due to connections, so not sure if it would be a problem if only 90 minutes between flights. I didn't find the place very busy or have any delays going through security and signage was relatively good to get you across the airport.
  12. @PoolHustler of this site. Always found his bikes in good condition and good reliable service. KM
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