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  1. Moderator post: Tidied it up a bit for you 🙂
  2. Moderator post. Guys, we're moving right off topic here. this is a thread in the 'airline discussion' forum - can we keep it on track please? thanks
  3. Higher water levels due to less of those pesky tourists drinking it!! ?
  4. Guys, we have enough threads running about covid and vaccines, can we keep this on track about the Beach Road construction? Thanks
  5. A Thai lady I know somewhere up North has had the Sinovac vaccine and is booked in for the Astra vaccine mid September
  6. I bet it would have been even hornier if it had been a female class!! ? Just joshing ? KM
  7. Guys, this is not about Texas, so back on track please, otherwise posts will be deleted. thanks
  8. Mel B has really let herself go!!! ?
  9. If you think 9 hours of snooker was a trial, try 20minutes in BF's company...........................................!? Posts ebb and flow, some develop into interesting discussions, others fall by the wayside. It's the nature of any internet forum as are the responses of the members. We can all get a bit riled up about the reaction of another member, shit, I've lost count of the number of times I've been wound up like a top, but ultimately, I take the higher ground and just carry on and ignore them. Everyone can't be friends with everyone, we're only human. Just enjoy the bits you
  10. Care to quote your source? you're not giving anyone a lot to go on.
  11. You have a PM, BF - well, you will in a minute! ?
  12. You are just an out and out pervert - I’ll bring my own drinks thank you very much! ?
  13. I think the punchline is missing from the cartoon
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